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20 Enticing Water Fountain Designs for Your Garden

Garden and Exterior • 298 Comments

The fountain is one form of the existence of the element of water in a minimalist home. Furthermore…
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21 Pretty Creative Outdoor Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Garden and Exterior • 2,238 Comments

An attractive home garden is not only seen from the accessories and designs, but also from various …
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8 Ideas for Your Super Bowl Home Decoration

Home Decoration, Interior Design • 610 Comments

Talking about party decoration, there will be some considerations that you should concern. In this …
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22 Festive Table Decoration for Your Super Bowl Party

Interior Design • 358 Comments

No matter what team you support, you will definitely keep having a party with a Super Bowl theme. T…
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53 Perfect Home Decoration Ideas with Super Bowl Theme

Home Decoration, Interior Design • 533 Comments

Celebrating the super bowl can be really fun whether only for the party decoration or your really h…
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21 Romantic Home Ornament for Your Valentine Celebration

Home Decoration, Interior Design • 29 Comments

Celebrating the valentine won’t only about you and your mate. It could also between you and y…
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21 Most Romantic Valentine Dining Table Decoration Ideas

Interior Design • 4,274 Comments

Talking about valentine celebration, it won’t be far from having dinner together. It is becau…
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30 Stand Out Porch Decoration Ideas this Winter

Garden and Exterior • 358 Comments

The terrace is the part of the house that guests first see and visit. So we have to decorate the te…
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20 Interesting Ideas to Create Indoor Greenery During Winter

Interior Design • 548 Comments

Even though it’s winter now but we have to make the atmosphere of the house always as cool an…
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30 Ways to Bring Winter Touches into Your Kitchen

Interior Design, Kitchen Decoration • 21 Comments

Before Christmas, the activity that we will definitely do is decorate the house as attractive as po…
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24 Magical Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

Home Decoration, Interior Design • 383 Comments

Winter is synonymous with snow and white or blue. Here, you can bring colors to your wedding by dec…
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10 Tips to Create Christmas Magical Atmosphere into Your House

Home Decoration, Interior Design • 251 Comments

In welcoming Christmas we need to increase the intensity of the Christmas atmosphere in our homes. …
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32 Adorable Fall Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas to Make it Really Match with the Season

Interior Design • 993 Comments

Kitchen is the heart of a house, it can be said that a house will not be complete without a kitchen…
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21 Wonderful Ways to Decorate Fall Party Events

Home Decoration, Interior Design • 1,019 Comments

Well, having party in fall is a good idea since we can enjoy a beautiful scenery. As usual, we have…
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30 Delightful Porch Swing for a Cozy Fall Outdoor Relaxing Moment

Garden and Exterior, Home Decoration • 1,063 Comments

The porch is an appropriate spot for you to spend more time there. When you have free time or spare…
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