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8 Bathrooms With Double Shower For More Relaxing Sensation

Get more excited experience by double shower will not only clean your body but also relax your mind…

Get more excited experience by double shower will not only clean your body but also relax your mind. It gives you different sensation any time you wash your body. However, a bathroom with double shower need more space. Consider about the material, hardware, and color too! Check out these ideas below;

Black-And-White Bathroom With Double Shower

Black And White Bathroom With Double Shower


For the one who loves contemporary style, this bathroom will look attractive and inviting. Look at the contrast marble color, black and white, that perfectly define contemporary style. This bathroom stands out with doors in each side.

White Bathroom With Double Shower

This white bathroom shows you how a traditional bathroom also can apply double shower. With retro looking shower, this bathroom brings you back to the past era. Enjoy the sensation of taking bath at this splendid bathroom design.

Large Rainfall Shower

With straight edges, this bathroom tells you more about contemporary look. Moreover with minimal distraction you will see a simple design but look attractive. Then, monochrome with neutral palette keep this room warm and cozy.

Capsule Shower Look

Imagine that you are out space. With capsule shape, this bathroom let you to feel like Iron Man. However, this is a room for taking bath that will make your body clean and fresh. Double shower will add more experience.

Two Fixed Shower Heads

Classic white bathroom will always be look amazing. This is a timeless design for any house style. Marble subway tile and mosaic border tile make this bathroom appear elegant. You will not feel bored spending time at this bathroom.

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Brown Double Shower

This shower room allows you to get excited experience with double shower and a bench. The brown color let you feel warmer. Moreover, it has steam unit to let you choose to have warm or cold water for taking bath.

With Rainfall Ceiling Shower-Head

A bathroom with perfect combination of hardware, materials, and color for amazing bathroom look. Enjoy any time you wash your body at this bathroom with superb sensation. Here, you will give rainfall ceiling shower had and several body sprays.

Double Shower And Tub

Which one do you like, shower or tub? This bathroom provides you both of them. Whenever you wish to take a shower or enjoy more time on the tub, you will remember this bathroom. Here it is a wet room style that will relax your mind.


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