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9 Fantastic Spiral Staircase Designs That Bring Your House Into Modern Look

Going upstairs is not something new for the one who live in apartment. However, it will be differen…

Going upstairs is not something new for the one who live in apartment. However, it will be different if the stairs is design well. Some designers work hard to trigger their creativity for having special staircase design. See these following spiral staircases that will give you new experience;

Tower Grove Drive Residence

Tower Grove Drive Residence


With the combination of wood and steel, this spiral staircase appears more artistic. It will good to apply at residence or house in any style. Look at the brick walls that make this staircase perfectly vintage.

Modern Industrial Look

What an adorable bedroom! The spiral staircase at this room is not only seen as the way to go up but improve room decoration. Black color looked elegant with all white.

Huge Sculpture Indoors

This creative staircase will dramatically improve your house design. It looks perfect for modern house with two floors or more. So, will you apply this staircase for your house?

Spiral Staircase for Small House

Don’t worry! Even if you only have small house or small apartment, this spiral staircase will work generously. Look at the wood stairs that elegant and cozy.

Cabin Spiral Stairs

Tent house may still rare, but having this house style will make you feel like beyond this universe. Furthermore, apply this staircase design looks cohesive. It upgrades the design to appear calm, cozy, and elegant.

Pony Spiral Staircase

This pony spiral staircase will blend with your apartment design. Moreover, you are provided by some drawers that functions as additional storage. You may save your shoes, books, or other things at this extra space.

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Flex Spiral Stairs

Just pretend that you are as s cute bird that plays around its birdcage. You may climb at this spiral staircase to feel like happy bird. Even if you live in small apartment, this birdcage stairs will be fit as well.

Concrete Spiral Staircase

Imagine that your house uses this unique concrete spiral staircase. You will have new sensation of climbing the stairs in every step. The design looks mysterious but will blend with modern house as well.

Black Spiral Staircase

This staircase made form stained dark and round stainless spindles for modern house look. Black stairs looks neutral and elegant that can stand alone with its statement. So, you don’t need to think more about how to blend it with other house elements.

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