8 Dreamy One-Storey Home Designs That Anybody Will Love

There are a lot of things to consider before building a house. Some people love to have one-storey home due to safety, while others like to have two or more storey home due to the area. If you are that lucky to have big land, having one-storey home may look interesting. Check out these designs for inspiring you;

One-Storey Home With Traditional Construction

One Storey Home With Traditional Construction

This is a stone cottage that looks small but attractive. With stone and wood material, this house will not ask you much budget. However, it will be hard to find the best location to build. Since, this is a traditional home that suitable for countryside area.

Modern and Simple One-Storey Home

Modern And Simple One Storey Home

Anyone can build this lovely one-storey home. Consider to how large the area is. Beautiful modern house with a pool in front of it and green grass looks awesome. Further, there are more space for garage, laundry room, and others.

A House At Courtyards

A House At Courtyards

A one-storey house at large area beside hills may look as many people dreamed for. This house with stone walls appears adorable that safe the owner from direct sunlight. Moreover, green grass at front yard add mind-blowing feature.

Single-Storey Pavilions

Single Storey Pavilions

Single-storey home should have plenty lighting. Due to this room is built in low wall, the role of lamps is important. This house with sophisticated landscaping of front yard may attract people who love modern home design.

Rectangular Home With Tree

Rectangular Home With Tree

The key feature of this house is the 100 years tree that located at the center of it. However, don’t be disappointed if you don’t have that kind of tree. A rectangular one-storey house may be built anywhere as long as with large area.

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Scrap Wood House

Scrap Wood House

See thousands scrap wood attached at this house wall that looked as this design focal interest. This house has great landscaping to create front yard. Furthermore, this rectangular home is a nice place to rest.

Wood-Clad Single Storey House

Wood Clad Single Storey House

Using white board-oak, this house looks warm and comfy. With minimal landscaping, the designer tries to upgrade the view by providing lagoon scenery beside. Spending summer time at this house may look as the best holiday time.

Modern Golf House

Modern Golf House

What an amazing home design in a very large area. A modern golf house with wonderful building that located in golf area, as its name. Someone who likes to entertain family or guest would love this home design which is modern and attractive.

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