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8 Adorable Loft Bed Designs For Boy To Gain Better Sleep And Study

Boy room usually appears simple and minimalist. If you apply loft bed, you will have more advantage…

Boy room usually appears simple and minimalist. If you apply loft bed, you will have more advantages. It will not become a problem even with small space. Luckily, you will get bed, desk, shelf, or even cabinet without make the bedroom looks cluttered.

Metal Loft Bed For Retro Look

Metal Loft Bed For Retro Look


Teen boy’s room deals with neutral color such as grey, black, or brown. This loft bed is designed with grey color wall and floor. With the same color loft bed and study area under it, the room appears in retro tone.

Adorable Loft Bed With Fixed Table

You will adore this loft bed design. It provides more storage to keep books, magazines, or other goods you have. With sleek curved headboard, the bed appears more sophisticated. Then, the ladder also completed with grab handles to ease you goes up.

Classic Appeal Loft Bed

Though it made from wood, but looks so appealing. With two beds, you can choose any bed you love. This loft bed also gives you cool study space. Further, there is more storage to keep your cloths, books, or other small things.

Modern Loft Bed With Bunker

Modern loft bed design may look eye-grabbing even for small room. Black and white bed comes to show simple but cozy atmosphere. The study or work area make us feel warm with black glass table top of desk and shelf.

Gami Montana Loft Beds

What a sophisticated design with loft bed, closet, desk, and storage! You don’t need any words to say how amazing design is this. Made from oak veneer brings this loft bed with super multi-functional furniture.

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Fun Loft Bed Design

Regarding teens love fun thing very well, this bed is design to make them fun. With more drawers that function as storage, boys will adore this loft bed so much. Then, the ladder and frame made form kiln-dried wood makes this bed appear so appealing.

Cute Design With Loft Bed

Get more fantastic loft bed with green color that look fresh and clean. With beautiful cabinet under the bed, it also eases you to reach anything while doing your project. The design is created to make this bed loft look tidy and minimalist.

With Full-Sized Bed

Create loft bed decoration that will make your kids feel happy to play video games, study, sleep, or do their homework at a very comfortable place. This bed is complete with desk and shelf to keep their musical equipment.

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