20 Ways to Bring Winter Touches into Your Kitchen

Before Christmas, the activity that we will definitely do is decorate the house as attractive as possible. Every corner of the room should be given a nice decoration so that the winter atmosphere is more felt in your home. Your kitchen also needs to be decorated because this room is a room that must look neat and perfect for your home. Having a beautiful kitchen is certainly a dream for everyone. Because the kitchen is now often used as a second living room to entertain relatives when they come home.

Creating a kitchen decor with a winter theme isn’t too difficult. We can use red plates, mini Christmas trees, mason jar, pine cones and so on. We can also make centerpieces by using flowers and then We can put it on the kitchen table. In addition, winter coincides with Christmas so we can also use Christmas ornaments to beautify our kitchen. For example, you can use red and green Christmas decorations in the kitchen.

A DIY tiered tray made of wood you can reuse as a winter touch that you can try right now. This Tiered Tray can be used to display some suitable ornaments such as mini snowflakes, villages, and a touch of fresh evergreens. Just arrange everything neatly and orderly. Here you can use it as a centerpiece decoration that can be applied directly to the kitchen island. Get evergreen accents in your backyard garden without having to buy them and save more on your budget. Winter Tiered Tray Centerpiece from @bookgirlcreations

There’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of Christmas to the kitchen’s winter decorations this year. What you can do right now is put Santa Claus ornaments on the countertop area that is still empty. Another ornament that you can use in this room is two DIY stars made of deep red flannel. A mini Christmas tree is also a decorative addition that will work just as well this winter. Repaint the entire kitchen space with a dominant mix of gray and plain white, both of which will give an elegant theme. Winter Themed Kitchen with Santa Claus Ornament from @carenslittleworld

Do you have a large number of pom-poms? If you have it, you can reuse it to turn it into a wreath design that can be hung on an empty part of the kitchen window. Just hang it up using a brightly colored ribbon for a fancier look. This Wreath is perfect for an instant touch of winter theme. You can make this wreath yourself to save more on your spending budget, try using beige or white pom-pom ornaments so that the colors are in harmony with the current season. Beige Pom-Pom Wreath from @goldenboysandme

You can hang the reclaimed wood material into a snowflake ornament in the kitchen cabinet as a decoration that can instantly emphasize a touch of winter. Here you can use more than one snowflake accent in quite a lot so that it can be used as a room statement. There is no need to repaint this snowflake accent so that it will save more on the spending budget. Just hang the snowflake accent using a rope that is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t fall easily when used for a long time. DIY Wooden Snwoflake Decoration from @motherthyme

This winter-themed kitchen decoration has a Christmas touch that looks very striking when you look at it because this room is dominated by plain white tones. While the Christmas ornaments that are applied have a touch of red and you can place them directly on the countertop in a neat and orderly arrangement. You can use tiered tray wire to display some winter ornaments like evergreens and some cups with splashes of red. The white nuance that dominates the kitchen area also gives an elegant impression that you can apply right now. Winter Kitchen with Christmas Touch Decor from @cherrydesign_srbija

Besides being able to be used as additional room lighting, several candle pillars that are placed above the kitchen island can also be used as a centerpiece decoration that will never fail. Here you can place pillar candles in the dough bowl area along with a mini Christmas tree made of evergreens. Just turn on this pillar candle when the atmosphere in the room starts to look darker. Choose and use candles with a variety of different sizes to make it look more varied, you can try it now easily and cheaply. This dougt bowl centerpiece decoration is also easier to move to another area when needed. Pillar Candle Centerpiece Ideas from @cottagebythecreek_

Additional lighting with a warm appearance is also very necessary to welcome the season in all rooms of your home. Here you can try it in the part of the kitchen that is often used for cooking activities or making hot drinks. Combine string lights with candle holders as a blend of lighting that is very precise and can be placed close together so they can work well together. Just apply string lights to your kitchen backsplash, additional villages with a variety of different sizes are ready to be used as additional room decorations. DIY String Light for Winter Kitchen from @justyna_home_decor

Buy and choose a Christmas tree bottlebrush with a variety of heights and different colors to be used as a centerpiece decoration that you can apply to your kitchen island. Just arrange and organize this DIY Christmas tree in a wooden dough bowl so it looks neater and organized. For now, you can apply it in a modern style kitchen decoration which is dominated by white nuances so that the existence of this centerpiece can be seen more clearly. Just buy this DIY Christmas tree online at a very affordable price, adding dry moss is also a smart idea that you can use. DIY Bottlebrush Mini Christmas Tree Centerpiece from @careyushome

Modern themes can be used in your winter kitchen decoration. For now you can combine gray with white which can be applied directly to the walls, floors and kitchen cabinets made of wood. Furthermore, the addition of evergreens in the use of garlands and Christmas trees is also the best choice that you can hang on the part of the wall that is still empty. As for the Christmas tree, you can place it on the floor if it doesn’t interfere with your space. Candle lanterns are additional lighting that you can use right now. Modern Vibes Winter Kitchen from @home_on_the_commons

One of the special signs or characteristics that you can get from this winter kitchen decoration is using a throw blanket that can be placed on the dining chairs in this kitchen area. Just choose a blanket with white faux fur material that can provide maximum warmth when in the kitchen area. Besides having a softer and smoother material, this blanket can also be washed again when it has been used for too long to avoid dust or other dirt sticking to it. White shades are the best choice that you can apply. Faux Fur Blanket for Winter Kitchen Ideas from @kreatywnie_na_dziewiatym

When your winter kitchen decoration is equipped with glass windows, it’s a good idea to re-dress it with a matching theme. What you can do right now is stick some winter ornament stickers of various types and different sizes. After everything is installed properly, the next thing you can do is put a table lamp with a star pattern complete with lighting that has an orange splash. That way your glass window will look very attractive. Winter Themed Windowsill Ideas from @between_my_walls

The easiest way you can do to bring natural nuances in the room is to present winter ornaments with natural materials. For example, you can make a garland design with greenery material which can be perfected with some pinecones and string lights as a room lighting idea as well. You can make them long enough to fill all the DIY solid wood floating shelves without repainting. Just string these two materials into one part so that it has a more optimal final appearance. Nature Vibes Garland Design from @cottageincornwall

There’s no need to worry when you don’t have much to spend on welcoming winter decorations in this modern kitchen area. What you can do right now is make some snowflake ornaments with materials you have at home without having to buy them. For example, you can make it out of white paper and hang it from the ceiling using a piece of string that is not easily damaged when used for a long time. Furthermore, not only snowflakes, but you can also make DIY Christmas tree designs with matching materials to place in the kitchen island area as a centerpiece decoration. Hanging DIY Paper Snowflake from @cottageincornwall

Evergreen and some candlesticks are a combination that you can use as a centerpiece decoration that you can apply directly to the kitchen island with a patterned stone surface. Look at the candle sticks with tiered heights, doesn’t it look very attractive? Yes, you can use candlesticks made of shiny gold to give a more luxurious impression. Hanging pendant lighting which is right above the kitchen island is the main lighting which is very suitable for use when winter arrives because its existence makes the room brighter when the atmosphere in the room starts to get dark. Evergreen and Candlestick Centerpiece from @truemanstreasures

White is one of the suitable color choices to be applied to your home decor in any style and season. For a more appropriate season, you can apply this white color to the winter kitchen decoration with predominant wood that has been repainted. An important ornament that you can use here is a DIY Christmas tree made of wood and has been repainted in plain white. Just place this DIY wooden Christmas tree along your kitchen windowsill so that it can be seen from outside and from inside the room, making it is also very easy and saves a budget. Christmas Tree Countertop Decoration from @cottagerenovationcwmrhys

Take advantage of an empty kitchen wall as an open storage idea by installing DIY floating shelves made from simple materials such as natural wood. You can design this section of the storage rack in the shape of a Christmas tree complete with a hook at the bottom. Besides being more practical to use as a storage idea, this shelf will also make it easier for you to find items or kitchen tools that are stored with a short search time so that it is more effective. No need to repaint to save on spending budget. DIY Christmas Tree Wall Shelves from @domek_na_polanie

Bringing a winter atmosphere into your home kitchen, you can decorate your kitchen with accents that are synonymous with winter. One easy way you can do this is to add a touch of evergreen to your winter kitchen décor. Put evergreens in every corner of the kitchen, you can put evergreens in pots or just putting them in the sink is enough to make your kitchen feel winter. If you want to get a new focal point in your home kitchen, you can use pots to put evergreens from used tins, this will make the look more attractive and unique. Evergreen Touch Winter Kitchen from @white_pine_cottage

Change the look of your kitchen in winter to be more cheerful and also full of enthusiasm by using various decorative lights. The types of lights that are suitable for you to use are string lamps and lamp lanterns, that way your kitchen atmosphere will be more lively with the presence of these lights. You can apply string lights to the kitchen wall and light lanterns can also be paired with other winter decorations on the table. If you have a miniature winter house, there’s nothing wrong if you also use it as a kitchen decoration, this will make your creative ideas appear to juxtapose these lamps with this miniature house. Winter Kitchen Lighting from @justyna_home_decor

Don’t let your white kitchen look boring when winter comes, try to do simple things to make your white kitchen more enjoyable. Try installing an evergreen wreath on an empty kitchen wall or you can even use a hanger that was previously installed in your kitchen. Evergreen wreaths are not only a winter decoration for your white kitchen, but evergreen wreaths will add color to your white kitchen so it’s not boring. You can hang this evergreen wreath right under the cabinet, you can also pair it with a few glasses so they don’t get empty. Hanging Evergreen Wreath from @potejstronielustra

It would be more interesting if your modern kitchen was decorated using warm winter decorations. Make your kitchen a modern farmhouse theme, an easy way you can do it by adding wood accents. Use wooden furniture to create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen in winter, you can apply this by using a wooden dining table set that is both classic and unique. Besides that you can also add a mini Christmas tree on the table, feel free to use two or three mini Christmas trees and place them in every corner of your kitchen. To make it more beautiful, don’t forget to put lights on each of these mini Christmas trees which will make your modern farmhouse kitchen look more festive. Modern Farmhouse Winter Kitchen from @my_renovating_diary

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Touch of colors that are identical to Christmas that you can use to make the kitchen look more festive. In addition, you can decorate it with a red ribbon hanging on the window. You can also add wreath and cypress leaves to decorate the kitchen window. Other accessories such as mini Santa dolls, mini deer, and also bells. In essence, the use of distinctive Christmas colors can make your kitchen cool and can make residents feel at home.

A bouquet of flowers hanging from the ceiling could be an option for decorating the kitchen at Christmas. Do not forget to adjust to the theme of Christmas itself so that the nuances are still felt. So that your kitchen is fresher, you can add plants near the sink. Or another easy way is to decorate a chair with pine leaves and a red ribbon.


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