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8 Ingenious Ideas To Create Home Items From Cement

With limited budget, you can still add modern or traditional furniture by create it. Show your crea…

With limited budget, you can still add modern or traditional furniture by create it. Show your creativity and choose cheap material to get any furniture you need. One of them you can use cement to create vase, lamp, chairs, and tables.

DIY Concrete Pendant Lamp

DIY Concrete Pendant Lamp


If you have limited budget but want to apply modern vibe for your house, you may try this DIY concrete pendant lamp. Prepare cement, plastic bottle, and the bulb. You need to cut the plastic bottle firstly and make a connection before mold it with cement.

Cinder Block Centerpieces

Cinder block may be used for a flower vase. You may write down your house number or just paint it with any color as you like. Arrange some beautiful flowers to give your living room accents. Even you may use this cinder block for other functions.

Laced Cement Votive

This craft will help you to get beautiful candle holder. Even you can make this laced cement votive in minutes. No matter if you are a DIY newbie, because the way to make this candle holder will not be hard to do.

Round Hanging Table

Here is a hanging table made form cement that may become one of your room focal interest. You may add a flower after it to look fresh. It uses cooking spray inside to more durable. Furthermore, this will be an attractive accent at your porch.

Bucket Stool

A bucket stool looks good to be place indoor or outdoor. You have to create the legs as well that will support this bucket. Then, for the top, create it from cement. This bucket stool will be a nice project this week along with your spouse.

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DIY Concrete Magnets

These cute little stars are made from cement as well. At the back of the star you need to add magnet to make them attach the wall. These wall accents don’t require much budget but give your room a sophisticated look.

Wood Coffee Table

Besides bucket stool, you can create coffee table with cement as well. This wood coffee table that combine with concrete appear as rustic furniture that will more durable than other furniture at your house.

DIY Concrete Lamp

The way to create this concrete lamp is similar to pendant lamp. However, you need to make some holes at this concrete lamp to see the light. It is up to you to decide the size based on your need. First of all you need to cost the light fixture and cement.

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