Elegant Window Treatments for Your French Country House

The French provincial highlights everything you can find in rural French, where tradition remains untouched, less modern, and you can still feel the rustic of the country.  Incorporating natural lighting in French country decor allows a subtler illumination, providing enough sunlight for your kitchen or workstation. Draw inspiration from these window treatments to style the decoration while having quite an impact on your room’s overall look.

Sheer curtains

Super popular and incredibly versatile, curtains make a traditional window treatment in any French country decor. Choose one with sheer fabric and interesting patterns like gingham, polka dot or floral prints to add softness in your house. The sheer fabric is a gorgeous way to let it flow beautifully while blown by the wind.

If you are bored with plain sheer, then display and use a patterned sheer curtain that comes with a calm and unobtrusive impression. The combination of white and light brown is the right combination for a French country decor in your home. High sheer curtain makes this room look more luxurious. High patterned sheer curtain from veranda.

Match your sheer curtain color with the bathroom ambiance so that it blends more perfectly. White is one of the neutral color choices that you can use easily, usually French country bathrooms also use neutral colors without a touch of flashy colors. Green plants placed in front of the bathtub give a different color that is fresh and never boring. Match the sheer curtain color with the bathroom nuances from veranda.

Usually French country house decorations use earth tone colors that are calm and inconspicuous. If you are designing window treatments then choose a sheer plaid curtain with a white and black color combination. This sheer curtain also makes it easier for sunlight to enter the room so that the room looks brighter and of course provides a healthier and fresher air circulation. Plaid sheer curtain from homedit.

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Cafe curtains

While the traditional curtains offer a lengthy option, cafe curtains make a more comfortable option to offer you privacy. It can be perfectly installed to match with the eye level, and highly versatile so you can wash and change the style, as you like. 

This plain cafe curtain makes it easy for you to see the outdoor scenery freely, attach this curtain to the dining room decoration which will bring a brighter atmosphere to the room when used for lunch. By using this cafe curtain you can save more on electricity costs at the end of the month because turning off the lights during the day is the right idea. Plain cafe curtain from mydecorative.

Not only in living room decorations, you can also apply it in kitchen decorations, more precisely in the backsplash area. The incoming light will help dry the countertop area that is wet from being splashed with water while washing dishes. Choose a cafe curtain from lace material to present a vintage style that will never go out of style when used this year. White curtains will be easier to match with any colored tile. White lace cafe curtain from homedit.

If your kitchen decoration has white nuances, then pay attention to the selection of the cafe curtain in order to provide more cheerful colors and patterns. This pastel floral cafe curtain is a design idea that easily brings out more colorful nuances and is certainly no longer boring. This cabinet with gold handles gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive. Floral cafe curtain with pastel colors from homedit.

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Lace curtains

Lace covers or curtains are highly aesthetic, perfect for your traditional French country decor. Use tieback with white lace trim or simple valance with heavier lace design. While white is the most common choice, you can opt for soft pink or pale blue for a more romantic detail.

An easy way to bring a classic and vintage feel to your French country living room is to use white lace curtains, which are easier to match with other interiors surrounding them. This lace curtain is completed with ruffle accents at the bottom so it doesn’t look plain and boring, completing the look of this window treatment with several purplish blue flower vases that are used as windowsill. Place this classic wooden chair in front of the window as a sitting area that can easily enjoy the outdoor view comfortably, freely and unlimitedly to accompany your weekend all day long. White lace curtain with ruffle accents from bhg.

Window grilles

Window grilles are the perfect addition for your French country style decoration, which add more shape and grace. The grilles are easily installed and come in a variety of materials, giving you the classic impression of a French provincial balcony.

This glass grilles window decorated with floral accents presents a more beautiful and more elegant style. Use wooden frames as natural accents that can blend with the surrounding greenery. This glass grilles window is equipped with an iron frame so that it is stronger and sturdier when used for a long time. Window glass grilles with steel frame from bhg.

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Roman blinds

If you’re in need of some serious decorating, then perhaps you should consider going with Roman blinds for French country window treatment. There are a lot of beautiful things that you can do with these types of blinds, but they are going to make a dramatic statement that you definitely do not want to miss. If you live in a home where the windows are just waiting to be used and decorated, these blinds are definitely the window treatment you have been looking for. They can make any room look really elegant and romantic. If you happen to be in the process of redecorating a house at the moment, then these blinds are the perfect ones that will help make your job easier.

Graphic roman blinds in this neutral color will be more appropriate when attached to this white French country kitchen decor. Fold this curtain to the top to get enough sunlight so that it protects wooden furniture from mold, which will easily make furniture porous. The different patterned carpets that line this wooden floor make the room more colorful. Graphic roman blinds from homedit.

Install colorful graphic roman blinds as window treatments suitable for French country kitchen decor. This blue, white and light green color combination makes for an elegant blend for a roman blinds. The existence of blooming flowers in bold colors is a beautiful complement and is very easy to reach. Colorful graphic roman blinds from homedit.

Be fun with your selection of window treatments in French country decor. Many sunny colors like yellow, burnt orange, or soft grass green can complement your house with a more natural touch.

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