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8 Stunning Mediterranean Bathroom Designs To Look Back At Ancient Time

There are various bathroom designs that will remind us about classic interior, one of them is Medit…

There are various bathroom designs that will remind us about classic interior, one of them is Mediterranean. Since Mediterranean interior design usually affected by Greek neoclassic era, Spanish revival, Italy, and Spain design, it comes with murals and granite. There are some Mediterranean designs that apply Tuscan-inspired palette as well. Check out these ideas;

Luxurious Mediterranean Bathroom Design

Luxurious Mediterranean Bathroom Design


You will not feel bored spending time at this lovely bathroom design. Take a look at the shower that will make your bath time more splendid. Here, the designer teaches how to install many candles in a bathroom wisely.

Rustic Mediterranean Bathroom

What a wonderful rustic and Mediterranean bathroom! There is a sophisticated cabinet with hand carved pattern that appear classic. Further, the application of stone combination also makes this bathroom attractive.

Traditional Craftsmanship Bathroom

You will adore this bathroom with details made form craftsman. However, you need to add more lamps to shows how beautiful every part of this bathroom. Luckily, you are given a wide mirror that will enlarge this bathroom look.

Old World Influence

Influenced from ancient interior, this Mediterranean bathroom comes with wooden cabinet. Even the chandeliers tell you about classic room design. Then, the bathtub also added by wooden frame that looks rustic.

Mediterranean With Different Stones

Different stones combination of floor and walls actually makes this bathroom appear sophisticated. Moreover, a half circle table adds a touch of traditional tone. Then the tub completes its look.

Ancient White Bathroom

This is unique, mysterious, and classic bathroom that will make you feel like come back to the past era. Even the chandeliers tell you how old this design is. However, this is awesome.

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Stunning Small Mediterranean Bathroom

Look at the floor and wall pattern that works well without look crowded. Then, see the accent of curvy lines over white square bath tub. They are all in one as stunning Mediterranean bathroom.

Relaxing Mediterranean Bathroom

This is the best place to spend time at winter or fall. The bathroom is design to make your fell warmer. Moreover the bath tub acts as the focal interest of this splendid Mediterranean design.

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