Modern Dining Room Design Ideas in an Eco-Friendly Way

There are numerous ways by which a modern dining room can be decorated. One of which is an eco-friendly way which is so happening nowadays. Especially due to global warming issues, we all now really care about this way while we can actually benefit so much from this green home design. So, here are several modern dining room design ideas in an eco-friendly way.

1. Contemporary Country Living

A dining room well-furnished with wooden material from the set of the dining table to the walls and stairs will make you feel as if you lived in a countryside villa. All the wooden stuff is reclaimed so the interior design is considered a great sustainable one. The lighting and paintings there are big enough to cover all the almost bare room. So, it is unnecessary to add more accessories, except for one of two pots of green houseplants.

Every day we are increasingly aware of how we affect the environment with our modern lifestyle. This dining room with large glass windows uses environmentally friendly materials. Like this reclaimed wood table which is the perfect decoration. Add in these white painted wishbone wooden studs to complete the decor. Don’t forget to add in a wall decoration like three large framed paintings for an extraordinary look. Reclaimed wood dining table from lonny.

In fact, this open concept dining room has a beautiful view of its decor. Reclaimed wood fills every corner of this dining room. This proves that you can provide furniture that is environmentally friendly as well as very modern and stylish. With dark green nuances, it will provide the perfect indoor decoration for you to try. Using repainted wood frunitas will give the room a décor like riveted nails. Wooden table dinding room from mydomaine.

These eco-friendly materials are on the dining room tables and chairs. This will make you feel relaxed and comfortable while enjoying your meal. In addition, the addition of a bench will make you more free to move. The contemporary design in this country style dining room gives the perfect look. You can also use wooden floors to create a warm impression into the room. Eco-friendly materials wooden dinding table from redonline.

This contemporary dining room idea in a rustic style will provide an eco-friendly material. You can use wooden chairs for an interesting look. Combined with some modern furniture, it will also make your kitchen look more stylish. Hardwood floors, framed wall decorations and wooden stairs will also provide a rustic feel in the room. Contemporary dining room with rustic style fom redonline.

The contemporary and country style dining room will produce an eco-friendly décor because it uses wood on this antique dining table and chairs. Use one of the walls to decorate the room as the perfect focal point. Featuring several collections of antique plates will create the perfect decoration. Adding flowers in a vase will give a natural vibe to the room. Wood and antique dining table and chairs from redonline.

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2. Parisian Flat Inspired

Most modern flats in Paris, France are decorated in chic white and furnished with modern furniture. Now, with this inspiration in hand, you may also add a unique type of contemporary lighting right above the dining table set. It is a modern chandelier that looks like a set of tree branches. The white chic-designed dining table and stools are made of metal, making them eco-friendly enough for this modern dining room design.

Many concepts can be adapted to decorate a modern dining room. Futuristic lights are the hallmark of this charming modern Parisian flat décor. The all-white concept also provides the best and elegant look. The upholstered chairs look gorgeous with the wood dining table that will give this dining room a stylish look. Don’t forget to combine wooden floors and carpets under the dining table to provide extra comfort in this dining room. Futuristic lights on parisian dining room from flaxandtwine.

The lighting of this X brass chandelier provides an eye-catching look as it creates the perfect focal point. The clean and tidy impression really stands out in this contemporary dining room. The eco-friendly dining table furniture makes anyone admire the décor of this Paris-style dining room. The brown carpet under this dining table set will create a warm impression in any decor in this room. X brass chandelier from elledecor.

This Parisian dining room design features a unique looking branch lighting. A sculptural lamp on the dining table and equipped with Scandinavian dining chairs that look cute with soft touch wood finishing. The walpapper hue on the walls of this room will create the perfect look for you to try. Sculptural lamp on Parisian dining room from elledecor.

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3. Thriving Dark Colors

White and polished-timber colors are popular for a modern dining room design, but dark colors could also work with the design that adapts the save-the-planet ambiance. A reclaimed wood dining table set with darker brown color backdropped with dark blue walls and doors would be a great way to display elegance in an eco-friendly way. Also, add some dark greenery in every corner of the room for a total look of a green dining room.

Contemporary design won’t fade with darker furniture. This eco-friendly dining room has brown walls and a reclaimed wood dining table to make it pretty. Planting green will add a warm impression to the room and will make your decor even more attractive. This pendant lamp on the table will make for a dramatic lighting and will provide the perfect decor. Some chairs are equipped with fabrics that will make you feel comfortable when you eat your meal. Reclaimed wood dining table from decoist.

Dark colors with eco-friendly furniture in this contemporary dining room are like the picture above. It can provide a rustic feel allowing the place to relax while enjoying a meal. Some reclaimed wood furniture will also enhance the perfect appearance of the room. add some dark greenery to every corner of the room for a total green dining room look. This Scandinavian dress chair will make for a perfectly dressed look and will make any decor even more comfortable. Eco-friendly furniture dining room from decoist.

As a final thought, creating a modern dining room design in an eco-friendly way can be based on the trends we see today, such as reclaimed wooden furniture, large-sized lanterns, edgy-looked chandeliers, and green houseplants. Try out one in your dining room and enjoy the benefits.


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