Minimalist Ideas for A Narrow Bathroom

Even a small and narrow bathroom can be cozy with the right design. Some minimalist ideas can bring the best of the available space. So, your narrow bathroom can work just as nicely. Here are some easy minimalist ideas for that bathroom with a limited area. 

Light Color Wall

Make your bathroom look larger by adding a light color on the wall. White and beige always a safe tone for a minimalist home. Although you can always try blue or fuchsia to set a colorful yet vibrant ambiance. A shocking color such as darker shade will only make the room even more cramped.

White is always the color that helps a small room look more spacious and clean. Apply this color to the ceramic wall tile with a little white paint on the side of the window. To present a monochromatic style, you can use a glossy black standing bathtub. Mosaic tiles on the floor become footwear that is not easily slippery when used in wet bathroom decorations. The combination of ceramic and white wall paint from livingetc.

The combination of blue and white in this narrow bathroom paint creates a fresher and more colorful feel to the room. Use a clawfoot bathtub with a matching color to match the color scheme of a bathroom that is more elegant and doesn’t spoil the view. This black-dominated floor tile provides its own color that you can try to change the look of your bathroom to make it look more unique and attract attention. The combination of blue paint with white from livingetc.

Continuous Material

Think simplicity when designing a narrow area. Use the same tiles from the dry area to the wet part of the bathroom. Differentiating colors or materials surely makes a complicated look for an already narrow layout. You want to see a clean bathroom without a complicated pattern from using too many materials.

Calm and balance wet and dry bathroom tiles to save costs when remodeling this bathroom to make it look more modern and up-to-date. Choose a small hexagon tile with a dominant white color to make it easier to mix with other interiors around it. A small vanity equipped with a storage cabinet is also a suitable and suitable furniture. Small white hexagon tiles from decoratedlife.

The mosaic tile that is applied all over the bathroom wall is not easy to get boring and always follows the trend this year. This mosaic tile has a white color with a little splash of gray which always appears more masculine. Use a room divider with transparent glass so that this bathroom looks wider and doesn’t feel stuffy. You can use this sink with a built in stainless steel shelf to hang clean towels. Mosaic tiles for bathroom walls from architecturaldigest.

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Brass Element

Make a stand out element against the neutral minimalist design. A brass towel bar or a shower attachment can be a stylish item to spice up your narrow bathroom. It is an easy and affordable way to make your bathroom less boring.

Give your bathtub a little splash of brass color for a narrow bathroom that’s not plain and boring. Put up an abstract canvas painting in colorful colors for a more cheerful and vibrant bathroom decor. Marble tile gives its own luxurious impression that never fails to decorate any room in your home, including modern bathroom decorations. Brass faucet with colorful abstract paintings from hgtv.

Not only on the faucet, you can also use a brass touch on the shower as well to enhance a more contemporary bathroom decor. Choose stainless steel on the shower and faucet so that it is not porous and corroded. Use ceramic tile in two different colors on this bathroom wall for a more colorful look that never fails. A touch of brass is also a luxurious color that is not excessive. Brass faucet and showers from hgtv.

A shelf on the wall

When space is the problem, you can always utilize the wall. Make a hanging shelf or a floating rack. It does not touch the floor at all, which is truly a space saver.

A wooden triangle shelf with stainless steel gold shelves attached to the wall is an open storage idea that you can make the best use of. Maybe you can use this stainless steel shelf as an area for hanging towels in a dry bathroom, while this corner triangle shelf is for storing some soap utensils in a wet bathroom so that it is easier to reach. Corner triangle shelf with floating stainless steel gold rack from hgtv.

When you have a wall area that is still empty and unused, then you can use it as an open storage idea, not just one floating shelf that you use. Use this shelf in a tiered and vertical manner. Put all your toiletries and equipment on this shelf so that it is easier to take when you soak in the standing bathtub you have. Green plants above the bathtub become a refreshing bathroom decoration. Tiered floating rack from hgtv.

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Smart Lighting

Typically, a bathroom does not have a massive source of natural light, let alone a narrow one. You can place some light in each corner to make the bathroom brighter.

Your wet floor bathroom may need more reflection of the sun to avoid a damp room causing discomfort. Therefore, you can install a square transparent glass window on the upper wall. These glass windows will help bring in the maximum source of sunlight. Don’t forget to add wall lights in your vanity to make it more detailed and brighter when used at night. Square glass windows from hgtv.

When you use the curtain as a bathroom divider, then open this curtain as wide as it is to radiate sunlight throughout your bathroom through a small glass window located in the corner of the bathroom on a wet floor. With this sunlight, the green plants on the vanity table will grow more fertile and of course they will remain fresh and not wither. Isn’t it easy enough to provide natural sunlight, you can try it right now in your bathroom decor. Corner glass window in bathroom wet floor from hgtv.

The best minimalist idea for a narrow bathroom is omitting things out. Anything that takes up space or does not have a purpose can go. That way, you can enjoy the space that you have with only the essential things.  

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