The 10 Elements in Designing a Garden Landscape

Putting everything in harmony might be the key to designing a garden. There are people who are gifted with eyes for the details. Meanwhile, some others might need particular rules to follow in creating their garden. To make your landscape garden design ideas come true, you may want to consider applying these basic principles.

1. Color

The garden is your canvas. There is a theory that classifies colors into its influences, depth, and contrast. For example, cool colors like blue and green are relaxing, while warm colors like yellow and red add excitement to the garden. You can play with colors by picking the right variety of flowers or apply it to the accessories such as fences and pergolas. 

Creating a variety of flowers in the garden is a great idea to give the illusion of color. In addition, its existence also looks more eye-catching to decorate your garden. Just arrange this flower planting along the pathway as a festive welcome for everyone who visits your backyard area. Take maximum care so that all your flower plants can develop properly and of course they can bloom beautifully at the same time. These flowers that bloom simultaneously are ready to be made as the focal point of your garden, this combination of black pebbles and step pathway stones is very eye-catching. Mix of Various Colorful Flowers Garden from @gardenaddictz

Awesome garden with lots of flowers to create beautiful color combinations. Best of all, it can be your new place to relax all day. Apart from plants and flowers, the colors in this garden decoration can also be created from the use of paint which can be applied to the use of planters which can be hung on large tree parts. Also consider using these colorful planters with interesting patterns that will never go out of style, for example, geometric patterns with different color choices. Bicycle tires that are no longer used can also be hung on this tree along with a butterfly ornament as a more festive final touch. Colorful Geometric Pattern Planters from @creative_homes.and.gardens

2. Form

Designing a landscape garden design ideas is not just about putting plants in the ground. You need to create harmony in it. Plants come in different sizes. If you can play with the composition, your garden design would be diverse yet appealing. 

Look at a water fountain with a fairly large size, isn’t it ready to be used as a statement in your urban garden area? Yes, here you can plant line sections with various types of green plants and various types of flowers. Apart from producing splashes of water that can relax you, this water fountain is also ready to be used as a touch of urban style complete with several statues made of sturdy materials and can be placed at random. Stone edging adds texture to this garden decor instantly. You can try it to add a beautiful view and be ready to make it a new sight for everyone who visits your home. Water Fountain Statement with Different Plants from @gardencatgardens

You can apply the white tile deck that dominates this minimalist garden decoration to have a more modern look and of course it will never go out of style. Here you can use various types of green plants with a variety of different sizes. Here you can apply green plants neatly and regularly. You can use it as an edging too. Some towering trees make your garden area more shady. Just arrange everything neatly. This concrete bench that is repainted in white adds an elegant look, you can add a set of chairs and a table as an additional sitting area that you can try for a relaxing area with a beautiful outdoor atmosphere. Minimalist Deck with Greenery Plants from @decarahome

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3. Line

This element refers to the border where you arrange the plants. It can also be interpreted by creating a frame in which the plants and décor are organized.

Using various types of flowers that bloom beautifully can be used as a dividing line at this time, this would be a brilliant idea to try. Add pathway designs, flowers and leaves to attract attention. This blooming flower has a bold and bright color. Just combine purple, yellow, red and orange flower colors. All of these colors will blend perfectly and are ready to be used as the focal point of the room. At the end of this pathway, you can put a bench as a rest and relax area that is comfortable and can be used together with your loved ones. Blooming Flower Line Border Garden from @garden_.lovers

A charming landscaped garden with various elements bounded by soil and shrubs for your garden decoration. This creates a line to create a distinction and demarcate between the lawn and garden space. As much as possible you can use shrubs of the same size and shape so that they look neater and more elegant. This stone pathway with an elongated design has a touch of white that will blend in with the plants and garden lines currently in use. Towering trees make the garden around it more shady. Minimalist Shrub Line Border from @the_hedge_barber

4. Scale

In designing a garden landscape, you would deal with different sizes. Keeping the scale in mind would help you create a consistent proportion between one element and another. 

An easy way you can add a statement to your garden decor is to add an area of greenery as well as beautifully blooming flowers with a metal border. This is one of the beautiful views because it is equipped with a variety of colorful flowers. Here you can neatly cut parts of the bush so that it has a beautiful and attractive shape. Fresh green grass becomes a charming blend and you can take maximum care of it. This border line garden decoration is very suitable to be applied in large or limited backyard decorations. Metal Border Line Gardern Design from @hellogardenlover

The appearance of a curved pathway that looks modern and elegant is dominated by splashes of neutral colors, namely plain white. In this backyard garden decoration, you can combine it with a beautiful expanse of green grass. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add some outdoor furniture as a relaxing area that can be used together with family or friends who visit your home. Adjust the use of furniture with the style of the garden you use so that it blends perfectly. The edging can also be perfected with a blend of green plants and flowers that bloom beautifully. Curved Pathway for Minimalist Garden from @onlinegardendesigns

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5. Texture

Applying varied texture to the garden landscape would create perspective and depth. As a whole design, the garden would appear alive. This element is important especially if you want to make a garden that is not about planting but also aesthetic. 

The appearance of your garden will be more textured when you combine marble stone with gray gravel together in your garden decoration. Here you can apply both of them in the pathway section that is currently in use. Just choose both of them with almost the same neutral color to make it look more elegant and blend perfectly. Green plants can be added in this area, the recommended plants are cacti. This cactus is one of the choices of plants that are suitable for changing outdoor weather. Take care and organize everything to have a tidier look. Marble Stone with Gray Gravel Garden Decor from @lacasa___brook

Combine two to three different colors of pebbles to make an eye-catching garden decoration. Here you can combine white gravel with gray. In the middle you can insert fresh greenery or grass. Outdoor plants with a variety of colors and different types are an important part that you can apply simultaneously at a distance that is not too far away. The red brick pathway that is used adds color to your garden instantly, besides that its use also seems more natural and will never fail for any style garden decoration. Combined Gravel Textured Garden with Different Color from @japar3y

While there are rules to make the best landscape garden design ideas happen, sometimes it is not as easy as they say. There are overlapping elements that should be carefully planned. The right composition, a gardening skill, and a knowledge of the right elements would make your garden designing a success.

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