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8 Attractive Table Lamps Designs For Boy’s Room That Also Cute

When we talk about boy’s room, it will deal with sport, machine, and nature. Add room accent just l…

When we talk about boy’s room, it will deal with sport, machine, and nature. Add room accent just like table lamp should be in term of masculine design. For boy nursery room, we can add table lamp with cute design as well. However, it has to reflect boy characters. See these ideas below;

Basketball Table Lamp

Basketball Table Lamp


Basket ball is one of the most favorite sports for boys. Using basketball table lamp will remind them about their favorite basketball team. Believe it, they will feel excited to have this table lamp for their room soon.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Insert their favorite cartoon character as well. Like this cute teenage mutant ninja turtle-shaped table lamp that looks cute but inviting. They will enjoy their room with this cute lamp.

Table Lamp With Robot Base

Boys love robot as their toys. They will love table lamp with robot base as well. Even, it seems like a robot that becomes a lamp. There are various shapes and colors for this robot base lamp that will blend with your boys room decor.

Hockey Jersey Kids Table Lamp

Introduce your boy to a sport by simple thing like table lamp. When at first time they only see the shape, one day they will ask. Boy should be strong. So, the more sport they do, the stronger they will be. Then, hockey jersey is one of recommended sport for them.

Table Lamp With Red Car

This table lamp looks simple but the boys will like it better. They adore the red car as this lamp base. Put this lamp on the side table.

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Fire Truck Table Lamp

Even a fire truck can be a table lamp base as well. Let them enjoy their imagination to become a fireman. Kids love to become a hero and pretending as a fireman will let them to save people from fire.

Illuminated Globe Table Lamp

Globe table lamp may look different. Even not all boys love geographic, but you may introduce them it. Tell them that there are magic thing form geographic lesson. They will find ancient story form prehistoric era and so on.

Sail Away Lamp

Do your boys dream to be a sailor? This sophisticated sail away lamp will make them happy. It reminds them about the beauty of sea with its water, fish, and everything in between. Give them this lamp as gift will be a great choice.



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