These Parisian Living Rooms are Incredibly Stunning: 25 Ideas

The beauty and chicness emitted by a Parisian living room are two of the defining reasons many homeowners agree the most, to the point that they mostly have incorporated it in their home. If you think this kind of living room is indeed incredibly stunning, our ideas here should be right up in your alley.

Gilded Chandelier and Vintage Turkish Rug

Make a sophisticated yet simple contrast by pairing a vintage Turkish rug with a gilded chandelier. Your living room can also benefit from some intricate plasterwork for that dose of the modern side.

Add a gold plated chandelier and accents to vintage Turkish rugs to the living room. Textured by antique rugs and charming chandeliers, give the Paris living room the perfect touch. Gold plated chandelier from architecturaldigest

Old Turkish rugs in red and crystal chandeliers add an interesting touch to a Paris-style living room. This way it gives the room a vintage touch. Old Turkish rugs from architecturaldigest

A dazzling vibe is present in this living room. With the touch of a gilded chandelier combined with an ancient Turkish carpet, it embodies the Paris living room concept. Gilded chandelier from architecturaldigest

Decorating a Paris living room with a combination of crystal chandeliers and Turkish Kona rugs will create a harmonious and warm atmosphere. Pair with other ornaments to complete the décor. Paris living room from architecturaldigest

Soft colored rugs combined with gilded chandeliers make the room look luxurious. Complete the look with several sofas and other furniture. Soft colored rugs combined with gilded chandeliers from architecturaldigest

Sculptural Art and Trumeau Mirror

Parisian decor values art so much, so we recommend you placing a sculptural art for that stunning centerpiece before adding a trumeau mirror. Although optional, you can also consider installing marble fireplaces below the mirror.

To make the Paris living room more special add a mirror accent above the fireplace. The white sculpture that placed on the mantel of the fireplace can make the decoration more leverage. White sculpture from architecturaldigest

To make your Paris living room look spacious, you can add a trumeau mirror over the fireplace. In vintage style you can add some gold ornaments. Trumeau mirror over the fireplace from edithandevelynvintage

Trumeau mirrors with gold frames add a vintage feel to a Paris-style living room. You can place it on the fireplace for an interesting look. Trumeau mirrors with gold frames from architecturaldigest

The animal sculptures on the fireplace give an interesting impression to your Parisian living room. You can also add a trumeau mirror framed in gold to give the illusion of a spacious room. Animal sculptures from curatedinterior

The animal head sculpture above the fireplace gives the perfect look to your Paris living room. The black stone fireplace provides the perfect contrast. Animal head sculpture from hgtv

Paris living room decorating ideas accented with black sculptures and trumeau mirrors give off an antique feel. So that it makes the Paris-style living room decoration even more perfect. Black sculptures from hgtv

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Contemporary Art and Iconic Modern Sofa

Stray to a much more modern feeling with an iconic modern sofa and contemporary art to have that well-versed result. If the sofa isn’t what you seek, feel free to focus on other iconic furniture pieces instead.

By using contemporary art accents and balanced with soft white walls can make the living room looks sophisticated. The sofa with a unique shape will be iconic furniture in your room. Contemporary art accents from bocadolobo

Accented with contemporary art, the round mirror-shaped gold frame provides a focal point into the room. Complete the decor with a few other pieces of furniture. Round mirror-shaped gold frame from bocadolobo

Using contemporary art accents and balanced with soft gray walls can make a living room look classy. A sofa with a unique shape will become a furniture icon in your room. Contemporary art accents from veranda

Adding a blue curved sofa creates a focal point in your Paris living room. This way makes your room more stylish. Blue curved sofa from veranda

A modern mustard yellow sofa and a rattan accented chair will create a lush decoration in your Paris living room. A rattan chandelier will complement the room decor. Modern mustard yellow sofa from curatedinterior

Modern Sculptural Stool and Bergère Chair

Speaking of sculptural, you should also consider modern sculptural brass stools and Bergère chairs in the living room, because they’re just insanely cozy and effortless.

Purple Bergère chairs add a comfortable impression to your Paris living room. Added gold stool will create a focal point in the room. Purple Bergère chairs from mydomaine

As with all rooms uniquely designed in your home, you will definitely want to have a focal point for your living room. By adding unique and modern furniture that will make your living room design more inspiring. Living room design from realsimple

The bergere chairs provide a cozy decoration to the parisian living room. The neutral color paired with the wooden coffee table gives a natural touch to the room. Parisian living room from maisondecinq

Using bergère chairs in a Paris living room will make a comfortable impression. With matching colors it will make an attractive appearance in the room. Bergère chair from maisondecinq

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Velvet Tuxedo Sofa

Lastly, we suggest you start investing in a velvet tuxedo sofa for another super beautiful piece! Set the mood even more with a multitude of dimmed light fixtures, and get ready for your brand-new Parisian decor!

Applying a blue velvet tuxedo sofa will be a focal point in your Paris living room. Crystal chandeliers add a dramatic impression to the room. Blue velvet tuxedo sofa from curatedinterior

To give your Parisian living room a cozy feel, you can add a velvet tuxedo sofa. Pair it with a metal coffee table and light chandelier. Parisian living room from curatedinterior

A Velvet Tuxedo Sofa gives a sophisticated look to a Paris living room. A glass coffee table and large carpet complete the décor of the room. Glass coffee table from curatedinterior

To make the Paris living room concept more fun and modern, add a Velvet Tuxedo sofa and a warm color palette. This will make the living room look modern and sophisticated. Velvet Tuxedo sofa from curatedinterior

Adding a green velvet sofa to a parisian living room will create an interesting look for you to try. You can combine several chairs complete with faux fur blankets for a comfortable feel. Green velvet sofa from pufikhomes

Which one of the five Parisian living room ideas above will you pick for your next decorating project?

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