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8 Sophisticated Pots That Will Refresh Your Indoor Plant Look

Choosing pot for indoor plant may look harder than for outside. Indoor pot should match with room d…

Choosing pot for indoor plant may look harder than for outside. Indoor pot should match with room decoration without make it looks clutter. People tend to choose small pot with modern design. These following pots will refresh your room just in simple step.

Chalkboard Pots

Chalkboard Pots


Draw pattern or write any message for any occasion at these chalkboard pots. Express your feeling and show your imagination through chalkboard pots will give you new experience. Put them on your porch or anywhere.

Teak Boat Planter

Get your favorite plant as the centerpiece with this teak boat planter. A pot with boat shape seems incredible. Use this to decorate your table for Easter or spring or any season with suitable plants. However, succulent looks awesome at this boat pot.

Elephant Shaped Pot

Animal shaped pot will give a new look at our room. This simple accessory can give unique accent for your nook. Moreover, elephant shape seems more attractive with its alluring green color. Just plant any succulents, cactus, or others.

Moon Metallic Pot

This cute metallic pot looks awesome for your coffee table. With its unique shape of moon and golden color, this pot will be great for succulent, cactus, or any plants you like. Take this for any room and see how sophisticated it.

Abstract Spotted Pots

Add more aesthetic value on your room with abstract spotted pots. You may choose any colors as your room decoration theme. The spotted spots look gorgeous for any room. Then, it may change your room to look funky and trendy.

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Cubicle Pot

With cubicle shape, this pot looks gorgeous for living room table decor. Cactus works well with this pot to create modern look. Appear in neutral color, you will see how this put add aesthetic value for your room decoration.

Striped Pots

Stripes color change room decoration dramatically to look more enchanting. Get ready to see how your guest will adore your table decor with these stripes pots. You may change the color, but white and black is neutral.

Black And White Patterned Pot

More patterns add more aesthetic value and interest for a room decor include for patterned pots like the picture. They are provided in various patterns that work well to create sophisticated decoration. You can choose any color and pattern as your desire.


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