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8 Awe-Inspiring Wallpaper Ideas That Give Statement To Living Room Decor

Wallpaper can fill blank wall to look more enchanting. There are thousands wallpaper designs that m…

Wallpaper can fill blank wall to look more enchanting. There are thousands wallpaper designs that may applied for living room walls. However, you have to choose the best pattern that will not make the room appear crowded.

Consider your lighting, furniture, and other living elements to combine with wallpaper pattern. You have to be more creative to mix and match every single thing on your living room with wallpaper chosen. See these following inspirations;

Pet-Friendly Wallpaper

If you love dogs, this wallpaper will become one of your dreams. With black and white color, the wall will not look too crowded. You may do the same way with other animals as well like cat, peacock, or birds.

Textured Wallpaper For Living Room

Can you guest which is the wall with wallpaper? Yes, it is. The black wall. Though it doesn’t look like use wallpaper, but it has pattern. The living room is already full of furniture, so simple wallpaper is great choice.

Modern Meets Traditional With Wallpaper

This living room is designed with modern and traditional that meets. Look at the role of jewel tones and mixing modern furniture which make this room sophisticated. The traditional wallpaper contrast with modern self portrait create dazzling atmosphere.

Monochrome Wallpaper

Mural wallpaper also works well for living room design that brings traditional style. Further, it coordinates with Victorian elements to have extraordinary look. Then, the white sofa with white pillows comes with casual style.

Pattern Wallpaper

Intricate wallpaper with a large-scale comes with contrast art on the wall shows mind-blowing decoration.  It looks great to combine with flower patterned sofa. Finally, this room looks gorgeous with various patterns and colors.

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Bohemian With Wallpaper

The combination of pinks and blacks take this room into Bohemian romantic room decor. The retro accents and layered rugs come to upgrade its decoration very well. Just have intimate conversation at this place with your spouse.

Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

You can adopt this living room with plenty layering of material and colors. Nature-inspired wallpaper fills the wall space beautifully. Make sure you give rich of lighting as well to avoid too busy living room look.

Wallpaper Statement Ceiling

It doesn’t matter to apply wallpaper for ceiling. It gives fresh decoration rather than let the ceiling empty. Look at the wallpaper with Korean character for calm and comfy ceiling appearance. Combine with any living room style whether modern, rustic, Victorian, or even Scandinavian.


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