32 Adorable Handmade Tile Installment Designs with Modern Mid-Century Style

Mid-century design is one of the interior design terms of a room in a house that features designs in the 1950-s. This style has a simple design and natural color texture. The impression of the mid-century is always warm with bright stripes, patterns, and colors. Thus, the room has character and stands out. No wonder, if this Mid-century modern design is still sought after by many people. The mid-century concept is very suitable to be applied to the interior design of a house. Like the decoration of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Asymmetrical design with a mixture of natural or pastel colors makes every room look warm and pleasant. For example, here is a room decoration design with tile installments that look stand out.

Wood Texture

Mid-century design is a style that accentuates natural colors like wood brown or pastel color combinations. A case with the following ceramic tile installation ideas. Natural colors blend with the original color of teak wood in the kitchen set. The combination of natural colors gives an increasingly beautiful feel to the mid-century style. Extra natural elements that are highlighted with this ceramic tile design makes the room look warm and welcoming.

A mid-century family room design using wooden floors is the right decoration for you to try. You can also combine it with a wooden ceiling to add a warm impression to the space. Wooden floors from decoist

This mid-century modern kitchen decor with wooden floors and wooden kitchen island is perfect for you to use. Because your kitchen will create an impression and warm and comfortable. Mid-century modern kitchen decor from archziner

If you want to have a warm mid-century modern kitchen, you can use the wooden floors and wood accents on the walls for an interesting décor. Wood accents walls from archziner

For a kitchen that looks charming, you can combine wooden floors and pastel ceramic walls. Add a rug to have a mid-century modern living room look that looks fabulous. Wooden floors and rug from archziner

Play with Colors

The choice of the best colors of mid-century style is the key to beauty in mid-century design. The combination of pastel colors such as yellow mustard, turquoise beer, and olive green guides us into the modern mid-century style. Basic pastel white color makes a spacious kitchen. This handmade tile installation is the right decision to create a chic and homey mid-century feel. Soft palette colors decorate the room perfectly. If we want to carry the mid-century concept, then the color will be very important.

If you want to decorate a mid-century modern kitchen, you have to match the turquoise of the backsplash with white to make it look good. Turquoise backsplash from digsdigs

For a modern mid-century kitchen that looks bright during the day, you can use turquoise and white. Apart from that, pairing it with a wooden floor will create an attractive appearance. Turquoise and white from digsdigs

To get a modern mid-century kitchen that has a warm atmosphere, you can combine wood and olive green tones. In addition, you can also add lighting to make your kitchen look more elegant. Olive green tones from digsdigs

Using an olive green cabinet in a cabinet like this one is a great idea for your mid-century kitchen. In addition, white nuances will make your kitchen decor look spacious. Olive green cabinet from loverenovate

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Ombre Hexagon

The choice of pastel colors in displaying mid-century style room decoration is very important. Balanced elements and textures combine perfectly. To be safer, you can try neutral color combinations. So, you can easily combine any texture and pattern. As the installation of tiles in the hexagon-shaped entrance, kitchen, and bathroom below. The gradation of gray tile color combination is the perfect blend with funky tufted rugs. The dark wooden motifs of the ceramic motifs became brighter and girly. A combination of neutral colors like gray always displays a great elegant style.

The presence of ombre hexagon tiles at the door gives a different atmosphere. Use gray tiles and a runner rug for a dazzling look. Ombre hexagon tiles from mercurymosaics

Hexagon ombre tiles give a medieval living room a distinct look. A geometric patterned rug and wooden furniture will keep you comfortable in the room. Hexagon ombre tiles from thistlewoodfarms

Unique decor with hexagonal ombre bathroom wall tiles changes the look. Pair it with white subway tiles for the perfect contrast. Hexagonal ombre bathroom wall tiles from mercurymosaics

The green ombre hexagon tile backsplash was chosen to achieve a different look. This way it will create a focal point in your mid-century kitchen. Green ombre hexagon tile backsplash from livabl

This hexagon-shaped cement tile allows for creative installation. You can mount it on a mid-century kitchen backsplash for an eye-catching look. Hexagon shaped cement tile from livabl

Diamond Pattern

Although not many people realize that dressing up a kitchen with ceramic tiles has become a wonderful new look. Moreover, the kitchen design is dressed with mid-century style green tiles. Warm green shades show the room that blends with nature. In addition, the concept and sparkling texture on this tile make the room look timeless. The shiny green color in the mid-century tile design displays a more luxurious room even with simple furniture.

The mid-century design just got stronger with the blue diamond tile backsplash. With a white hue, it will make the room bright. Blue diamond tile backsplash from mercurymosaics

Diamond patterned tile floors give modern sophistication to a mid-century room. In this way, it makes your home decor even more attractive. Diamond patterned tile floors from mercurymosaics

This kitchen island with diamond patterned tiles gives a different look to mid-century kitchen designs. This way it will make your kitchen decor more attractive. Kitchen island with diamond patterned tiles from mercurymosaics

Green diamond pattern backsplash tile makes your kitchen look more attractive. Combining with white tones and wooden countertops makes your kitchen look perfect. Green diamond pattern backsplash tile from mercurymosaics

Mid-century kitchen decor with white diamond patterned tile backsplash and wooden cabinets creates the perfect contrast. With this decor creates the perfect contrast. White diamond patterned tile from mercurymosaics

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Focal Point

Sometimes, you feel confused by interesting unique decorations in your home. Mid-century design always has one corner. Either from the sofa, wall, or wall decoration. This time, the mid-century design focuses on installing warm handmade tiles. The combination of warm-tone natural colors is one of the most striking parts. Deliberately, the tile was installed on the back of the sofa as a warm background. The composition and concept of the honeycomb color increasingly stand out with the presence of several screen-printed bees in it.

This blue honeycomb tile wall will make a focal point in your mid century living room. Wood elements are added to get a natural impression on the space. Blue honeycomb tile from remodelaholic

For a different feel in a mid century bathroom, you can use honeycomb tiles in bold colors. With these tiles, you will also get a mid-century modern bathroom that looks simple. Mid century bathroom from decoist

Adding honeycomb backsplash tiles in a mid-century modern kitchen is a great idea. because with this tile you will have a kitchen that looks unique. Honeycomb backsplash from verityjayne

Applying honeycomb tiles on the backsplash creates a different look in a mid century kitchen. You can combine it with white tones to create a clean and spacious kitchen. White honeycomb tiles from verityjayne

One of the mid-century styles with honeycomb tiles on the bathroom wall creates an eye-catching decor. A double vanity and a mirror complete the decor. Honeycomb tile walls from decoratedlife

The honeycomb tile wall combination with wooden furniture will bring out the perfect mid-century bathroom design. Add flowers in a vase for a fun addition. Honeycomb tile wall with wooden furniture fromdecoratedlife

Mid-century dining room design with blue honeycomb tiles. Wooden dining table set furniture is a popular element in mid-century design. Mid-century dining room from royaldesignstudio

Vertical Lines

Then, it is a mid-century design with a vertical line. Vertical lines are a concept that is close to mid-century design. Vertical tile installation provides simple stability and height. Moreover, vertical structuring also has a unique and interesting philosophy. So, this concept is very suitable for mid-century designs that are simple and integrated with nature. The vertical design tends to display the facade of a higher room. Green is one of the favorite colors in mid-century designs that are very familiar with natural colors.

Vertical tiling provides stability and simple height. This vertical brown subway tile makes bathroom decoration more attractive. Vertical brown subway tile from msisurfaces

A vertical bathroom tile wall in green combined with white hues has the perfect contrast. vertical arrangement also has a unique and interesting philosophy. Green vertical bathroom tile from mercurymosaics

The next mid-century design with vertical tiling in green accentuates a concept that is at one with nature. Pair it with a white vanity and white tile floor for a dazzling look. Vertical tiling in green from hadleycourt

The use of vertical tiles on your backsplash is highly recommended for you to apply because it can create the illusion of higher space. Vertical tiles from msisurfaces

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Greenery Attachment

Furthermore, Mid-century design not only focuses on the natural green color. But you can also add some green plants in it. If you are a plant lover you will be very grateful for it. And then, you will be amazed by the following mid-century handmade tile concept. This creative tile design is very unique. The addition of several leaves attached between the tiles is a very creative idea. Special tile planters provide space for those of you who like plants. So you can create an amazingly beautiful room.

If you are a plant lover, you will be very grateful for it. Placing greenery in ceramic pots was a great addition to any medieval home. Ceramic pots from decoist

Decorate the room by adding plants in a ceramic pot to give the room a natural touch. So you can get an indoor planter. Plants ceramic pot from home-designing

Indoor plants create a natural touch. You can add some plants in ceramic pots for a more attractive mid-century living room design. Indoor plants from thebudgetdecorator

The concept of a mid century living room with a natural touch will let fresh air enter the space. Add greenery with white ceramic pots and you can put them on the stool. White ceramic pots from nowrevolutionbook

Luxury of Gold

Black handmade tiles and gold accents are the ideal matches. From this, we can conclude that gold is the key color of mid-century designs. Besides the golden texture, this room is completed with the best lighting. So, the gold color is increasingly bright. This black artificial tile is very suitable to be combined with other mid-century furniture. Moreover, the furniture in this room is almost entirely nuanced of gold. In conclusion, this is a fact that this mid-century design will always be attractive and durable.

A touch of gold accents on the furniture will add a luxurious impression to a mid-century living room. Pair it with black tile floors for the perfect design. Gold accents furniture from maisonvalentina

Glossy black wall tiles and a touch of gold add a luxurious feel to a mid-century bathroom. This gold mirror and gold faucet create an interesting look into the space. Gold mirror and gold faucet from maisonvalentina


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