The Power of Color: 24 Ideas for Brown Living Room

A brown living room takes the power of brown color into play, but you don’t have to go all brown for this! There are a lot of elements, furniture, and accessories to add to complement the whole look further, considering how versatile the color is. Greet your dream room with our brown living room ideas below.

1. Striped Pillow Cushions

Give not one but two splashes of colors without overpowering the all-brown vibe with cute striped pillow cushions in your favorite colors and patterns! You get the options of buying it ready or make one of your own with easy-to-find resources.

Give a striped pillow in your brown living room to give a different atmosphere. This striped pillow can give a splash color in your room. Striped pillow in brown living room from housely.

One way to make your brown living room attractive, you can provide patterned pillows, especially striped pillows on your sofa. With a touch of this pattern, your brown living room will have a rich pattern. Brown striped pillow from housely.

Providing a striped pattern pillow with a touch of brown tones give the perfect decor to a brown living room. Pair it with a little splash for an eye-catching decoration. Colorful pillow from katieconsiders.

2. White Couches

Well, you got the dark leather armchairs and wood floor, but something is missing. Balance it all up with the solemn power of several white couches in the middle of the room. See how bright and airy your living room is afterward.

If you want a brown living room that looks balanced, you can add a sofa with this white color. With this white sofa, you will get a balanced appearance in your living room. White sofa from smalldesignideas.

If you want a different color in your brown living room, you can install this white sofa. Pairing white and brown color for the main decoration is always can create an elegant look. Brown living room with white sofa from southernliving.

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3. Potted Plants

A dash of fresh nature from outside can make wonder to the interior. Your vision will thank you with the addition of large-sized potted plants on the corners or small-sized ones on the coffee table.

You can complement the living room decor in brown with greenery in the corner or add potted plants on the coffee table. This plant gives a natural impression to your brown living room decor. Rose glass vase from smalldesignideas.

You can add plants in a vase on your brown living room coffee table. So that it will present a natural decoration that looks beautiful and provides freshness. Vases plant on coffe table from smalldesignideas.

Decorating a brown living room with plants in a vase on the coffee table will produce healthy oxygen in your living room so that it makes your bedroom feel fresher and more comfortable. Tulips on vase from smalldesignideas.

For a natural feel to balance out your brown living room, adding greenery is a great idea. You can choose plants in a vase next to the sofa for a stunning decorative touch. Greenery on vase from smalldesignideas.

To keep the naturalness of your brown living room, adding vines in the corner is a brilliant idea. You only need to use the wood to let the plants stand so that it becomes the focal point of the room. Corner vines from smalldesignideas.

If you want a fresh atmosphere in your chocolate living room, you can add potted plants. Place the potted plants in the corner of the room so that it takes up less space. Corner snack plant from smalldesignideas.

Placing large plants behind the sofa will bring fresh air into the room. These decorations are worth trying in your brown living room to create a natural look. Large plants behind the sofa from smalldesignideas.

Using two decorative potted plants placed in the corner of the living room and on the coffee table will make your brown living room more beautiful. Two potted plants from smalldesignideas.

This brown living room decoration is complemented by potted plants in the corner of the room. This will give the room a natural and fresh touch. White poted plants from smalldesignideas.

The greenery on this sofa side table lends a natural touch to space. Use a white pot for the perfect contrast. Greenery on sofa side table from smalldesignideas.

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4. Complete with a beautiful centerpiece

Speaking of the coffee table, you can focus the decoration on this individual element by placing a centerpiece in order to build an effortlessly cohesive look. You can use a ceramic or glass vase and fill them with the flower arrangements. This centerpiece can serve the beautiful look and also can be the focal point in your living room.

This dark brown living room color scheme featured the centerpiece of flowers in vases to be a focal point of decoration. The simple and elegant look to this space giving the best add on piece of decoration. Ceramic centerpiece from shutterfly.

This brown living room exposes the greenery on the coffee table as a centerpiece decoration. It is perfect for decorating your coffee table. This can be a focal point in your home. Black ceramic centrepiece from shutterfly.

This charming living room is furnished with a white ceramic centerpiece complete with flowers. This middle part can give a beautiful appearance and can also be a focal point in your family room. White ceramic centerpiece from shutterfly.

Living room decoration in brown color with the center of a ceramic vase adds a focal point to the room. This way it will add to the appeal of your guests. Ceramic vase centrepieces from smalldesignideas.

Adding a transparent flower vase centerpiece will enhance your brown living room decor so that you will feel more at home there. You can also add potted plants next to the sofa. Transparent flower vase centerpiece from smalldesignideas.

5. Crystal Chandelier

If you have a bigger budget and wish to go all out, installing an elegant crystal chandelier will help fulfill your wish impressively in only one-time addition. Not only will it supply lightness, but the chandelier also contributes to the sleekness without making the living room seem too “formal.”

This brown living room decorating idea accented by this crystal chandelier provides the perfect lighting. In addition, the use of these lights will help create a more lively atmosphere in the room. Crystal chandelier from housebeautiful.

Choosing to use lighting with a water drop crystal chandelier is perfect. This method makes the room look attractive for you to try. water drop crystal chandelier from homedesignlover.

A unique and beautiful pendant lamp can be a visual attraction. Add a modern crystal chandelier for dramatic lighting. Modern crystal chandelier from homedesignlover.

If you are on a budget make your brown living room more vibrant. Install a drum crystal chandelier for total splendor. Drum crystal chandelier from homedesignlover.

Having a slightly expensive budget, this decoration is perfect for your brown living room. Crystal chandelier is a decoration that can make your brown living room look luxurious. Brown living room with crystal chandelier from homedesignlover.

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Going with one or two of these brown living room ideas above will guarantee that you see the difference once done.


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