20 Warm Winter Party Decoration Concept Ideas

The winter party is a fun activity and also a place to gather with friends. But before throwing a party, we must think of appropriate party decorations. For example, winter is synonymous with snow and white or blue. So, you can present these colors in wall decorations and all the ornaments in the room. You can choose ornaments such as candles and dried flowers as a center point on the guest’s table.

Food Decoration

Feel free to include the theme in food. Dishes for invited guests can be adjusted to the theme. Winter is where people want food and drinks that can warm the body. Don’t forget, in this dim and cold winter there is still a warm glow. Comfort and excitement are the meaning of Christmas for most people and there is no better way to present that pleasant atmosphere than candles. Moreover, you can make the classic candlelight as warmth to your party’s cold atmosphere.

It’s a good idea to decorate the winter party food table with several vases that are tall enough to provide a different view that you can get instantly. The three vases that are used can be filled with two natural accents, namely pampas grass and a series of blooming flowers that have a plain white color. Besides being able to be used as an accent to beautify the food decor area, the presence of flower arrangements will also make the room smell more fragrant and fresh. You can try it easily and of course in a very effective way. Tall Vases with Pampas Grass and Flowers Accent from @rentasticparty

The layout of the party food must also be considered for the best decoration to produce an area that is more pleasant to look at. Decorate the part of the food table that is still empty with some pinecones accents that seem natural, don’t forget to make it a winter ornament before adding a snowy accent to the outer surface. Arrange everything neatly so as not to interfere with the main function of this food table. Snowy Christmas trees and dry twigs can also be placed in this maja area, choose and use them with a medium size. Pinecones Themed Food Decoration from @sheasweetshoppe

The wooden table which is used as an area to put some food for this winter party will look more elegant when you cover the surface with a table runner that has a snowflake pattern and is of course dominated by a combination of red and white. This table runner can be installed easily and can add color to the room so that it looks more pleasant. Not only in an open building, you can also celebrate a party at home in a simple way. The Christmas tree in the corner of the room is an additional decoration that you can try. Party Food Decor with Table Runner from @bohomine

The surface of the table that you use is dominated by plain white. What you can do now is decorate it with an appropriate and matching theme. For example, when you use it to welcome a winter party this year, the brown gingerbread ornament is a smart idea that you can use today. Not only ginger bread, but you can also add some jingle bells and string light accents that can give an instant warm impression. Here the placement of food is arranged neatly and perfectly. Ginger Bread Table Decoration from @skiptomyloublog

A table covered with a luxurious white tablecloth is ready to be used as a food stand on your winter party day. What you need to add now is a silver snowflake ornament that is large enough to emphasize this winter theme. Just hang it right in front of the table you are using so that it can be seen clearly by all the invited guests attending your party. Donuts are one type of snack that you can provide with a variety of different flavors to make them more varied. Donuts Food with Snowflake Decoration from @sugarpartiesla

You don’t need to be too fancy when it comes to decorating the food table used at your winter party. Here you can simply use matching natural ornaments. For example, adding snowy pinecones ornaments that can be easily found in your backyard garden. Just put it in a few empty transparent glass jars to make it look neater and not scattered everywhere. Try it the easiest way for a more classic and rustic finish. Classic Rustic Winter Party Theme from @sheasweetshoppe

Not only about the use of winter ornaments at your wedding. But lighting is also very important to apply. For the food decoration area, you can use bright blue lighting which can make the final appearance more dramatic, dimmer and suitable for use during the day or at night. Don’t forget to also add a series of roses that bloom beautifully in a glass vase that is tall enough as the main decoration that can give a fragrant aroma to the surrounding area. Blue Lighting for Food Area Decor from pyb_events

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Table Serving Decoration

When you have a party, one of the important things that you should pay attention to and prepare is in the form of serving food and arranging the table. In addition, a beautiful table arrangement will make the party you hold more interesting and make the invitation feel comfortable for a long time at the party. Then, you can adopt a dining table decoration by placing a centerpiece decoration. Don’t forget to use neutral colored tableware and linen. then place a large succulent flower or cactus in the center of the table.

Don’t let the wooden table used for this winter party look plain and boring. Now you can redecorate it with natural accents that you can get from the backyard garden in an instant. Arrange all these natural accents evenly in a neat arrangement, of course. Not only evergreens and pinecones, but you can also combine them with pillar candles that have a variety of different sizes. This candle will produce a warm light and is ready to be used for additional lighting that you can use easily and inexpensively. Natural Party Table Setting Ideas from @hosting.table

The luxurious appearance of this winter party table serving decoration is dominated by the use of silver, white and gold colors which are used evenly. These three colors are present in centerpiece decorations and also the use of cutlery such as plates and spoons used. Candle holders are additional lighting that you can use as an additional centerpiece decoration that fits perfectly with this winter theme. Its existence will add to the atmosphere of the room to feel warmer, more dramatic and romantic. Glam Centerpiece with Tall Candle Holder from @adrianaflowershop

Utilizing natural materials as a winter serving table decoration this year will never fail to try. Its simple appearance is able to instantly bring natural nuances into the room. But when you are going to use it on a party day, adding table numbers is a smart idea that you can use. Slice wood tray which is used as an area to apply some pinecones, pieces of birch and this snowy evergreen vase is eye-catching enough to be used as a new scenery on your coffee table. Slice Wood Centerpiece with Pinecones Decor from @balloonsbydmk

Dominating the guest table by using candle holders or candle sticks is a smart idea that you can do to make the atmosphere of the room more dramatic and romantic. The more wax used, the better. The centerpiece decoration currently in use is supported by dim room lighting so it is very attractive and different. Snowball lamps that are hung at different heights are one of the focuses of the eyes of the guests who see them. Dramatic Vibes Party Table Setting from @table.centric

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a mini mettallic Christmas tree into your winter party decorations. This stunning centerpiece uses several mini Christmas trees of different shapes and sizes for even more variety. This is the easiest centerpiece decoration you can use, a combination of mettallic and white on a rich winter coffee table to maintain that seasonal feel, isn’t it elegant and luxurious? Metallic Tree Centerpiece from @blairekimball

White and red are a mix of colors that will never fail to be applied to this year’s winter party decorations. You can try using these two colors in centerpiece decorations which are dominated by glossy white on several Christmas trees with a variety of materials and different sizes. That’s not enough, you can also add red to the jingle bells that can be placed on the plates of all your invited guests. Adding ribbon to the candle stick design is also a smart idea that will make the final look cuter and more charming. White and Red Touches Party Table Setting from @onassisandclaire

To decorate the table at this year’s winter wedding, you can cover the table surface with a tablecloth that has a glitter accent. It will give a luxurious look instantly. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also put a tall flower vase in the centerpiece of this table. The flowers that are used can be two to three different types so that they have different colors too so that they add to the color of the room to be more lively and not too boring. The silver glitter on the tablecloth will also be more shiny when exposed to the reflection of the light. Arrangement Flower with Glitter Tablecloth from @pyb_events

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Enchanting Lighting

Proper lighting will make the atmosphere or ambiance extraordinary. A party expert said that “lighting creates a mood!” So, with the right lighting and the right color selection, your wedding party will look much more beautiful. The right lighting and focused on an object that is also right will produce a more lively feel and make your wedding decorations look more beautiful.

One of the lighting that you can use during a winter party this year is to hang several crystal chandeliers of different sizes. Just use chandeliers with a round shape that can be applied directly to the ceiling. Its luxurious appearance produces very dramatic and romantic room lighting. These chandeliers can also be combined directly with the blue lights around them, luxurious, attractive and elegant that’s what you will get at the same time. Hanging Crystal Chandeliers from @kbydesigns

Or do you want room lighting that is more rustic and DIY? String bulb lighting that is hung right above your guest table is the best choice that you can try. For now you can combine it with some evergreen accents that are still fresh and can be obtained directly from your home garden. Use this evergreen accent in quite a lot to make it more natural and cheap, of course. Arrange and apply it neatly together with the bulb lighting that you are currently using, candles are additional room lighting. Bulb Lighting with Evergreen Accent from @luminaire_events

Room lighting resulting from the use of a towering Christmas tree is a smart idea that you can use at a winter party. Just use more than one Christmas tree lighting so that it can be used as a photo background for invited guests. The resulting lighting is also blue which seems very dramatic. You can add other lighting in this room with different sources so that the winter party that is being held will work as you expect. This way your centerpiece decoration will also look clearer. Christmas Tree Lighting Ideas from @roobandecordesign

If you want simple lighting in this year’s winter party decoration, then you can use candle sticks with a variety of different heights so that they are more unique and attract attention. Here you can use room lighting with three to four candle sticks that have been designed as well as possible. The resulting lighting will be warmer so it is perfect for this winter. When you are going to make it a centerpiece decoration, try not to interfere with the main function of the guest table which will be used for eating food. Tall Candle Holder Centerpiece from @heavenlyevents

This snowball-shaped hanging lamp design can be hung from the ceiling at the same height and at several different points so that the resulting lighting will be more comprehensive. This winter party decoration, which is dominated by a modern style, is dominated by the use of fun, dramatic light. This chandelier can be found at a lighting shop or can also be purchased online at a fairly affordable price. An open room makes the winter party feel more majestic and free. Dramatic Lighting for Winter Party from @pyb_events

Look at the lighting that forms a snowflake accent on the walls and ceiling of this party room, doesn’t it give a very impressive new style? Yes, you can use more than one so that the party room is dominated by snowflake shaped lighting that is very large and wide. Other lighting that you can use is lighting that comes from the guest table that is used to serve food. Both are an interesting and unique combination of lighting. Snowflake Shaped Winter Party Lighting from @slyphotography

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Party decorations should be made as comfortable and beautiful as possible. To get a party that suits what you want, you have to plan it perfectly. An example is you have to provide various ornaments, food, and lighting that can support your party.


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