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The 25 Elements in Designing a Garden Landscape

The best landscape garden design ideas are not only about composing plants, but also planning its w…

Putting everything in harmony might be the key to designing a garden. There are people who are gifted with eyes for the details. Meanwhile, some others might need particular rules to follow in creating their garden. To make your landscape garden design ideas come true, you may want to consider applying these basic principles:

1. Color

The garden is your canvas. There is a theory that classifies colors into its influences, depth, and contrast. For example, cool colors like blue and green are relaxing, while warm colors like yellow and red add excitement to the garden. You can play with colors by picking the right variety of flowers or apply it to the accessories such as fences and pergolas. 

Creating a variety of flowers in the garden is a good idea to provides the color of illusion. Moreover, it looks more eye-catching to decorate your garden. Colorful flowers garden from ofdesign

Awesome garden with many flowers to create the beauty of color combination. Best of all, it could be your place for relaxing and refreshing all day long. Colorful flowers from ofdesign

You can try the idea of decorating a garden with various blooming flowers. Pairing with a white fence will create an eye-catching look. Garden with various blooming flowers from ofdesign

You can add some colorful flowers to your backyard garden. Adding a wooden bridge will make the garden decoration even more perfect. Colorful flowers and wooden bridge from ofdesign

A few flowers in cool colors along the path will create a different atmosphere. This garden design will make you amaze while in the garden. Stone pathway from ofdesign

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2. Form

Designing a landscape garden design ideas is not just about putting plants in the ground. You need to create harmony in it. Plants come in different sizes. If you can play with the composition, your garden design would be diverse yet appealing. 

Wonderful landscape garden with planting features that are rich in texture and color and arranged neatly to give beauty to the garden. Landscape garden with planting features from lushome

Applying several colorful plants of different sizes will make a different look. Pair it with green grass for an interesting decoration. Several colorful plants from lushome

If that classic English garden is your goal, this is a great strategic plan! The blooming patio entrances and beautiful flowers along the dirt road are an eye-catching design. Classic English garden from backyardboss

This colorful and lush courtyard is the perfect setting for spring. Various sizes of blooming flowers and other plants make this garden look different. Colorful and lush courtyard from backyardboss

Make your garden tropical and magical by using lots of delicate plants and decorative elements. Various plants of different sizes and gravel paths make your garden more stylish. Garden tropical from backyardboss

3. Line

This element refers to the border where you arrange the plants. It can also be interpreted by creating a frame in which the plants and décor are organized.

A charming landscaped garden with various elements bordered by soil and grass for your garden decoration. This creates lines to make a distinction and delimit the between the lawn and the garden space. Landscaped garden from workingwithartists

A charming landscape garden framed by various types of flowering plants and bordered by shrubs to beautify the garden decoration. Garden framed with shrubs from gardendesign

Garden landscapes with bush borders will beautify your garden. Apply a brick walkway for the perfect design. Brick walkway from bhg

This attractive landscaped garden with edges of green grass will look neat. So you can tell the difference between plants and trails. Landscaped garden with green grass from bhg

Using a log cut as a dividing line is a brilliant idea to try. Add a central tree, and flowers and foliage to attract attention. Log cut dividing line from bhg

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4. Scale

In designing a garden landscape, you would deal with different sizes. Keeping the scale in mind would help you create a consistent proportion between one element and another. 

An attractive garden landscape with a circular arrangement creates the impression of a large garden. Not only that, but it also gives a different impression to the green. Garden landscape with circular arrangement from gardenista

Attractive garden landscapes by utilizing vertical hedge fence to create dramatic borders and much needed privacy. Garden landscapes with vertical hedge fence from gardenista

Making a small garden look attractive by adding a pathway is a great idea. Add a little greenery on the right and left to greet you. Small garden idea from gardenista

Small landscape garden ideas use a wooden fence and add a small dining table set to complete the look. Hanging plants and a few other plants will create a natural feel. Landscape garden with wooden fence from gardenista

Applying a wooden deck and floor tiles in a small garden will give it a different look. A wooden fence and a few plants will complete the look. Wooden deck and floor tiles from gardenista

5. Texture

Applying varied texture to the garden landscape would create perspective and depth. As a whole design, the garden would appear alive. This element is important especially if you want to make a garden that is not about planting but also aesthetic. 

Decorating a garden in an aesthetically pleasing way, you can plan a garden that suits your needs. You can add a wooden bridge and some gravel for the path so it will look beautiful and attractive. Wooden bridge and gravel pathway from hoommy

These colorful plants provide an attractive decoration in your garden. Add white pebbles to create the perfect decoration. Colorful plants from hoommy

A landscaped garden with wooden walkways, white gravel, and greenery will give your home a natural feel. Wooden walkways dan greenery from hoommy

Wooden pallets and white gravel paths add an attractive impression to your garden. Small shrubs beside the path make a different look to your garden. Wooden pallets and white gravel paths from hoommy

This white bamboo fence creates privacy in your garden. Various plants and white pebbles create the perfect look. White bamboo fence from hoommy

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While there are rules to make the best landscape garden design ideas happen, sometimes it is not as easy as they say. There are overlapping elements that should be carefully planned. The right composition, a gardening skill, and a knowledge of the right elements would make your garden designing a success.

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