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20 Creative Design Ideas for a Gorgeous Tiny House

It does not mean that you cannot make a tiny house feel more comfortable or even look chic. As this…

Not everyone is rich enough to buy a big house, especially when property prices go up highly from year to year. However, it does not mean that you cannot make a tiny house feel more comfortable or even look chic. As this issue came to our mind, we have gathered these amazing ideas for you to consider. 

Paint Your Wall with Bright Colors

If you look for the best tiny house design ideas, then the first thing to note is the selection of your wall color. The darker ones will make your tiny space seem more cramped. Conversely, the use of bright hues, such as aqua blue, light gray, beige, or lime green, can bring the impression of bright and airy into the room.

The small house design will look more spacious and memorable if you use the right and correct wall paint. Avoid using dark colors, where white and navy blue is one of the best ideas that can give a bright impression. White and navy blue from bostonglobe.

To make the design of a small house look more beautiful, use wall paint with bright colors, such as white. You can apply it to the pallet walls of your home. Wall paint with bright colors from treehugger.

The combination of light gray and white is also the best choice you can try to paint the walls of your little house. Bright colors will help your house look more spacious and clean. Light gray and white from tinyliving.

The use of white color creates the impression of your tiny house. Pair it with wooden floors for a warm impression at night. White color tiny house from involvery.

White nuances combined with blue cabinets will create a spacious impression in your small house. Pair it with wooden floors for a warm decor. White nuances with blue cabinets from idesignarch.

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Try Carrying the Concept of “Less is More”

The concept of “Less is more” is the epitome of minimalist design, which is very suitable for scaling up your tiny space look. It was originally conceived by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a pioneer of modern architecture. His concept regards simplicity as the best way of improving a modern house design. For example, instead of showcasing your all precious wine glass collection, merely display some of it as decoration. Or even doing as simple as you can to get a spacious vibe.

Placing the bedroom above the living room will save space and make your tiny house look spacious. You can combine it with shades of white and hardwood floors for a warm impression at night. Bedroom above the living room from sumcoco.

Beautifying the appearance of a tiny house with a simple design will make the room look spacious and airy. The bed above the living room is a great idea to save space in your home. Tiny house decoration from sumcoco.

Placing the bedroom above the kitchen will make your home decor look minimalist and spacious. You can complement it with a little greenery to refresh the atmosphere. Bedroom above the kitchen from sumcoco.

The idea of designing a small house with white nuances and wooden floors will create a warm and airy impression. You can apply the bed above the kitchen to maximize the space of a small house. Tiny house with bed above the kitchen from sumcoco.

Create a Multifunctional Room

For those of you who struggle to provide more space for your petite house, creating a multifunctional room would be a brilliant idea. That is why many house designers now brazenly consolidate rooms with contrast functions. Like for example, some designers may put a bathtub in a bedroom or right next to the living room. However, if you feel that this design choice is too “extreme”, install a small partial wall between the two rooms. Or you can design your living room or your bedroom side by side with the kitchen.

Combining a dining room with a kitchen in a small house decor will create an attractive appearance for you to try so that it will create a spacious and airy room. Dining room and kitchen combo from decoraid.

A small, multifunctional house by combining a kitchen and a bedroom is a suitable idea for you to try. You don’t need to add bulkheads so it will create a large room. Multifunctional kitchen and bedroom from decoraid.

The idea of combining the kitchen and living room in a small house is suitable for you to try. Pair it with white tones, wooden floors, and some other furniture to complete the décor. Kitchen and living room combo from lushome.club.

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Include Glass Facade in Your Design

The glass facade would also be a great element to include in your tiny house design plan. The reason is that it can provide natural lighting so that your tiny space looks bigger.

Although simple, this tiny house looks gorgeous and airy with a blue exterior color scheme complemented by glass facade ideas. The glass will allow the sunlight to come into your house and get a bright nuance along the day. Glass facade from livabl.

Combining the glass facade with the wooden material is such a great idea especially with the neutral brown wood color that will add a spacious impression aside from the glass facade itself. Glass facade with brown wood color from livabl.

Decorating a tiny house by adding a glass facade will give the illusion of space to the room. So that it will let sunlight in by itself. Glass facade tiny house from livabl.

Choosing a glass facade will create the illusion of space in a tiny house. You can try this method to get some sunlight and mix it with a wooden palette for a natural touch. Glass facade with wooden palette from sacurrent.

Using large glass will make your tiny home decor look airy and airy. Combining it with white tones and a wooden palette will make the appearance even more stylish. Large glass with white tones from inhabitat.

The combination of a large glass facade and white nuances will make your tiny house look spacious. You must try this method to get a natural impression of the room. Large glass facade from mymodernmet.

The glass facade can provide natural lighting so that your tiny space appears larger. Pair it with white nuances and a little greenery to add a natural feel to the house. White nuances and greenery from bigfreedomtinyhomes.

Here, the application of the glass facade paired with the white exterior color scheme will create the perfect incorporation of the natural lighting into your tiny house to make the room looks bigger. White exterior color scheme from tinyhousetown.

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Try following these ideas to save more space in your petite house!

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