25 Exquisite Home Office Makeover Ideas That Will Blow Everyone’s Mind

Feeling unsatisfied, stressed, or not perform well in your current workplace? Why don’t you redecorate it and turn it into a more inspiring and friendly working area that will drive your creativity and improve your work performance? Keep reading. This article will uncover the most exquisite home office makeover ideas to help you build and update your own stunning workspace. Let’s find out! 


Play with Fresh Colors

Start your home office makeover by altering its overall look with new paint colors. If you want a peaceful and relaxing room atmosphere to reduce stress, colors like blue, green, violet, yellow, pink, and tan can do wonder. Meanwhile, some light and pastel colors—such as white, pistachio, gray, blush, and black—will make your room feel larger.

Yellow is used in this funky office space. Soothing yellows and wood tones are a great choice for a busy home office. Yellow home office from hongkiat.

Pink and white colors with some furniture add an interesting touch to this home office. Don’t be afraid to mix functional items like lamps with some wall decorations. Pink and white colors from designtrends.

The green home office decor makes the office feel cozy and relaxed. Pair it with wooden floors and some other furniture to complete the décor. Green home office decor from designtrends.

Proven colors can be used to energize a room. Bright yellow and white stripes give this home office space a fresh and fun twist. Bright yellows and whites from designtrends.

Choosing a brown color for your home office decorating idea will look peaceful and relaxing. You can apply some wooden furniture to make it look perfect. Brown color home office from designtrends.

A home office decor in a greenish tone can give off a peaceful and relaxing vibe. The pink chair and green ottoman will be the focal point of the room. Greenish tone from designtrends.

To make a home office feel warm, you can use brown as the main color scheme. Pair it with sconce lamps and wall hangings for a chic feel. Brown color scheme from designtrends.

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Be Creative with Storage Cubes

Consider replacing your current storage with individual or modular cubbies. What’s great is, you can play with different cube sizes, styles, and colors—allowing you to craft unique and stylish storage that grabs everyone’s eye. You’ll also have the liberty to display the cubes to your liking—whether you’ll simply stack them on the floor or mount them on the wall, the possibility is endless.     

The storage cubes will make the perfect storage area in the headquarters. You can put it on the wall to make it look neat. Wall storage cubes from digsdigs.

Smart layout in the workspace with cube storage shelves beside integrated tables to maximize space and storage of goods. Storage cubes with a grid pattern from housebeautiful.

To give space in your home office you can add blue and white cube storage. You can place it on the wall for a simple and practical storage idea. Blue and white cube storage from idealhome.

Storage cubes won’t take up much space in your home office so your space is kid-friendly and still looks neat. Storage cubes from homedit.

Cover up the Floor with Beautiful Area Rugs

Another simple home office makeover idea is to add area rugs as decorative elements for the floor. The best thing is, rugs come with a variety of styles and patterns—from traditional, modern, contemporary, or rustic—so you can use them to emphasize your existing workplace style or maximize them to switch your room style in a breeze. 

Creating a different atmosphere with a green carpet color will bring out a warm atmosphere. You can combine it with other wood frunitur. Green carpet color from nimvo.

Choose a light rug in the workspace that you can mix with classic wood furniture. In this way it will give the room a luxurious look. Light rug from nimvo.

First, the beauty of a home office is reinforced with a rug with animal patterns. Add a jute rug for warmth in the room. Rug with animal patterns from nimvo.

A jute rug is perfect for a country workspace. Pair it with some wooden furniture for an eye-catching look. Jute rug from nimvo.

To create a room with more character. The soft turquoise rug pattern fits perfectly into the feel of your home office. Soft turquoise rug pattern from nimvo.

Animal patterned carpet designs for home office decor give a warm and stylish impression. You can place it under your office table for the perfect look. Animal patterned carpet from nimvo.

In different ways, rugs make a beautiful decoration in your home office. Black and white geometric patterns will enhance the look. Black and white geometric patterns from nimvo.

The color harmony creates a warm and calming atmosphere in the room. The combination of jute rugs is perfect for you to apply in your home office. Home office with jute rug from nimvo.

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Update Your Furniture

You should also pay attention to your office furniture when doing a makeover. If you want to get a fresh office focal point, you may replace your old furniture with the one that has a better design and features. However, repainting is the perfect choice for those who prefer a home office makeover on a budget. 

Paying attention to office furniture when doing a home office makeover is a brilliant idea for you to try. Repainting is the perfect choice for those who prefer a home office makeover on a budget. Repainting floating table from mydecorative.

Updating the floating office table furniture is an idea that you should try. Combining with a bookshelf will make the room decor more tidy and attractive. Floating office table from mydecorative.

Redecorating your table by repainting creates the perfect décor. Adding a chair with a soft back will make your workspace comfortable. Repainting table from remodelaholic.

Creating a comfortable workspace decor by updating furniture is the perfect choice. Adding storage to the table will create a neat room decor. Table with storage from remodelaholic.

This home office has vintage furniture that will support your productivity at home. By repainting all the furniture in a new color, it will feel like you are in a new workspace too. Vintage home office from remodelaholic.

This home office creates a spacious and clutter-free space that only has one important feature: a work desk integrated with storage and a comfortable leather chair. Blue desk home office from apartmenttherapy.

Now that you know a couple of perfect home office makeover ideas, are you ready to try them out to your working area?

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