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8 Ingenious Ways To Save Your Clothes Even With Minimum Budget

More clothes need more storage. Buying new cabinet will cost much. Moreover, it needs large space. …

More clothes need more storage. Buying new cabinet will cost much. Moreover, it needs large space. So, we need to be more creative to have new storage that not only budget friendly but also save the space. Using open closet may look better. See these following inspirations;

Brick And Wood Sculpting

Brick And Wood Sculpting



Can you imagine just because of a wooden piece and simple hooks, you will have this wonderful closet. Save your clothes, hats, or bags easily. You can use the nook of your hall way or any corner of your room that fit to this closet design.

Iron Pipes Used For Open Closet

This iron pipes closet may attract your eyes. You may use old pipes on your warehouse and repurpose it as closet like the picture. You only have to use wooden hangers to hang your clothes tidily. Then, you will easily see which cloth you want to wear.

Brace A Door With Wood Strips

This is a brilliant idea to use door as your hidden closet. Furthermore, this inexpensive storage doesn’t need large space. Hang your clothes, save your hats, and sandals at this beautiful closet with mirror too.

DIY Dressing Room

No need to cost much. You can use a nook of your bedroom to build this dressing room. Here is a wooden shelf with towel bar that function to clothes storage. You may put your favorite dresses here to easy reach anytime.

Shabby Chic Ladder

Reuse your old ladder as closet is clever decision. You may paint it first to look fresh, but if you are a fan of vintage look just let it. Then, hang your clothes at each stairs.

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Stark White Clothes Storage

Use white will make the room appears larger. An open closet let your room looked brighter and clean. You have to arrange your clothes tidily to avoid clutter. Add more storage with shelves over the closet to save your small stuffs.

Beautiful Branch Storage

This open closet may be applied at your home as well. Fine a beautiful branch and hang it on the ceiling. Add a white bench underneath that can be functioned as storage as well. Then, add more accents like green plants or flowers.

Unique Closets

Let see an open closet with two distressed shelves to save your clothes, hats, or bags. Between them, you can put clothes storage. Then, hang your clothes and save your shoes at the shelves.






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