Beautiful Farmhouse Bedroom Inspirations to Follow

There’s always be an update about interior design every year. But the farmhouse will never lose its popularity. Why? Because it offers a unique feel to the homeowner, that is comfy, cozy, and classic. Therefore, applying this farmhouse style in a drearily dull bedroom is a smart solution to do.

If you are clueless about where to start, these four beautiful farmhouse bedroom inspirations are great to follow.

Ceiling Fan

Using the ceiling fan is the ideal way to create an airy yet stylish bedroom. This thing will surely be the point of attention as you open or close your eyes in the bed. Besides, its soft tone will keep the atmosphere warm yet elegant at the same time.

Opt for a big wooden ceiling fan so that you can make your bedroom look more farmhouse-like.

You can mix the white ceiling with a large wooden fan on it. It’s the perfect way to make every piece of decor come together harmoniously. Moreover, white looks contrasting and dominant in this bedroom decor. The wooden floors and wooden headboard also give a rustic impression to this farmhouse bedroom. a striped jute rug will complement the decor. Large wooden fan from hgtv.

The awesome farmhouse bedroom decor is complemented by a ceiling fan. This décor looks great with multi-part farmhouse décor and vivid details. Placing on the bed will create a spacious and comfortable impression in this farmhouse bedroom. Combined with all-white nuances and wooden floors, it creates an inviting warm and spacious impression. Wooden celling fan from thespruce.

Expose the ceiling fan to a bold brown color. The fan can look a great contrast because of the white ceiling and walls. It keeps specific focal points simple. Place a fan directly above the bed to create a spacious yet stylish bedroom. Adding a wall decoration in the form of a white animal head on top of the headboard will create an eye-catching room. Bold brown color celling fan from thespruce.

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Shiplap Everywhere

One of the most popular features of a farmhouse bedroom is the shiplap wall. Don’t limit the style! It’s better to make your entire wall bedroom in shiplap. You can also have your headboard in a shiplap style when needed.

People usually use wood and PVC to create this shiplap style. But, if you have limited time or budget, using wallpaper is the best option to try.

Weathered wooden wall at the head of the bed. It creates a stunning bold statement decor in this farmhouse bedroom. Additionally, the white wrought bed adds a more rustic decor. Wooden floors are completed with colored carpets to create a warm and inviting decoration. This bedside chest makes for perfect storage. White shiplap from countryliving.

The ship’s loft wall decoration provides a simple as well as a cool décor. The white color, which is dominated by the farmhouse bedroom, makes the room look cooler and brighter. This patterned curtain also makes a stunning room decoration. Wooden crate storage will make it easier for you to store several items so they don’t fall apart. All white shiplap from countryliving.

Exposing wooden beams above the hut ceiling. Decorate this very neat and clean farmhouse bedroom for a chic look. Best of all, white gives the room a bright, cool ambience. This gray bed provides the perfect contrast and is a great option to try. Adding windows on the right and left has the impression of a bright room. Don’t forget to add a table lamp for a bright space. White shiplap anda wooden beams from countryliving.


With some stunning lighting fixtures, your space would get its charming rustic look.  The deer antler chandeliers (possibly use the faux ones) are the perfect thing to install in your bedroom. The light will make your sleep well at night and make your reading fun in the morning.

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Remember to match the chandeliers’ colors with the surroundings, such as bed linen, furniture, and rugs.

High ceilings with long tail chandeliers will make a farmhouse bedroom decor look complete and awesome. Moreover, the stylish pendant lights also emit dramatic lighting, making your room look airy and airy. Combining it with a white farmhouse bedroom will give the illusion of a bright and inviting space. An antique console table and other furniture will complement this bedroom. Deer antler chandeliers from homedesignlover.

The rustic pendant lights give the farmhouse bedroom a more chic look. It not only provides lighting but also provides a simple decorative ornament. Choosing a deer antler pendant lamp will create a stunning decor in your room and provide dramatic lighting. With a design like this you can match the design with colorful blankets and carpets to make a stunning decoration for the room. Rustic deer antler pendant lights from homedesignlover.

A Large Wooden Mirror

If you have a small room, a large mirror attached to the door or wall next to your bed can be really favorable. It gives the illusion of a spacious place. Though there are many types of mirrors, a wooden mirror is the best option for a farmhouse bedroom style.

Putting a large mirror with reclaimed wood frame painted white will produce an eye-catching decoration of the room. It provides the best decoration in this bedroom in a simple way. The mirror can be your main decoration with multipurpose furniture. Sealin for this mirror display gives the illusion of a spacious and bright room. Place it next to the mattress for an attractive design. Large mirror with reclaimed wood frame from homebnc.

Rustic framed mirror with chipped paint. These decorations make this shabby chic farmhouse bedroom even cooler. Just put it on the wall, you don’t need to overdo it with decorations. Finish the look with a vase made of wooden pallets to make the decor even more charming. A wicker basket filled with oranges also makes the decorations even more attractive. Rustic framed mirror with chipped paint from homebnc.

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So, do those simple ideas inspire you to redecorate your bedroom? Just try one of them, you’ll have a beautiful farmhouse bedroom instantly.

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