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8 Simple Ways Using Natural Material Centerpiece To Accent Your Table

Bring natural element inside will give fresh air that improve our health. Furthermore, it will make…

Bring natural element inside will give fresh air that improve our health. Furthermore, it will make the room smells good. Use natural way to decorate our room is great idea. Such as decorating table top that uses flowers, grass, fruits or leaves as decorative material.

Though decorating table top usually for special occasions like birthday, weddings and other parties, but you can do it for everyday as well. See these following ideas;

Eclectic Collection Of Blooms

Look at this table decor that awesome for spring season. Flowers, candle, and branch are in a great combination for sophisticated room decoration. With this centerpiece, your room looked fresh and attractive.

With Shocks Of Wheat And Nuts

Simply, shocks of wheat and nuts are great for fall table decor and or spring, or any season as you like. With neutral color, this decor will be fit to any home interior. Surprisingly, this is affordable for anyone as well.

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Large pumpkin and flower blooms may upgrade your table decor. White pumpkin is not expensive; even you can find it at your neighbor garden. So, you don’t have to think about budget at all.

Grass Feathers Table Top

Arrange grass and feathers in a pottery for adding natural accents at your table. Then, you may add other decorative elements such as glass frame, wooden accent, or others.

Corn Candle Holder

This is a pretty candle holder made from corns. With natural color palette, this table top looks blend with any room styles. Try this for coffee table or dining table for more enchanting room decoration.

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Natural Fall Theme

Small pitchers and peppers can be fall decorative options that will change your table top decor very well. They are in great color combination for more colorful appearance. Show your creativity with natural kitchen items as you see form this decor.

Single Stems Forming Lines

What an eye-catching centerpiece! This modern table top design may inspire you to do the same way. Simply just cut the stems and put on tubular vases. Arrange in straight lines. It will add colorful, refreshing, and relaxing room decor.

Fabulous Orchids

Long tubular vase with orchid adds a touch of natural element for your table decor. A table with natural centerpiece looks attractive no matter the style. Here, orchids chosen to enhance beautiful and attractive room look.


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