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10 Ingenious Repurpose Old Guitar Ideas To Rock Your Room Decoration

Your old musical instrument like guitar may change as new functional thing. Rather than throw it aw…

Your old musical instrument like guitar may change as new functional thing. Rather than throw it away or keep it at your warehouse, repurpose your old guitar is better idea. You create side table, storage, or other room accessories as needed. Check out these ideas;

Gorgeous Floor Lamp

Gorgeous Floor Lamp


Gorgeous floor lamp made from repurposed old guitar will add unique feature for your room decoration. It appears wonderful to be placed at one of your room nooks that will make your room brighter.

Guitar Wine Rack

What a clever idea! This wine rack is beyond imagination. You can see how this old guitar becomes storage to save your favorite wine. Moreover, it gives you lighting to make your room brighter as well.

Genius Guitar Lamp

This is the best way to repurpose your old guitar in a very cool idea. You only have to add some string lights inside this old guitar. Then, it will shine at night like stars.

Upcycled Guitar Table

You don’t need to buy side table any more. Just repurpose your old guitar as this sophisticated side table for your living room. The design is unique and chic for any living room theme.

Guitar Table With Compartments

What about this guitar table with compartments that is genius? You need to have advance carpentry skill to repurpose your old guitar into this more functional storage. However, this unique design will upgrade your room design.

Guitar Planter

Old guitar planter may look awesome for your rooftop garden. You only need to fill a half guitar with soil and fertilizer. Then, plant any green plants you like.

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Guitar Heads Become Wall Hooks

These decorative accents may look attractive to be hanged at one of your walls. Guitar heads that has become cool wall hooks. You may use them on your entry way to hang your coat, bags, or other stuffs.

Guitar Coffee Table

See this amazing guitar coffee table that may become unique furniture at your room. By adding four legs at your old guitar, you will get this wonderful furniture. Feel free to paint it with your favorite color.

Great Shelf From Old Guitar

Repurposing old guitar as shelf may finish your problem related to storage. Just hang your old guitar on the wall using L brackets, bolts, washers and nuts.

Guitar-Case Bookshelf

Change your old guitar into bookshelf may help you to have extra storage. You may hang this guitar-case bookshelf on the wall or just put it against the wall.

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