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8 Awesome Makeup Storage Ideas to Save Tons of Your Makeup

Save tons of your makeup. Not only to make them look tidy, but also save them from the dust or anyt…

Save tons of your makeup. Not only to make them look tidy, but also save them from the dust or anything may make them broken easily. Rather than let them on your makeup desk, it will be much better to arrange them beautifully at makeup storage. Like these makeup storage ideas below;

Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnetic Makeup Board


Organizing makeup with this magnetic makeup board will not be hard to do. First, you can create the makeup board easily with simple frame and a fabric with beautiful pattern. Take a look at the simple design that can be followed by anyone.

Makeup Wall Storage

See your makeup organized well at this makeup wall storage. Further, you can display all your makeup based on your necessary.  Get easy to create this storage with metal sheeting, some fabric, magnets and a hot glue gun. Choose the fabric pattern as you like.

Makeup Organizer Plates

Divide your makeup elements based on its category, function or anything that may ease you to arrange them. Like the picture of makeup organizer plates that put nails polish, powder and lips, and blush at the different plates.

80s Fabulous Caboodles

This makeup storage may look as one of the oldest makeup organizer. You can buy this at nearest store or get it from online shop. Having these fabulous caboodles may help you to arrange all your makeup easily.

Industrial Makeup Storage

You may need to spend some dollars to get this efficient makeup storage. However, this industrial makeup storage can save your makeup very well. It will save the space and look tidy even at a tiny nook of your makeup vanity.

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Makeup Storage Basket

You only need a wooden box or other boxes you have to use as makeup storage basket. Cover with beautiful fabric with nice pattern. Add accent such as flower, ribbon, or others to make look more adorable.

Monogrammed Makeup Organizer

If you love tidiness, this makeup organizer may fit to your dream. With classic style, you can add this element to improve your decor. The white color makes the room look tidy and bright. Furthermore, it has feminine tone as well.

Iron Bath Product Storage

When you see this iron bath product storage, you will remember how tidy your room will be using this storage. Put on your foundation, powder, lotion, or other stuff easily without looked clutter. Further, it will save your room space because arranged vertically.

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