25 Magical Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

Winter is synonymous with snow and white or blue. Here, you can bring colors to your wedding by decorating the walls and all the ornaments in the room. Moreover, the theme of winter as a wedding decoration is very easy to apply by using a combination of white, pale blue or silver-gray. Then here, you can use these colors on tablecloths, wall coverings, seat covers, ribbons, and carpets. By choosing the cool colors you will be able to make the winter atmosphere more magical.

Table Decoration

The dining table using the theme of winter usually use the ornament such as pinecones, leaves, and flowers. In hence, you also have to complement it with a combination of table decorations with neatly shaped napkins. Then, complete the decoration with linen tablecloths. If you want to be more beautiful, make sure your dining table has a tall vase in the middle of the table as centrepieces. At last, don’t forget to put candles to make it more romantic.

On the dining table for this winter wedding, you can include a variety of different ornaments. It’s a good idea to cover the wooden table with a table runner that has a bright color like light blue. Perfect the use of this blue table runner with accents of green plants, flowers and several candlesticks that have a variety of different heights. Try to choose plants that are still fresh to make them look more attractive. Here you can use two different types of flowers and of course with different colors too. Incorporate Winter Centerpiece from @distinctlocations

The modern look that is applied to the use of this wedding table is dominated by splashes of plain white. What you can do right now is to use a centerpiece decoration with a combination of flower pots that are blooming beautifully and several candle holders that have the same size and color. Flowers that can be used are roses that come with a touch of neutral colors. Don’t forget to end this centerpiece with a natural touch like the pinecones accent which comes in a variety of different sizes. Modern Vibes Winter Wedding Table from @glamydays

The easiest way you can do to decorate the winter table at a wedding is to coat the top surface with a table runner and of course with the right material. For example, you can use a table runner with plain white chungky material. Additional candle holders, some strands of greenery and flowers that bloom beautifully are a mix that you can try to instantly present a rustic theme. Get this chungky table runner online at a fairly cheap price. Chungky Table Runner Design Ideas from @dreamityourselfmontreal

Winter table setting at this wedding event is dominated by a natural touch that comes with a variety of different types. For example, you can organize and arrange green plants together with candlesticks, pinecones and a DIY Christmas tree made of natural wood without repainting. Make this natural material a centerpiece decoration that matches the winter theme. Choose and only use greenery that is still fresh or you can just use fake ones so they don’t wilt easily when used during your big event. Winter Wedding Table Settting with Natural Touch from @montanaeventos

Look at the two types of flowers that are applied simultaneously on a table that has been covered with a white tablecloth, doesn’t it look more luxurious but not excessive? Yes, here you can choose the type of flower with a splash of white only so that it is ready to be used for winter wedding decorations. In addition, pay attention to the tablecloth material used, satin is the material of choice that you can use right now. This beautifully blooming flower can be used as a centerpiece decoration along with a small candle holder. Floral Winter Wedding Tablescape from @aliciakeats

Natural-themed winter ornaments that can be obtained from nature are pinecones. Pinecones can be used as a centerpiece decoration at weddings which of course emphasizes the winter theme when combined with several candle holders placed around it. This natural ornament comes in a variety of different sizes, you can place it neatly on a dining table that has been covered with a plain white tablecloth. The design of this wedding table is very easy to design yourself. Pinecones Centerpiece Decoration from rushpool_hall

The icecles centerpiece decoration that was tried on the dining table which is dominated by white nuances emphasizes the winter theme instantly. Here you can try using icecles with a silver color which looks shiny when exposed to the reflection of the light. The appearance is quite luxurious, suitable for trying on your wedding ceremony. Don’t forget to end the look of this table with hanging dry twigs which are perfected with snowy pincones ornaments which are tied using white thread. Icicles Themed Wedding Table Setting from @nataliestevensonphoto

These beautifully blooming roses are ready to be used as a centerpiece decoration during a wedding ceremony with an elegant appearance. Its existence can be combined directly with several candlesticks so that it emphasizes the touch of winter. These blooming roses besides giving a beautiful appearance also give a fragrant aroma to the surrounding area. Terracotta pots are a planter option that you can try right now, try to choose them with the same shape and size. Roses Planter and Candlestick Combined from @twobirdsnewyork

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Aisle Decoration

The aisle to the wedding altar is a memorable place. In this case, it is the place where the bride and groom walk the last time as a single woman. Therefore, the hallway must be decorated as beautiful as possible. Therefore, you can place an ornamental tree next to the hallway. At the end, you can also add candles to make the atmosphere more intimate.

You will never fail and you won’t be wrong if you apply silver to this year’s winter wedding aisle decoration. The combination of a silver runner rug with a sprinkling of petals in the same color can create extraordinary magic on your big day. Arrange these two ornaments properly and perfectly to produce a quite grand entrance with candle lights along the aisle. Decorative cherry trees that soar high are additional decorations that you can try to apply to this aisle decoration. Silver Themed Petals with Runner Rug from @with_love_bridal_boutique

Candles are one of the best choices that you can apply to your wedding aisle decoration when winter arrives. Just use a sufficient number of candle holders to be placed along the aisle leading to the seating area for the invited guests. The lighting produced from the use of candle holders makes the wedding ballroom feel warmer, more dramatic and of course comfortable. One of the advantages that can be obtained from using aisle candle holders is that they can be used as aisle decorations as well as additional lighting. Dramatic Candle Holder Aisle Lighting from @rebeccachanweddings

Natural details can help create a feeling of nature in winter. Glass candle holders, which are finished with a few strands of evergreen, are displayed along the aisle towards the bridal arch. The two will work well together for an instant winter touch. The guest chair which is finished with white cloth on the back is the best decoration addition for a more elegant final look and certainly never fails for a luxurious touch. Even though it looks simple, this aisle decoration still attracts attention. Combination of Evergreen with Candle Holder from @ambiencenorthyorkshire

The rustic look that was applied to this wedding aisle decoration was completed with a runner rug which has burlap material which is dominated by brown. The use of a red brick wall combined with a touch of greenery in this aisle area looks so striking and will work well together. Because this wedding ballroom is equipped with a fireplace, it will feel warmer and more comfortable when using your big event. Candles are additional room lighting that can be placed at several different points, on the floor and on the wall which is a very appropriate choice. Rustic Style Wedding Aisle Decoration from @botleyhillbarn

Ready for a grand and luxurious entrance? The wedding aisle, which is dominated by shiny silver, is the answer that you can apply to your big day. This shiny silver floor reflects the light from the chandeliers used so that it looks different and is perfect for the modern minimalist theme that you can apply. It’s not enough to get here, a large number of candle holders can be placed in the hallway area and of course in a neat arrangement so that they can be used as lighting that can be used during the day or night. Luxury Silver Winter Wedding Aisle from @enrapturedevents

Aisle wedding decorations don’t only use straight designs, for now you can apply curved aisle decorations for a different look that can be obtained instantly. Try this curved aisle when winter arrives by adding a plaid rug and a sprinkling of plain white petals along the aisle towards the bridal table. Use dim lighting for a more dramatic ballroom theme. A flower stand with a size that is high enough can be used as well, applied at a distance that is not too far or not too close. Curved Winter Wedding Aisle from @woodyatt_warner

DIY candle holders can be used along the aisle for a winter wedding decoration that will never fail to try. The appearance can make an aisle wedding design that will impress your loved ones. No need to combine it with other ornaments for less budget spent. Even the use of these candle holders makes your ceremony decoration more minimal with the addition of warmer room lighting. Two Christmas trees placed on either side of the backdrop are a perfect addition to the scene. Candle Holder Themed Aisle Decoration from @vintiquerental

White is a color choice that will never fail when applied in winter. For now, you can apply it to the wedding aisle decoration which will be seen by all the invited guests and the families present. Here you can combine a plain white floor with a sprinkling of matching colored petals. It seems that if only a sprinkling of petals looks too simple, therefore you can combine it with several candle lanterns that can be placed at a predetermined distance. This pedestal plant stand with the same size is an additional decoration that can be applied at the same time. Elegant White Winter Aisle Ideas from @huntonparkhotel

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Ceiling Decoration

Marriage is one of the most awaited moments for most people. We must decorate every corner of the wedding venue beautifully and perfectly. Therefore the ceiling must also be decorated and accessories in order to support the beauty of the marriage. The decorations that you can copy are using lanterns as decoration. if your wedding wants to look more luxurious, like magic come true! you can use LED lights indoors. Guaranteed, this decorative lamp will make your receptions feel like in a fairyland.

Lighting is an important accent that must be had in every room. To perfect the decoration of your wedding ceremony, decorate the wooden ceiling with a combination of string lights and greenery garlands that have been designed beforehand. Both will blend well and perfectly. Just apply these two accents evenly so that they can be used as a new focal point for invited guests attending your wedding. The combination of the two is also very suitable to be used to welcome winter. Greenery and String Light Accent from @jackandjillweddings

You can get an elegant and luxurious look at the same time by combining white drapes with string lights for this year’s winter wedding ceiling area. These white drapes have a satin material so that they look more shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lights around them. Because this wedding ceremony is held outdoors, the white drapes ceiling that is applied will be exposed to the wind and have a flowy appearance. Look at this ceiling decoration, isn’t it very impressive and recommended to try ? White Drapes with String Light Design from @totaltents

Look at the pom-pom ornaments that were used as wedding ceiling decorations, don’t they make the feel of the room more colorful and fun? Yes, you can try applying it to the ceiling by assembling it using a white rope with a sturdy chain. The more colors of pom-pom ornaments that are used, the better. It’s not enough to stop here, additional dramatic lighting is also needed, just choose and use lighting with orange or yellow colors that can make the room feel warmer. DIY Colorful Pom-Pom Ceiling Ideas from @upwalthambarns

Luxurious and magnificent is the choice that someone often dreams of during their wedding ceremony. The first thing you can try is to use a chandelier design with crystal material and of course one that is large and wide enough to fill the ceiling area in this ballroom area. The crystal material used looks like frozen water ornaments. The white nuance that dominates this area is of course very suitable with a touch of winter. Ceiling Crystal Chandelier Design from @vogueluxuryevent

The entire ballroom for the wedding ceremony, which was dominated by glass and crystal, made the room feel more like a wonderland. Coupled with this purplish blue lighting, it is luxurious and highly desirable. Look at the ceiling with an installation crystal design that looks like frozen water drops. Additional snowflake ornaments with a large enough size are a smart idea that can be hung together so that they can instantly emphasize the winter theme. Winter Wedding Wonderland Ceiling from @weddingsnmotifs

If you are going to use floral accents to decorate the ballroom ceiling, then it’s a good idea to have a color that matches the feel of the room so that it blends in perfectly. For example, when the pillars and ceiling paint are dominated by white, the flowers you use are white. One or two different types of flowers are the best choices that you can apply. Just hang it completely so that it can make the room look more feminine and suitable for winter weddings. White Floral Ceiling Ideas from @davywhitener

Don’t let your hanging chandelier look plain and boring. When used for winter wedding decoration, you can decorate it with a touch of greenery and flowers that bloom beautifully. Try to choose and use white flowers so they can look contrasting and ready to be used as the focal point of the invited guests. This chandelier with a natural touch has a size that is quite large so it is highly recommended to try it. Additional string light is the right choice. Greenery and Floral Chandelier Design from @davywhitener

Apart from being the focal point of all your invited guests, this twinkle light ceiling is also a winter wedding lighting which is highly recommended to try. Here the twinkle lights are hung in large quantities and thoroughly too. The resulting lighting will make the room around it more dramatic and give a warm effect as well. That way you can get a magical ceiling display instantly and cheaply, just get this lighting online to make it more practical. Magical Ceiling Installation from @fairytaleeventsau

Greenery is one of the best choices that will never fail when applied in winter. For now, you can try it on the ceiling of your wedding ceremony in large enough quantities so that it can be used as a room statement. Another option that you can try is to use faux greenery so it doesn’t wilt easily when used for a long time. Its existence will also be a photo background that can bring a touch of nature to your eyes instantly. Installation Hang Greenery from @monaelbazz

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Marriage is a festive and important event. So here, we must prepare a sacred moment with perfect decoration. In this case, the event is not only a moment of the union of bride and groom, but also the union of two large families. So that here, we hope this post gives a lot of inspiration for decorating your wedding.



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