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8 Brilliant Shoes Storage Ideas For Clutter Free Room

Have stumbled on the pile of shoes when we open front door may make us mad. The room appears messy …

Have stumbled on the pile of shoes when we open front door may make us mad. The room appears messy and dirty because you see some shoes spread out anywhere. Shoes storage become one of the ways to save your shoes to get clutter free room. Create DIY shoes storage like these following examples;

Corner Wood Shoe Storage

Corner Wood Shoe Storage


Why don’t use an empty space at corner as storage? With triangle wood storage, the shoes will be easier to find anytime needed. Even, it looks more decorative. These shelves will not take time to create, just in minutes.

Metal Grid For Storing High Heels

For you ladies. Arrange high heels at metal grid seem better idea rather than put your shoes anywhere. Create your own metal grid or buy at a store. Then, put metal grid against the wall as pretty shoes storage.

PVC Pipe Storage

PVC pipe storage is easy and affordable for anyone who loves simplicity. Scale it based on your shoes size and arrange it in various ways. If you don’t have PVC pipes, you may use cardboard as well to create this amazing storage.

Creative Ladder Shoe Shelves

With two old ladder and some wood boards, this affordable and practical storage design can easily made. Pain it or let with natural color as you like. Then, fill your space as decorative and functional furniture at one corner.

Hooks Used For Storing Shoes

It doesn’t matter to use hooks for storing shoes besides coats, as long as we choose the big one. So, those will not broke someday. Place it anywhere at empty space that easy to find whenever you need the shoes.

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Save The Original Boxes

Don’t throw the original shoes boxes. It can be used as storage to keep the shoes. Arrange them at nook. You don’t have to buy or create new storage as well. This is a creative idea that save your money and time.

Wood Pallet Shoe Storage

Wood pallet as storage is not a secret. You may use it to save anything, included shoes. However, wood pallet shoes storage may seem different. Put your shoes at wood pallet for a clutter-free room decoration.

Metal Sticks Storage

This is a solution for storing your shoes without need more space. Insert metal stick behind your wardrobe door. Put your shoes over there tidily. When you close the wardrobe, it will be invisible but get surprise after opening it.

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