Proper Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Although light in the dining room we often forget, it turned out to be an important role to build the perfect dining room decoration. The focus in the dining room is on the dining table. Whatever the diet and interactions that occur, must be supported by flexible lighting. Choosing the dining room lighting is ultimately as important as choosing the color of a wall. This very essential thing is part of the overall interior design and decoration of the dining room that really should be a concern.

Classic Touch

The dining room does not require complicated lighting settings. Simply provide a chandelier or chandelier that produces central lighting on the table. Adjust the high and low lights according to the impression you want to display. If there is a dark corner of the room, a table lamp with dim light can be added as a light as well as accent lighting

Incorporate some classic items into your modern dining room décor, such as tiered glass lamps and white leather chairs. This lamp is a lighting that is suitable to be placed in any dining room decoration. Add a wall decoration with a bold color as a focal point in this room. A marble dining table is easier to maintain because it has a smooth surface so it is easy to clean when it starts to get dirty or dusty. Tiered glass lamps from elledecor.

Apart from its classic appearance, this crystal glass chandelier also gives a vintage impression to your dining room decor. This lamp provides a bright and stable light making it suitable for both open and closed dining spaces. Its luxurious and trendy appearance makes this lamp much loved by the public. A marble table surrounded by a large number of chairs allows you and your family to eat together. Classic crystal glass chandelier from elledecor.

Crystal chandeliers are lighting that has a luxurious classic touch. You can hang these chandeliers in contemporary dining room decorations. Provide additional lighting by using wide transparent glass windows. The sleek and big dining table which is equipped with cloth chairs becomes a comfortable dining area when used with your family. Crystal chandeliers from elledecor.

This pendant lamp is unique because it is equipped with a clock. These functional elements will look stylish wherever they are hung. In addition, this lamp also gives a strong classic and vintage impression. You can try it into your dining room decoration right now. Pendant lamp equipped with clock from elledecor.

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Industrial Touch

The industrial style generally also exposes hanging lamps. What you need is not an ordinary chandelier, but an industrial-style chandelier. The choice of light knick-knacks for the room can also be an accent that shows the industrial style in your home. The selection of lights or lighting is also important to support the design of the house, so it feels more comfortable and beautiful. For industrial home style, choose a bulb lamp with a unique shape or a modern minimalist metal or monochrome shades.

Hang some bulb lights in your dining room décor as lighting that makes the room feel more dramatic. You can hang this lamp with different lengths of rope according to your needs. The leather chairs and wooden dining table emphasize industrial style in an instant. Bulb light for dining room decoration lighting from decoist.

A pendant light that matches the sofa’s color provides a beautiful color scheme for the room. Hang this pendant light with a sturdy rope so it doesn’t fall and break easily. Re-painting of this lamp is intended to make it look newer and cleaner. When you want an open house, the living room dining room combo is a decoration idea that you can try. Repaint pendant light from decoist.

The hanging lamp in a mason jar with a warm gold bulb in it is the main light in your dining room decor. Hang this lamp with straps that have different heights for a casual look. This lamp will look great in any dining room. The red brick walls are equipment that gives a strong industrial impression. Mason jar pendant lamp from decoist.

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Farmhouse Touch

Farmhouse design with a calm color pattern along with the use of rustic wood materials gives the impression of a warm and comfortable for the dining room. To add to the sweetness of the a la farmhouse dining room, you can decorate it with a wooden cabinet that holds a variety of mementos and family photos. For lighting, you can have to install a unique design of the chandelier with the shape of a glass box. Or for a more farmhouse atmosphere, put candles on your dining table.

This weathered iron chandelier makes for warm farmhouse lighting. This lamp is equipped with six candles that produce a simple light in a circular coil shape. Hang the lamp directly on the dining table for a more charming look. The dining table set made of wood provides a more rustic look. Weathered iron chandelier from homebnc.

Create a farmhouse touch lamp with open sides for farmhouse lighting, you can use iron as the main ingredient of the small bulb container. Instead of using a wall with large glass windows to enter more sunlight so that your dining room doesn’t need lights during the morning and during the day. Metal lamp with open sides from homebnc.

Take back the wooden stairs as an area to hang some crystal chandeliers in your farmhouse dining room decor. Crystal lamps give the room a more elegant impression. The combination of wooden stairs with crystal chandeliers gives a different style so it doesn’t make your living room feel boring. Combination of wooden stairs with crystal chandeliers from homebnc.

In any room, light is a determinant of comfort. If you want the light that radiates quite soft and smooth, but also not too dim. Then the placement of the chandelier is great for making our eyes focus. To avoid glare, hang the lamp in a low position. But, it is also not too low, because it can block the view around the table.


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