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Recommended Indoor Green Plants That Will Liven Up Your Bathroom

Add green plant for bathroom will level up fresh air. Furthermore, it will upgrade bathroom decorat…

Add green plant for bathroom will level up fresh air. Furthermore, it will upgrade bathroom decoration as well. With natural element, your bathroom appears friendlier and inviting. Due to some bathrooms are windowless, the green plant comes to live the bathroom up. So, add one or more from these recommended green plants for bathroom ideas below;

Green Air Plants

Green Air Plants


These green plants will make your bathroom looked attractive and get fresh air. Further, green air plants are not only beautiful but also retrieve their nutrition completely to the air. It is good for your bathroom that windowless.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Even if your bathroom is windowless, this plant will grow well. Bird nest fern needs little light and low maintenance. Moreover, this is a beautiful and attractive green plant as well.

Aloe Vera For Bathroom

It has been known that Aloe Vera has many benefits. As green plant, it produces oxygen that will clean your bathroom. Furthermore, you may use it to clean your hair or moisturize your skin. Aloe Vera also works well for beautify skin.

Boston Fern

Whether you want to hang it on the wall or just let it on the floor, this plant will grow well. It only needs low light. The green plant also becomes bathroom decoration elements that will make your bathroom more eye-catching.

Cast Iron Plant

This green plant can grow well in a pot or outdoor. With enough water and sunlight, cast iron plant will grow beautiful. After that it will become bathroom decoration accents.

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Beautiful Dieffenbachia

Put this green plant beside glass window to gain natural sunlight. Then, it will be better if close with your shower, because this plant love mist.

Lucky Bamboo

You will lucky, because this plant can grow though in minimum light. Even if you only water it once a week, lucky bamboo still can grow well. Then, it is soil less and keep grow even with hydroponic.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

Put this green plant net to your toilet. That is the best place to dissimulate its porcelain throne. Further, it adds accent to your bathroom empty space.

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