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8 Easy Space-Saving Tools for Tiny Kitchens Ideas to Copy

Not all people have wide space at kitchen to save their kitchen utensils. For those who has tiny ki…

Not all people have wide space at kitchen to save their kitchen utensils. For those who has tiny kitchen, they may have problem with storage to save kitchen utensils. Here, we have easy space saving tools for tiny kitchen to make kitchen looks tidy anytime.

Curtain Rod Railing

Curtain Rod Railing


Rather than trying to find space for saving your small kitchen utensils, it will better for you use railing. It will make your kitchen tidier and clean. You can save some kitchen utensils based on its function to ease you find it again someday.

Under Sink Organizers

When you feel confuse where you will save your kitchen utensils any more, it will be better to look at under-the-sink. If there is a space, you need to use it as storage. Buy expandable organizer from the nearest container store and see how the result is.

Magnetic Strips

Saving knives, kitchen tongs, serving spoons, or other kitchen utensils are not easy. However, you can use magnetic strips to hang all of them. What you need to prepare is magnetic strips, wood, and nails. Then, you need basic carpentry skill to create this amazing storage.


Just think more for vertical storage using pegboards to keep you pots, pans, spatula, and other kitchen utensils. This idea will keep your kitchen looks tidy and fresh. Moreover, it can be put on the wall or other side of your backsplash.

Petite Pot Racks

If your kitchen have the height that gives your space, saving your pans, pots, and stuffs at high place will so much helpful. Just create a place to hang them. You may need plain wood, nails, and hammer. However, this is easier than you have to create new storage.

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Cutting Board

This simple idea will not disturb your kitchen design. So, add a cutting board across your sink. It makes your kitchen more efficient and need fewer budgets.

Wine Glasses Hanging

When you don’t have any space any more at your cabinet, hang some of your wine glasses may be the best idea. It will save tons of space for other kitchen utensils.

Storage At Cabinet Door

This brilliant idea can be one of the answers to you who has problem with storage for tiny kitchen. Put a basket that hooks over your cabinet. It can save some cleaning supplies.

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