24 Things You Have to Provide for Your Proper RV Decoration

Recreational vehicle or known as RV is a motor vehicle that includes living quarters designed for accommodation. For a more comfy RV, it must be decorated as well as a house where you get both coziness and happiness at once. Because the RV’s space is not as large as a house, you must take it efficient, functional, and maximal. Generally, an RV has a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping facilities. Furthermore, a luxurious RV is usually completed with air conditioning (AC), water heaters, televisions and satellite receptors, and quartz countertops. Well, to inspire you on managing the space and setting up your RV decor, the gallery below will present you with some tips.


Your daily activities cannot be separated from the kitchen. You do lots of activities there, like cooking, preparing food, or having meals. In an RV, you need to maximize the minimal space so that your RV looks great and well-organized. To deal with limited space in the kitchen, you can consider the empty wall. Every empty wall will be the functional RV kitchen storage. Have a floating shelf and cabinet, wall magnetic knife holder, and some drawers to organize your stuff. The drawers will help you in sorting the stuff based on the categories or functions.

Adding additional storage on an empty wall you can try to maximize space. Attach the hook for easy storage of your cup. Hook storage from harvesthosts

RV kitchen storage using metal baskets against bare walls. You can keep your fruit neat and simple, but still useful. Metal baskets from magzhouse

Additional RV storage with open shelves is especially helpful during long trips. Keep some of your cooking equipment in there for a neat RV look. RV storage with open shelves from magzhouse


In decorating your RV bedroom, choose two or three colors as the dominants and use them consistently. It is just like what you do in your home. Also, they will create a mood and impression so that your house on wheels looks stylish and impressive. Throw blankets and accents pillows can be the next considerations. To make a statement, you may mix some patterns like polka dots, stripes, and plaid at once. They will enhance your bedroom look.

To make your RV bedroom look more modern, you can use striped pillows to make your RV look simple yet attractive. Striped pillows from thegoodluckduck

The RV bedroom with checkered black and white bed linen adds a great look to the RV decor. Pair it with white cushions and white curtains for a maximum look. Checkered black and white bed linen from tidbits-cami

This purple polka dot bed adds a punch to this RV decor. Pair it with patterned pillows in stripes and floral for a more flawless look. Purple polka dot bed from dexorate

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Cozy Corner

One spot that you cannot forget for your RV is a corner where you can get relaxed and enjoy your spare time during the trip. Make a cozy corner with a simple design. Get a sofa or couches with cushions for a more comfy seating area. You can do some activities in this corner like reading books, listening to music, or enjoying your wine. Don’t forget to pay attention to lighting for this corner because it is an important aspect of a reading nook.

Adding a sofa in the corner of the RV is a great idea to kill time on the go. Complete the look with a pillow that has a bold pattern of colors for a unique design. Sofa beige from decorits

This RV corner design has a cozy and bright feel. Adding a sofa complete with pillows and install the right lighting fixture will bring a relaxed feel during the trip. RV corner design from decorits

Adding a sofa in the corner of the RV will create a comfortable reading space during a long trip. Add patterned sheets and a few pillows for an eye-catching look. RV corner sofa from decorits


For an RV, curtains are very important and essential. First, curtains make your RV get darker especially when you go traveling in summer. In addition, curtains exactly help keep more of the direct sun out of the RV and quickly noticed a difference in the temperature inside the RV. Besides, to keep your privacy in the RV, the curtains are the right idea to choose. If you want to put some decorative accents, take patterned curtains with colorful patterns.

Decorating the RV by adding star-patterned blue curtains complete with lace will prevent a lot of direct sunlight from entering the RV. Your RV decor will be more comfortable and attractive at the same time. Star-patterned blue curtain from smartrvcamper

Maintaining your privacy in the RV with an additional curtain is highly recommended. You can choose the tropical patterned curtain to get a fresh look. Tropical patterned curtains from smartrvcamper

Combining pastel curtains with a polka-dotted pattern in pink tones will create the perfect décor in your RV. This idea is useful for preventing more direct sunlight from entering the RV and make your RV looks cheerful. Curtains with polka-dotted pattern from smartrvcamper

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Like in a house, lighting in your RV must be considered well. Find the best lighting ideas which are ideal and appropriate because you have to out of the road. Also, in doing your traveling, you must save much power. Thus, the right lighting will help you more. Make sure you examine the space you need to install the light and decide the light color. You may prefer to use LED lighting because it is more efficient, cheaper, and last longer.

This is one of the most common ways to use LED lighting. Mount on the RV ceiling for dramatic lighting. LED lighting from smartrvcamper

Using LED lighting will light up your RV. When the LED light is on, it will create a dramatic impression into the room. Rv Ceiling Lights from smartrvcamper

LED lights create a comfortable foundation for the indoor area which is very helpful, relatively cheap, and will shine brighter with less energy use. Recessed LED lamp from smartrvcamper


As we discussed before that in an RV we must optimize the minimal space. Especially in the bathroom, you will need more storage to make it well-organized and sleek. Surely you had better have a shower rather than a bathtub. It will save your space more. Then, pick some functional storages like shower caddies, a basket hung on a cabinet door, or a shower curtain with a pocket.

Using a shower curtain with a pocket for an RV is a brilliant idea. You can store your toiletries neatly without requiring a lot of space in your RV. Shower curtain with pocket from ourtravelingtribe

If you want to travel long distances in an RV, you will need to prepare a shower caddy to store your toiletries. You can choose the shower caddy that can be installed at the corner so it can save space and make your RV bathroom look tidy. Shower caddy from rvinspiration

Using a fabric basket hung behind the door to store toiletries in an RV is a perfect idea to be applied. You can store your many kinds of toiletries there and get a neat look. You can also combine the storage with a shower caddy for the extra storage in your RV bathroom. Fabric basket storage from rvinspiration

Effective Storage

Traveling with an RV does not mean you cannot get tidy. Your RV can stay tidy though it is small. Get some tips on right and functional storage for your stuff. The thing you must do is that just pick the most commonly used stuff. First, the free-standing drawer can be your alternative. Though it is pricey, it gets your storage ideas more practical. Second, use storage bins in your RV shelves. You can use them in cupboards or drawers and label them to ease you organize the stuff.

Using a standing cabinet to store clothes in an RV like the one in the picture above is perfect idea. The vertical shape of the cabinet will save space and provide enough storage for your RV. Storage stand from countryliving

A shower organizer with a standing cabinet and placed in the RV bathroom is a great idea. With this storage, you will not be disturbed when doing any activity in the RV. Standing cabinet from cluedecor

If you want to travel with your RV, you will need to set up spice storage in your kitchen cabinet. Using a wire mesh will make your seasonings look neat. Spice storage from rvinspiration

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Folding Furniture

The last thing we will discuss is about having RV folding furniture to save space. RV furniture does not always have to be expensive, though. Some foldable furniture is adorable for your RV because you can fold them after using them. For instance, use a lift coffee table with drawers. Furthermore, this coffee table can make a wonderful desk. You may also use it for eating and get rid of the need for a dining table or dinette booth. Isn’t it interesting and amazing?

To make the spacious and comfortable RV design, you can add a folding dining table. You will save more space because it can be folded back after use. White folding dining table from homewil

An RV with a folding table will give your RV a spacious and tidy look, creating an exciting RV design. Folding table from harvesthosts

Decorating the RV to make it look spacious can be added to a folding dining table. With this idea, you can have a neat and spacious RV. Folding dining table from harvesthosts

Those are some ideas that must-have in your RV to create coziness, functional, and practical RV design during your trip. Try it now and hopefully it can help you to get a memorable RV trip.


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