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8 Inspiring Ideas to Spruce Up Your Room With Contact Paper Decoration

Contact paper helps you to spruce up your room decoration without major renovation. It doesn’t need…

Contact paper helps you to spruce up your room decoration without major renovation. It doesn’t need much budget. Even a DIY newbie can use it very well. Contact paper is easy to remove whenever you feel bored. Then, you can change with other patterns. See these ideas for inspiring you;

Artwork From Contact Paper

Artwork From Contact Paper


A piece of contact paper may become a gorgeous artwork. First, you need to make jig-sawed plywood, shape it like clouds. Then, attach the contact paper on it. It seems like you see a cloud over your mantel. Looks amazing, right?

Spruce Up a Closet

Though a closet is only tiny furniture that doesn’t take big part of your home decoration, it doesn’t mean you ignore it. Add contact paper will spruce it up and make the closet appears more attractive. Even, it may become one of your room focal interests.

Have Fabulous Staircase

Contact paper adds aesthetic value for staircase as well. Choose different pattern and color for more attractive staircase look. Upgrade your staircase with contact paper and see how it looks brand new.

Add Contact Paper As Pattern

Rather than use contact paper as wallpaper, you may try new idea. Cut the patterns of contact pattern and attach them on the wall. It makes room unique with simple touch but interesting.

To Cover Countertops

Save your wallet! Instead of remodeling kitchen design that may need extra money, you can add simple decoration just implying countertops with contact paper. Besides look brand new, the kitchen appears more luxurious as well.

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Bookshelves Transformation

Contact wallpaper can be used for filling bookshelves empty space. You can do the same way for your home bar. Contact paper may improve your room design to look more eye-catching but without too busy.

Take As Wall Accent

What about creating wall accent form contact paper? Have you ever tried? Just cut it into rectangular shape and frame it. Choose the pattern that will match to your room decor. It looks like an expensive artwork too.

Highlight an Architectural Quirk

When you have awkward ceiling shape, applying contact paper will be great idea to fill the space. Even it looks fabulous. You may apply this for your teenage boy or girl room for funky bedroom decoration. Or other room which has asymmetrical ceiling.

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