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8 Meditation Room Ideas That Will Help You Remove Stress

Create an oasis in the middle of stressing world is a must. That place should make us feel comfort …

Create an oasis in the middle of stressing world is a must. That place should make us feel comfort and relax. Meditate is one of the best ways to remove stress. Build a nook or room as a place to meditate will improve your health and also boost your mood. See these following ideas to inspire you:

Rustic Meditation Space

Rustic Meditation Space


With wood and stone walls, we can feel rustic touch at this meditation room. The owner applies some cushions to be used as meditation exercise. Then, look at the rug that looks simple but inviting. This is real relaxing.

Heartwarming Corner

You don’t need extra large space to have meditation nook. A plush pillow with cushion is enough. Furthermore, you may add Moroccan blanket to complete its look. Choose everything at bright neutral color.

Bohemian Meditation Room

Create a free-spirit meditation corner at one of your house room. With tribal textile and patterned pillow, this room tells more about free soul. Then, an eye-catching chair is there to complete Bohemian touch.

Full-Scale Meditation Space

If you are lucky enough with large room, create this full-scale meditation space. A simple rug to do meditation, light color cushions, and floating shelves complete this room. You will get anything you need to meditate here.

Relaxing Meditation Space

This is a dreamy place to have meditation. Several pink Himalayan salt lamps are hung on a rounded window to build a calming space. Then, a myriad of meditation cushions provided to all your meditation necessary. Yet, natural wood flooring completes this wonderful room view.

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Light and Bright Meditation Space

Be healthier by letting your skin touched by morning sunlight and breeze that flows through the window. This meditation nook has faux fur and woven pour to be used for your meditation. Then, a black small ladder is there to keep your tiny stuffs.

Outdoor Meditation Space

Outdoor meditation space will lead you to have different experience of hearing bird’s sounds or feel the wind blows. Just make sure you choose waterproof material that outdoor-friendly. Doing meditation this afternoon will be great decision.

Meditation Space With Soft Color

The most important thing of meditation is comfortable place to relax. Apply pastel hues is one of them. Pastel meditation cushions, rug, and pillow here make us feel relax and cozy with plenty natural light. What a shooting meditation room, right?





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