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8 Easy Ways To Decorate Home With Tropical Feel That Any Body Could Copy

Jungle-inspired room decor has become one of the most favorite trends. Tropical style brings new ex…

Jungle-inspired room decor has become one of the most favorite trends. Tropical style brings new experience to make a house look fresh and relaxing. Most of them apply tropical elements like palm trees, rattan furniture, or other jungle-inspired accent. You have to be able to mix and match pattern, texture, color, and right accents to create a tropical home style like these following ways;

Involve Neon

Involve Neon


Change your bedroom with tropical tone by involving neon color to look more fun. Like this bathroom which is added by teal-legged side table and a bright yellow wire basket that give more colors. Further, pink headboard completes this tropical bedroom tone beautifully.

With A Single Plant

Office nook is place where you will spend more time to do your works. If you don’t want to take more budgets but wish to have tropical feel, just add plant. However, you need to provide more natural lighting firstly.

Comprise Animals

If you want to apply tropical style for your nursery room, better to embrace animals. Some palm leaves drawings with green color works well with them. Choose baby animals to look cuter.

Bold With Wallpaper

It is the easiest way to apply tropical style for a room, by wallpapering your wall. Here, this room with palm trees wallpapers dramatically changes like a jungle. However, it looked fresh and relaxing.

Add Architectural Accents

Dark wood is a part of jungle. With this doorway, we can see how tropical style applies dark color with bright room. The owner of this house also inserts palm tree that complete this room design very well.

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Tropical-Inspired Dining Room

Tropical means a few choice plants like what you see in this dining room. Combine with dark wood and neutral interiors to keep it looked cohesive. After that, make all the color embodies coastal-jungle-cool with blue accents touches.

Accent A Minimalist Look

For your office nook, apply a single bold plant like palm trees with leaves to get tropical feel. Though only one plant, but it takes major role. Then, give frames with tropical drawings to enrich tropical tone.

Go Maximalist Decor

This room comes with tropical elements like bold tile, a rattan console table and towering palms. More patterns and textures improve this room decoration magically. Even, the muted pink ties looked blend with all tropical accents there.


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