50 What to Have for Your Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian or Boho style is the kind of style that highlights an eccentric yet unique look. It introduces you to a strong accent and detailed as well as the freedom of creativity.

Combinations of colors and patterns are seen a lot it piqued a lot of people’s interest. The authentic and aesthetic look has attracted and inspired many interior designers.

Having a Bohemian bedroom will turn your bedroom into the most engaging one and accompany your relaxation time perfectly. Here are the things you must have if you want the best Bohemian style for your bedroom.

1. Mandala Tapestry

Instead of wallpaper, use a tapestry to highlight the Bohemian look. It has beautiful detail and concentric circles that radiate the feeling of a carefree and free spirit. Plus, it is more efficient to hang a mandala tapestry rather than painting a wallpaper.

Mandala tapestry with fairy light from blog.royalfurnish

Galaxy color tapestry from blog.royalfurnish

Colorful mandala tapestry from blog.royalfurnish

Polk pattern mandala tapestry from blog.royalfurnish

Blue and red tapestry from blog.royalfurnish

Blue tapestry from blog.royalfurnish

Yellow and orange tapestry from hippiebohostyle

Kilim pattern mandala tapestry rug from blog.royalfurnish

Black and white tapestry from acnnhome

Red tapestry with polk pattern from acnnhome

Turquoise paisley pattern tapestry from designideasguide

Double corner tapestry from designideasguide

Elephant pattern tapestry from designideasguide

2. Tumbler Light

A Tumbler light gives different lighting than the regular one. It can be a substitute for your night lamp and cost electricity less. A warm white tone for the lamp is better than the other to perfect the Bohemian look.

Tumbler floor light from decoomo

Wall decoration with tumbler light from decoomo

Hanging tumbler light from homedit

Tumbler light headboard from trendecors

White tumbler light from trendecors

Tumbler light with polaroid photo from poshpennies

Tumbler light with macrame from trendecors

Wall tumbler light from decoholic

Tumbler light with bed canopy white sheer from decoholic

Tumbler light with white sheer from decoholic

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3. Sheer Curtain

When in the daylight, a sheer curtain maximizes natural light because they are lighter than other drapes. It also costs less than other curtains. You can choose the sheer curtain that has some accents, such as pom-pom and tassels to get an attractive look. Or you can choose a plain curtain to keep it simple but over a coziness to your bohemian bedroom decor.

White sheer curtain from decoholic

White sheer curtain with white window from decoholic

Plain sheer curtain from designideasguide

White sheer curtain with macrame from designideasguide.

Light white sheer curtains from designideasguide

Long white sheer curtain from designideasguide.

Long white sheer curtain from designideasguide

4. Dream Catcher

Traditionally used a talisman, dream catcher will complete the authentic look of the Bohemian style. Nowadays, people have it hung on the wall as an additional decoration. It has a unique design with a deep meaning behind it. You can hang it on the wall, near the bedpost or lampshade of your bedroom.

Dream catcher with feathers from hobbylesson

Black dream catcher from hobbylesson

Dream catcher with lamp from homelizm.

Large dream catcher from boredart

Dream catcher with peacock feathers from boredart

Small dream catcher from boredart

Dream catcher in headboard from boredart

Dream catcher with tassel from boredart

Small dream catcher from boredart.

Large dream catcher with feathers from boredart

5. Patterned Rug

Have a patterned rug as your bedroom flooring to match other items. It is better to have the one with earth tones and unique details. Not only it embraces the Bohemian look, but a rug also benefits you to decrease the noise in your space. Moreover, it is a lot softer than other floorings such as tiled or hardwood.

Geometric running carpet from designideasguide

Bohemian carpet with kilim pattern from designideasguide

White fleece rug with geometric pattern from designideasguide

Tribal rug from designideasguide

Pop of color bohemian rug from designideasguide

Bohemian patterned rug from designideasguide

Bohemian carpet with trellis pattern from homedit

Pink tribal rug from designideasguide

Patterned round black carpet from diys

Colorful bohemian carpet from renoguide

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Let’s design your Bohemian bedroom and perfect the look by having those things above!


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