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9 Irresistible Shabby Chic Bathroom Designs That Will Inspire You

Shabby chic may appear with white or neutral color tone. Furthermore, it consists of distressed fur…

Shabby chic may appear with white or neutral color tone. Furthermore, it consists of distressed furniture that already on your warehouse for years. Reuse old furniture is part of shabby chic style. When you have old home items you don’t have to sell it, but use to decor your bathroom in shabby chic style. Check out these ideas;

Two Tubs In A Bathroom

Two Tubs In A Bathroom


Get relax and enjoy every minute at this super chic bathroom design. With two tubs, you may choose to bath with cold or warm water. Save your soap or essentials at the white distressed cabinet. This is a wonderful bathroom ever!

Shabby Chic Attic Bathroom

White wall, pastel color rug, distressed chairs, and a wooden bench are there to tell you about shabby chic bathroom design. Luckily, it doesn’t require large room space, just a bit part of your attic. This bathroom even need less light because already plenty with natural sunlight.

Shabby Chic At Large Bathroom

Distressed wooden wall tells you enough about shabby chic theme. Furthermore, the open window makes you feel relax to see the view outside. Then, this bathroom also has private seating and center table with plant. So beautiful.

Bathroom With Pretty Picturesque

Do you like to watch horror movies? You may ever see a bathroom design like the picture. With white basic color and minimal lighting, this room looked mysterious but beautiful.

Sweet Bathroom Decor

You may adore this bathroom decoration. The designer shows you how a bathroom has shabby chic tone, traditional touch, and farmhouse atmosphere. Overall, this bathroom design can be apply for any house design.

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Cool Story Bathroom

Here, you can see a stunning white tub that surrounded by distressed furniture. Towel holder and chair are there to show you clearly about shabby chic theme of this bathroom. However, the owner of this house chooses to apply blue color that surprisingly looked attractive.

Add Distressed Furniture

You may directly notice that a room with shabby chic style through the uses of distressed furniture. This bathroom installs distressed console to add shabby chic tone. Further, the role of white and natural color tells more.

White For Shabby Chic Spaces

This bathroom has distressed chair to put your towel. White basic color and wooden furniture looked cohesive as shabby chic bathroom style. Feel free to add rug for more sophisticated look.

Dutch Inspired Bathroom

The tub at the center, vanity, towel shelves, and the cabinet already organized well as an artistic view. This Dutch bathroom will be fit to copy at your house though with small room space.

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