15 Creative Bathroom Vanity Ideas from Repurposed Materials

Don’t have money to buy a new bathroom vanity? Use a little creativity to repurpose different materials or furniture. A good vanity must have a space for a sink, a functional area, and some storage spaces. You can get all these things by repurposing new materials. Here are five ideas people have tried for a new, creative vanity.

1. Sewing Table Vanity

If you no longer use that antique sewing machine from your grandmother, turn the table into a vanity. The size is ideal for a one-person vanity table. You can place a bowl sink and long-necked metal faucet on top. Place the sewing machine underneath to add personality.

To design a bathroom requires creativity. One of them uses a sewing table to place a sink and adds a round mirror above the sink that can be used for a dressing room. The unique impression makes the bathroom look aesthetic. Combine this sewing table vanity design with a countertop made of stone which has a gray color, the countertop material used is also not easily damaged when used for quite a long time. Orchid flower arrangement is a decoration that you can try. Sewing Vanity with Stone Countertop from @byebyelovenz

If you are bored with the appearance of your vanity table, then you can try reusing the sewing table for this vanity design. You can place a sink bowl over it and add a mirror for a new look in the bathroom area. Its artistic design makes you more comfortable in the bathroom. No need to add other ornaments for a simple look that saves more on the spending budget. The layout of this table vanity is in the middle of the bathtub and toilet, so it is very strategic. Simple Look Sewing Table Vanity from @future_shapes_london

With sufficient capital of ideas and creativity, the vanity table design can be transformed into a more rustic form. No need to buy new, just install a sewing table in the bathroom as a media vanity with a rustic look and can be used as a new focal point. What you can do now is add a bowl sink with stone material to give it a natural touch that is quite sturdy. The design of this sewing table vanity doesn’t cost a lot of money because it doesn’t need to be repainted in another color. Rustic Vanity with Black Stone Sink from @colinandjustin

2. Old Bike Vanity

An unusual object can be a good repurposed bathroom vanity material. An old bike, for example, is a great vanity table for one person. You can place a plank to place the sink on top of the bike. Place the bike in the corner and secure it against the wall. You can place a little basket next to the sink for towels.

The sink in general is like that, looks boring. However, if you have creativity, you can use used bicycles for vanity bathrooms. Lay out the wooden planks and place them on the bike for the sink layout. Here you don’t need to repaint the wood planks for a more natural look. It’s not enough to get here, before you use the bicycle, you know, do the washing first so that the resulting appearance will be cleaner. The appearance is so exotic and elegant that it is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Wicker rattan baskets are additional storage items that you can use to store some of your clean towels so that they look tidier. Old Bike Vanity with Wooden Countertop from @love_brookelyn

To create an aesthetic appearance for your bathroom, you can use your old bicycle to design a vanity bathroom. It’s cheap and easy to implement, all you need is creativity. Placing a board on a bicycle to place a large enough sink is a smart idea that you can apply, also add a mirror and proper lighting so that it can be used properly and in accordance with your home decoration plans. This vanity old bike design is decent and ready to go. Bike Vanity with Basket Towel Storage from @lpzindustries_

Old bicycles can be used to support the bathroom interior. Can be used for a new look in the bathroom by using old items that have been washed and cleaned before. What you can do now is add a wooden plank that is long enough to be used as a countertop design that can be used as an area to place glass sinks and tulip flower arrangements in bold colors. At the front of this bike is perfected with a DIY basket that can be used as an area to put your clean towels. Transparant Glass Bowl Sink for Bike Vanity from @bluezonespaces

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3. Filing Cabinet Vanity

Filing cabinets are becoming less important in this paperless age. You can turn a low cabinet into a vanity table. Add a marble or terrazzo countertop to install the sink. A long cabinet is big enough to install twin sinks, perfect for a couple’s bathroom.

A simple filling vanity can be perfected by repainting it in green for a more modern and minimalist finish. The green color in the bathroom decoration, which is dominated by neutral colors, makes it look more statement. Do not forget to also add LED lighting in this area so that it can be used optimally at night. Adding a hanging mirror combined with wall scones lamps makes this vanity area function better and optimally. Additional indoor greenery will bring a fresh feel of nature into the room. Modern and Minimalist Filling Vanity from @gdcabinetmakers

Unused file cabinets are always overlooked but if you have some creativity you can use this piece of furniture for a vanity table in the bathroom. Install a white countertop complete with sink, faucet, and mirror directly above it to create your own powder room. The wood material used is the best choice that you can try because it is not easily porous when used for a long time. A series of green plants in a white ceramic vase is an additional decoration that will bring a natural feel to the room. Unused File Cabinets for Vanity Bathroom from @silverbirchinc

A more luxurious look can be obtained when you combine two different materials. For the design of this table vanity, you can reuse a wooden filling cabinet, then combine it with marble material which is dominated by white to make it a modern and up-to-date countertop decoration. These two hanging mirrors with a fairly long shape can be perfected with two sinks as well so that they can be used by two people at the same time. Proper lighting also needs to be applied in this area, wall scones lamps are the right choice that you can use. Wooden with Marble Material Vanity from @conor_weathervane

The filling cabinet design that has been changed to a vanity bathroom has a new look that you can get instantly. The previous thing you can do is repaint it in plain white so that it looks more elegant and not easily boring when used in any style, including the modern farmhouse style. Re-combine it with a herringbone pattern tile floor which has a splash of deep black so it will work well together in the same room. These two colors are also suitable for a farmhouse touch. Modern Farmhouse Vainty Bedroom from @alux_carpentry

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4. Barrel Vanity

A wooden barrel has become a popular repurposed bathroom vanity idea. If you live near wineries, you can easily find an old barrel to coat and repurpose. You can also use a regular metal barrel from construction sites. A metal barrel is great to add a little industrial touch to the bathroom.

The old barrels you have in the storage room will be put to much better use when you reuse them as one of the furniture pieces in your bathroom decor. For example, you can turn it into a vanity design that can be combined directly with a cooper sink which makes it look more vintage and rustic. A series of blooming flowers is a decoration that will never fail to present a feminine touch. Hanging round mirrors and two wall scones lamps that are applied to the walls symmetrically make this vanity usable when the bathroom starts to look dark. Vintage Style Barrel Vanity from @juneshea

Take a look at the floating mini barrel vanity that is applied to your modern bathroom. Its existence can blend perfectly when it’s in a room that is dominated by a touch of plain white. Don’t forget to decorate the countertop barrel vanity with a glass vase filled with mini green plants. There is no need to repaint this vanity barrel to emphasize vintage and rustic touches at the same time, use it in a bathroom with a limited size because the application also doesn’t use a lot of floor space. Floating Mini Barrel Vanity Design from @bathsbydesign

The standing barrel vanity that is applied in a simple bathroom will function properly according to the needs of the room. What you can do now is combine barrel furniture with bowl glass sinks with a material that is thick enough so that it doesn’t break easily when used for a long time. Place it right next to the toilet or in the corner of the room so it doesn’t interfere with your movement space. It’s a good idea to add a hanging mirror in this vanity area to check your appearance before leaving the bathroom. Barrel Vanity Bathroom at the Corner from @gritbuilt

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5. Old Table Vanity

Have an old table you no longer use? Turn it into a new vanity. You can leave the old-age characteristics to add a personality to the vanity. You can also repaint it to match the bathroom décor. It can be an end table, bedside table, or an old dining table cut in half.

This old table made from natural wood has a natural style that is suitable for use in all rooms of your home. Now you can try it in the farmhouse bathroom by letting it look natural without re-paint. The wood material used also looks shabby chic and simple, making it suitable for those of you who want to decorate a bathroom with a low budget. The bottom of this vanity table can be used as additional open storage to store clean towels. Farmhouse Table Vanity Design from @cottagefarmhousedesign

The old table that you have at home can be reused as a DIY vanity bathroom with a simpler look. Repaint this part of the wooden table in brown for a cleaner and more shiny outer surface. The next decoration that you can do is place flower arrangements on the countertop area as a room freshening accent that can instantly bring a natural feel into the room. Wicker rattan baskets can be placed under the table as additional bathroom storage. DIY Wooden Table Vanity Bathroom from @cottagefarmhousedesign

A bathroom vanity does not have to be new construction. Turn any material with a decent surface area into a creative vanity. 


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