28 Your Must-Know Do’s & Don’ts in Re-designing Your Living Room

Re-designing your living room can be a fun project to embark on. You can rejuvenate the overall look and feel by simply re-arranging stuff, or completely taking it all out. Put everything up on a garage sale, and get yourself some new items to totally revamp your place. Nonetheless, you shall always keep these do’s and don’ts in mind.

1. Go for a bigger carpet

Your carpet should be larger than your whole furniture area. Or, at least the front legs of your larger sofa or wing chairs should be on the carpet. To have all sofas and chairs with no carpet underneath is a critical mistake in the living room design.

The carpet will provide warmth in your living room so that it feels more comfortable. Choose a carpet that is bigger than your sofa and coffee table. Bigger carpet from realtor.

living room decor with a carpet will look more perfect. Make sure your carpet can accommodate furniture in your living room so that it will look better. Living room decor with carpet from realtor.

The living room with the addition of a large carpet under the furniture adds a warm and cozy impression. Using a cream color you can mix it with a neutral sofa. Beige carpet from realtor.

You can attach a large dark rug to your living room. Place it under sofas and chairs for a cozy living room decor. Large dark rug from realtor.

2. Place your sofa against an object

A sofa ‘floating’ in the middle of the living room is a definite no. You should either put your sofa against the wall or at least have a console table against it.

You must place your furniture precisely so that your living room will look perfect. You must put the sofa on the wall so that your living room will look relieved and orderly. White sofa in living room from thespruce.

Decorating the living room with a sofa on the wall looks simple and very appropriate. Because it will give the impression of a neater and more comfortable living room. Living room with sofa on the wall from idealhome.

Placing the sofa against the wall creates a spacious and airy living room decor. You can pair it with a large ottoman that doubles as a coffee table. White sofa from idealhome.

The sofa idea attached to the wall will create a spacious room so it is suitable for you to apply it to a minimalist living room. An old chest coffee table was added to complete the decor. Sofa attached to the wall from idealhome.

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3. Have a side table on your sofa’s side

Always have a side table on one of your sofa’s sides. Never leave both sides barren. Add a table lamp if you wish.

Using a wooden side table will create a rustic impression in your living room. Adding a wicker basket for extra storage will keep your living room in order. Wooden side table from ballarddesigns.

Try to complete the design of your living room by adding a side table on the side of your sofa so that your living room will look more complete. Side table from ballarddesigns.

Having a side table on the side of the sofa will look more attractive for your living room decorating ideas. You can put a vase there so that it will give freshness to your living room. Side table with vase from ballarddesigns.

A side table complete with storage will make your living room decor look neat. Adding a sculpted vase of flowers will be the focal point of the room. Side table with storage from ballarddesigns.

4. Choose the right coffee table

A coffee table should have half of your sofa’s length. Its height, on the other hand, should be within 4” lower or higher than your sofa. Don’t use a table that is too big or too small, nor too high or too low.

Using an old coffin coffee table half the length of the sofa will make a different look in the living room. Pair it with a brick wall so that the room becomes a focal point. Crate coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

A simple living room design with a coffee table that is half the length of your sofa looks perfect. Use a coffee table that has more height than your sofa so that it will look better. Wooden coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

A sofa half-length wooden coffee table is perfect for you to try in a mid-century living room. Complete the decor with a brown leather sofa and patterned rugs for an eye-catching look. Sofa half-length wooden coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

Living room decorating ideas with contemporary coffee table half-length sofa and underside give the perfect look. You can combine it with some bohemian ornaments to complete the décor. Contemporary coffee table from apartmenttherapy.

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5. Pick and choose your décor

Displaying all nice decorations in your living room doesn’t necessarily make it good to look at. Too much décor doesn’t appeal to the eyes. Instead, display wisely. Be selective!

Adding wall decoration will make your living room look more beautiful. You can add 3 pictures in the frame on your wall and not add other ornaments so that it will look more simple. 3 pictures frame from barbdelollis.

A simple living room decoration with a framed wall decoration will make your appearance even more attractive. Adding a sofa complete with a coffee table and a vase of flowers will create the perfect living room. Framed wall decoration from barbdelollis.

Adding framed wall decorations will create a focal point in the room. Pairing with wood furniture and dark sofas will create an eye-catching look. Framed wall ornament from barbdelollis.

Choosing a minimalist living room will make your room look spacious and airy. Pair only a gray sofa and a coffee table. You can also add wall hangings for an interesting decoration. Minimalist living room from barbdelollis.

6. Use just enough throw pillows

Don’t go overboard with the number of throw pillows. You still need all your guests to sit comfortably without having to shift some of the pillows around.

To make your guests feel comfortable sitting on your living room sofa, do not put too many pillows there. Simply add two or three pillows just so that it will leave enough room for movement. Three pillows from divesanddollar.

Applying four cushions to the sofa will make your guests comfortable sitting without having to move them. You can combine it with other ornaments and a little greenery to complete the décor. Sitting area with pillows from divesanddollar.

A Scandinavian living room complete with a sofa and a few cushions will make your guests comfortable. The use of round and square pillows complements the bohemian living room decor. Round and square cushions from divesanddollar.

Don’t add too many pillows to the living room sofa. Simply applying two feather pillows will make your guests feel at home so there is no need to move them. Two feather pillows from divesanddollar.

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7. Hang things just at the right heights

In your living room, wall arts should be hung on eye level. Never too high. Additionally, a chandelier should be lighting the room and not the ceiling. So, don’t hang them too high as well.

Adding wall decoration will make your living room look more alive. You should place the wall decoration in a position that is not too high and not too low too, so it will look attractive. wall decoration from dhoumm.

The idea of decorating a living room by adding wall art that hangs not too high is a good idea for you to try. Place it on your sofa to create an attractive focal point. Wall art from dhoumm.

Installing two large wall hangings just above the sofa will provide the perfect focal point. Adding a table lamp next to the sofa will create the right lighting. Two large walls from dhoumm.

This green mural adds to the appeal of your guests. In addition, the right lighting adds to the appeal of the room decor. Green mural from dhoumm.

Those are some of the basic dos and don’ts you need to pay attention to when re-designing your living room. Have fun re-designing your space!


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