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8 Inspiring Landscape Designs Using Torch To Upgrade Your Outdoor View

Outdoor lighting usually consists of lamps, strings lights, bulb, or lantern. Why don’t you try to …

Outdoor lighting usually consists of lamps, strings lights, bulb, or lantern. Why don’t you try to apply torch? It will remind you toward the life of prehistory era but with newest design. Some residents or hotels apply torch to beautify its outdoor garden.

You may use the same way to improve your outdoor are as well. See these following ideas;

Torch For Outdoor Garden

With a random leaf design, the torches are there to complete outdoor garden design to look more glamour. Those torches glow to make garden surrounding looked brighter at night. This outdoor design appears brilliant at any season.

Pool Featuring Appalachian Field Stone Siding

This pool is created with central concrete round table to ease you drink while swimming. The pool is designed for natural atmosphere. Then, the two porches add rustic element that makes this pool different from others.

Crossed Porch

Combining water and fire gives us more relaxing pool design. Apply as many as you wish crossed porch to make this outdoor area brighter. Overall, this is the most appealing pool design that anybody will love it so much.

Decorative Desert Art

Imagine that you are in a desert with beautiful scenery. There, you will see cactus, stones, and sands. Then, add an artistic porch to improve the outdoor design. Add more green plants to make this area looked like savanna.

Contemporary Outdoor Area

This outdoor area looks so inviting with the role of four torches. Though the house is built in modern design, but the outdoor appear more traditional with simple flooring and decking. Feel free to add more plants.

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Paradise Look

If you want to have more relaxing time, get more hours at this pool spa. Boost your mind with the warm water and beautiful scenery. The hot tub seems like little paradise with unique elements of porch as one of the lighting fixtures.

Beautiful Blue Outdoor

Adore this whimsical place? Right here, you will see a wonderful blue pool with nice view around it. Fire pit and torches are there to make this outdoor look brighter at night. Adopt this beautiful tropical outdoor design for your backyard will be great idea.

Patios and Pavers

Near from the fire pit, a torch stands alone and acts as the focal interest of this wonderful outdoor design. With sophisticated patio and pavers, you will need large area to create this decoration. If you live in a small apartment, this is not for you then.

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