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8 Scandinavian Bathroom Style Ideas That Maximize Space And Function

Scandinavian deals with natural material that make a room appear simple and beautiful. For bathroom…

Scandinavian deals with natural material that make a room appear simple and beautiful. For bathroom with Scandinavian touch, you may see most of them appear in white and neutral color. Then, there will be natural wood, marble tile, soft fabrics, and plenty of light. If you wish to have Scandinavian bathroom style, these following ideas may inspire you more;

Bathroom With Matte Black Backsplash Wall

Bathroom With Matte Black Backsplash Wall


With pure white ceiling, floor, and walls, this bathroom dramatically installed by a black backsplash wall. Though it looks in contrast but gives modern and cozy bathroom decoration. Furthermore, a rug brings different touch as well.

With Teak Open-Shelf Washstand

Scandinavian also deals with natural material just like this massive teak open-shelved washstand. Even, it takes major role to add rustic touch. You may use it as storage to keep your towels or other bathroom tools.

Scandinavian Bathroom With Marble Tile

Though in a small space, this bathroom appear larger with the use of white marble tile. Moreover, it applies vanity with desk-style to save the space. The medicine cabinet comes to add more visual interest and functional accent.

A Little Feminine Sweetness

Patterned tile becomes the focal interest of this bathroom design. Moreover, it also uses geometrical style too shows you how Scandinavian influences this bathroom. With white color, it appears larger and cleaner.

Scandinavian Style With Farmhouse Touch

See the existence of natural wood that clearly defines Scandinavian influence at this bathroom. Furthermore, the sink tells you more about farmhouse touch. The use of large mirror makes this room looks larger.

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Blue Scandinavian Bathroom

If you like to apply a fun bathroom design, this blue Scandinavian bathroom may attract you more. With blue color, this bathroom looks more cheerful. The transparent shower room let you enjoy the sensation of showering.

Scandinavian Bathroom With Classic Tone

Scandinavian classic bathroom with light wood vanity looks inviting and elegant. The glass tile works well with white color walls. Moreover, you will find a natural wastebasket that plays role as beautiful and functional accent.

Dark Scandinavian Bathroom

You have seen many Scandinavian bathrooms in white color tone. What about dark room? Scandinavian also allows you to install darker mood for more experience. Like this bathroom with dark floor and ceiling that looks sophisticated.

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