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Exterior Paint Colors Inspiration for Creating Beautiful Small Houses

If you want to pick the right paint colors for your small house exterior, then read this article fi…

There are so many things to consider before you decide to paint your house. The selection of exterior paint colors is very crucial for a house look. The essential reason for that thought is because it’s the basis for creating a charming first impression for a house. So, if you want to pick the right paint colors for your small house exterior, then read this article first. Thus, you will get a clearer idea of which color schemes work excellently on your house exterior design. 

The Combination of White and Black

This combination would be one of the great exterior paint colors options for your petite house. The white shade can help you to provide an illusion of a large house. Meanwhile, the black color is suitable for highlighting your shutters and trims. Above all, this white-and-black combo is easy to implement in various house design style. 

To make your small house exterior looks more standout, applying a white colors is highly recommended. Combine this color with black for the window frames and doors so that it can be the beautiful and interesting home design.

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Apply black as the main color and white on window and door frames for exterior design. This design gives a modern impression to your small house.

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The Combination of Blue and White

To spruce up your small house exterior, you can choose a combination of white and blue. The white exterior paint helps you to expand the house look, while blue brings a brighter and welcoming impression. However, do not opt for a darker blue; conversely, you have to choose oceanic or sky-blue options.

Present the small house exterior with bright colors to create a relaxed impression. You can try it with blue paint combined with white on the window frames and door.

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The exterior paint in blue and white provides a cool and stunning small house decor. The bright and relaxing impression created by those colors will make your home more inviting.

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The Combination of Yellow and White

Outshine your paint exterior with yellow color palettes! That’s because this kind of in-fashion color will certainly add style to your architectural features. Thus, try using yellow as the base and white to emphasize some parts of your architectural accents.

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The yellow paint that dominates the exterior design of your home can provide a bright appearance. Choose a wall palette to maintain the naturalness of your small home décor.

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Yellow walls with unique textures can add artistic impression in your home decor. Paint windows and doors in neutral colors like white to get a good combination.

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The Combination of Green and White

Another exterior color option for your small house is a green-and-white combo. The green itself is a symbol of freshness and naturalness, which makes the house look more welcoming. Most importantly, greenish shade can easily create harmony with your outdoor surroundings.

The dominant green exterior color will display different home designs. Your home exterior will look more natural and blends well with your garden design. You can combine this color selection with white on the window and door frames.

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Show the exterior design of your tiny house with an interesting color scheme, for example, green as the main color and white for the door and window colors. These color combinations will create a freshness to your home design.

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The Combination of Grey and White

Both gray and white are the member of neutral team colors; they are normally used for a modern house. However, only go with light grey schemes so that your house appearance does not look so dim.

The light gray wall palette gives a simple impression that looks elegant. Combine the white color applied to the windows and doors of your tiny house to get a modern look.

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Show the beautiful exterior of your house with a light gray color scheme to give it a modern and minimalist impression. The whites of windows, doors, and railings never go out of style.

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Hopefully, our article can bring you some inspiration regarding the best exterior paint colors for your small house. 

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