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24 Magical Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

Winter is synonymous with snow and white or blue. Here, you can bring colors to your wedding by dec…

Winter is synonymous with snow and white or blue. Here, you can bring colors to your wedding by decorating the walls and all the ornaments in the room. Moreover, the theme of winter as a wedding decoration is very easy to apply by using a combination of white, pale blue or silver-gray. Then here, you can use these colors on tablecloths, wall coverings, seat covers, ribbons, and carpets. By choosing the cool colors you will be able to make the winter atmosphere more magical.

Table Decoration

The dining table using the theme of winter usually use the ornament such as pinecones, leaves, and flowers. In hence, you also have to complement it with a combination of table decorations with neatly shaped napkins. Then, complete the decoration with linen tablecloths. If you want to be more beautiful, make sure your dining table has a tall vase in the middle of the table as centrepieces. At last, don’t forget to put candles to make it more romantic.

Awesome table decoration for winter with an evergreen runner, red glasses and blooms, pinecones and white porcelain.
Fabulous table decorations with delicate flower runners and greenery, blueberry glasses, white tablecloths, and elegant table numbers
Chic table decoration with a super lush greenery runner with much texture, white porcelain, grey napkins, and gold napkin rings.
Beautiful table decoration with mauve napkins, black candles, and all whites plus a large and chic dried bloom and herb overhead decoration.
Neutral table decoration with mercury glass candle holders, a centerpiece of a candle lantern and white blooms and pinecones.
Rustic table decoration with evergreens, pinecones, berries, pillar candles, white blooms, and greenery.
Awesome Rustic table decoration with wood slice placemats, antlers, greenery and white roses for a chic look.

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Aisle Decoration

The aisle to the wedding altar is a memorable place. In this case, it is the place where the bride and groom walk the last time as a single woman. Therefore, the hallway must be decorated as beautiful as possible. Therefore, you can place an ornamental tree next to the hallway. At the end, you can also add candles to make the atmosphere more intimate.

Aisle decoration with small candles, black chairs and colorful flowers. Here, the decoration creating a comfortable and beautiful vibe.
Amazing aisle decoration with the theme of a small golden candle, black chairs. In hence, the additional of colorful flowers create a comfortable and beautiful vibe.

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Just decorate the hallway with beautiful plants and candles to make you feel the lovely atmosphere with the concrete floor of this hallway.

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Simple but special with a well-placed candle holder to play the grandeur of the location of this event.
I love this golden and white wooden background. To incorporate natural elements, a friend of the couple wore various parts of the structure with white plants and long carpets.
This wedding aisle arrangement feels like it was picked straight from the forest thanks to their fresh green plants and their mossy base.
in order to create a fairy tale ceremony, you need to decorate your wedding place using a snow-white theme.

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Ceiling Decoration

Marriage is one of the most awaited moments for most people. We must decorate every corner of the wedding venue beautifully and perfectly. Therefore the ceiling must also be decorated and accessories in order to support the beauty of the marriage. The decorations that you can copy are using lanterns as decoration. if your wedding wants to look more luxurious, like magic come true! you can use LED lights indoors. Guaranteed, this decorative lamp will make your receptions feel like in a fairyland

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Awesome ceiling decoration with lampions that hold a white wonderland with gallery halls wrapped in thin white chiffon and fresh green plants
Keep it formal and elegant with a white cloth, or if you want a pleasant atmosphere, choose bright colors like yellow.
Instead of having or a companion, make pots and flowers that float. Here, your ceiling will be really unique. Moreover, the pretty floral impression is really match with the wedding event.

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Amazing ceiling decoration with your reception space has tall, soaring ceilings, emphasize the height by draping gauzy panels overhead to create a romantic, ethereal feel.
Soften the clear top with a long curtain. This couple’s tent design features several white panels anchored in a speaking arrangement.
Adorable ceiling decoration with string lights and sheer ceiling swags will help bring the outdoors in and make this couple’s reception space feel like an al fresco dinner party.
Affordable ceiling decoration with drapery panels can add softness to a rustic reception space. Moreover, the addition of the luxurious chandelier will a really glorious atmosphere.
To make it larger, more comfortable and intimate, you need to add a cover. The design of this pair features extra-long fabric swag that crosses each other.

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Marriage is a festive and important event. So here, we must prepare a sacred moment with perfect decoration. In this case, the event is not only a moment of the union of bride and groom, but also the union of two large families. So that here, we hope this post gives a lot of inspiration for decorating your wedding.

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