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8 Creative Ways Using Basket For Room Decoration

Decorate with basket doesn’t cost much. Use it as storage, accessories, or a place to plant will he…

Decorate with basket doesn’t cost much. Use it as storage, accessories, or a place to plant will help you to improve room decoration. The ideas of using basket as room decoration purse you to be more creative. Mix and matched any basket with the room style for seeing amazing result. Take a look at these creative ways using basket for room decoration;

Utilize Wasted Space

Utilize Wasted Space


When the cabinet already full with any other goods, meals, bottles, and other stuffs, the use of basket is the best decision. Then, put them one by one at each basket to make the kitchen more organized. By this way, you will easily find them whenever needed.

Keep Counters Clean

Kitchen counter can be look so messy because of some utensils, bottle, or oil put anywhere. So, you need a basket to save them in one place that easy to find anytime. Just put it on the table, it will not make the cabinet clutter.

Baskets as Works of Art

If you want to have different room decoration, this basket gallery may look attractive for you. Using African traditional basket, the room looks antique and incredible. In addition, the variety of sizes and patterns enrich the decoration.

Basket for Storage

To save some woods beside fireplace, you can use a simple basket. Lucky, it functions as room accent that improve the decoration. Moreover, the room looks tidy and sophisticated to see. It completes living room function too.

Plant a Tree

Woven wicker basket is great to plant gorgeous fig tree. Further, put it on the living room will dramatically change the look to be more natural and fresh. Consider to plant the tree on a plastic bag first before put it on this basket.

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Hang Air Plants

A wire basket hang on the wall looks as unique accessories. Furthermore, it is a perfect decision to add air plant on it. This plant doesn’t need much water and soil to grow. The room will seem more natural and fresh with simple idea.

Well Organized Bathroom

Basket helps you to keep your bathroom organized well. Choose modern basket design to improve bathroom decoration. Feel free to use simple black metallic wire basket or the golden one to beautify the room.

Basket Shelf

Need more storage? Create basket shelf will help you. You only need basic carpentry skill to do this creative project. With natural bamboo as the based material, the bathroom looks eye-grabbing. Then, add wicker basket for more storage.

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