30 Colors Scheme Ideas for Your Living Room

Soft, bright, deep, dark, which one do you need for your living room? Choosing the right living room color scheme defines your character. The choice of color schemes in the living room can be adjusted and combined with selected furniture.

Contemporary Color Scheme

The first living room color scheme that can be used in your living room is contemporary colors. It is using only one type of color. Pale and neutral colors like white, black, and gray are one of them. You can use it in all parts of the room, like walls, roofs, and even wooden parts.

So that your living room feels warm, you can use colors like the picture above. Using black and soft gray, this living room will look so calm and comfortable. Black and soft gray from home-designing.

With the black color scheme applied to furniture and walls, the contemporary style can be very visible, especially with the design of the chandelier which is used both for decoration and lighting, of course. Black color scheme from home-designing

A contemporary living room that uses white is a brilliant idea to provide calm and spaciousness. Combined with a dark gray on one wall for a contrasting look. White color scheme from home-designing.

This time, gray was applied to this contemporary living room. It has gray tones that vary from light to dark which is a really nice combination. Gray contemporary living room from home-designing.

Use white and gray color combinations for a color scheme to match your contemporary living room. With this color combination, the living room will have a calm and comfortable impression. White and gray color scheme from home-designing.

The contemporary living room uses a gray color scheme and hardwood floors for a warm and cozy feel. Complement the décor with matching color furniture for the perfect look. Gray color scheme and hardwood floors from wowhomy.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

The monochromatic color scheme can be the next inspiration to decorate your living room. It is using one color shades, tones, and tints of the same color.

You can see how a living room with a monochromatic color scheme can create an eye-catching look. You can try them out now for the perfect home look. Living room with a monochromatic from home-designing.

You can even apply pretty colors to your living room like monochromatic shades in white and black colors. Can be denied that those colors are able to bring a minimalist look but stand out. White and black living room from home-designing.

One way to make the bathroom color scheme more relaxed, you can use this color combination that is black and white. Besides being able to make your living room more relaxed, this black and white color combination will make your room even more modern. Black and white furniture from home-designing.

The use of a black and white color scheme in a monochrome living room is perfect for you to use because with this color scheme your living room will look brighter and cleaner. Black sofa and rug from housely.

Choosing white for the walls and black for the sofa is a great idea for the living room color. With this color scheme, your living room will serve as minimalist home decor. Black and white striped carpet from housely.

If you don’t want to use white for the whole living room color scheme, you can combine it with black furniture and a fireplace. As in the picture above, using a monochromatic scheme will make your living room look elegant and cheerful. Black furniture and fireplace from decoist.

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Modern Rustic Color Scheme

The next living room color scheme is modern rustic color schemes that suitable for those of you who want a natural design. It is inspired by nature, so it is dominated by the color of the soil and the wood.

With all the modern furniture applied, this modern rustic living room has a rustic touch of wood walls and ceiling. The coffee table is not only rustic but also artistic with its design. Modern rustic living room from blog.canadianloghomes.

This living room might have a strong rustic impression from all of the wood and stone materials applied. Hence, it has a modern character from the sofa, chairs, and lamp design. Wood and stone materials from countryliving.

White nuances is a color that is suitable for you to use in your family room to create a clean look. You can combine a natural touch with hardwood floors and burlap rugs. White nuances modern rustic living room from countryliving.

Decorating a rustic living room with wooden walls and a ceiling is a brilliant idea. With these colors, your living room will look warm. Wooden walls and ceiling from blog.canadianloghomes.

One way to make your living room look more attractive, you can use white decorations and a wooden table like the one in the picture above. Using a white color scheme and a rug will make your living room look perfect. White color scheme and a rug from blog.canadianloghomes.

Wooden material and a white color scheme are great for creating a natural feel to a room. Complete the decor with a large fireplace for a warm impression. Wooden living room from blog.canadianloghomes.

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Mid Century Color Scheme

The modern mid-century color scheme is popular for its simple and clean lines. The choices of mid-century color schemes are orange and brown, teal, brown, and white, or pink and brown.

Orange color can be your choice if you love something cheerful and bright. Then, to calm down the color, you can apply the wood material with its brown natural color. Orange color from timesofsandiego.

White color looks very cheerful and fresh for your mid-century living room especially it combined with pink and brown colors. Choose this color scheme so that your living room looks spacious. White color mid-century living room from hgtv.

The white nuances paired with the blue sofa and hardwood floors are perfect for adding extra comfort. It can bring a relaxed feeling in medieval times. White nuances with blue sofa from hgtv.

Applying teal and mustard wood chairs in a medieval living room is a brilliant idea that you can try. With this color scheme, your room will look warmer. Teal and mustard wood chairs from hgtv.

Using pink in a medieval living room is a must-try. Combining with green chairs and blue sofas will add comfort when in the room. Pink mid-Century living room from donpedrobrooklyn.

One way to make your living room look good, you can apply a color scheme like the picture above. Using brown tones for the brown leather sofa and hardwood floors create a warm and inviting impression. Brown tones from donpedrobrooklyn.

Boho Color Scheme

You can use any color for boho color scheme; it has no certain rules. However, warm earthy colors are mostly used in boho color scheme. Choose greens, grays, or deep browns for base colors, and then complement with fiery orange, electric blue, or saturated purple.

Using brown for the living room walls and a touch of red for the carpet is a great idea. Because with this color combination your bohemian living room will look attractive. Brown boho living room from dexorate.

Choose a dark gray color scheme to make a bohemian living room color combination the perfect décor. Adding a wooden chair with red stripe pattern cushions adds style to the room. Dark gray color scheme from dexorate.

A suitable color for you to use in a bohemian living room is shades of light gray. Using a patterned red carpet and some patterned pillows will make your living room look elegant and not boring. Bohemian living room from home-designing.

Even though it has a bright color, this green-nuanced living room gives a fresh feel. Complement the decor with some furniture in green color too and greenery to create a fresh feel. Green-nuanced living room from loveproperty.

Applying warm colors in the living room such as green is the right choice for you to use. Besides being able to give a warm atmosphere to the room, this color can also make your boho living room more attractive. Warm colors living room from housebeautiful.

Look at how calming yet pretty this living room with its additional varied colors touches in Boho color scheme style. Choose this one if you love something simple. Green boho color scheme from airtasker.

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Those are living room color scheme ideas that you could try at home. You can pick one that suitable with your character and style.

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