Spring-Inspired Colors for Your Bedroom Makeover

Gone are the days when the dark, and high contrast colors were the options to decorate your bedroom. As spring arrives, it’s the best moment for a seasonal makeover and get inspired by the rebirth of nature. 

Here are 10 spring bedroom colors you’ll love to welcome this wonderful season perfectly.    


1. Robin Egg Blue

When spring comes, Robin flies in the sky and sings to welcome the upcoming warmer months. You’ll see beautiful blue eggs filling the nest, giving you the inspiration to embrace the warmth of spring in your bedroom. Robin egg blue is the perfect spring bedroom color option to create an inviting, refreshing, and happy environment. For a more glamorous look, you can combine it with several accent colors like red, gold, or brown. 

The bedroom decoration is bright and brings a vintage impression through the feel of a robin egg blue room, which is perfect for use when spring arrives this year. The splash of gold on the mirror frame gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive, while the white color in some interiors such as bedding, wooden dressers, ceiling and window frames is a combination of colors that can blend perfectly. You can try a combination of these three colors with ease. Paint the bedroom robin egg blue with a splash of gold colors from decorpad.

If you choose robin egg blue as the dominant nuance in your bedroom, then it’s a good idea to sprinkle light blue in some of the interiors in this room. For example, on patterned rugs and your wicker bench. The robin egg blue and light blue color combination will be neutralized by a splash of white on some of the fabrics on the vintage bed. The entry of sunlight into the room gives a fresh and of course brighter impression. The feel of a bedroom robin egg blue with light blue from bhg.

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2. Mint Green

Spring is the best time to transform your bedroom into a bright, calming, and cheerful room using mint green. What’s great is, this color fits in perfectly with many other colors, especially with dark or warm colors. Mint green also brings a natural look to your bedroom. Not to mention, you can use this color for any bedroom design style you like, including a contemporary, traditional, and minimalist style.

Focus your spring bedroom decor with mint green nuances throughout the interior except for the dresser and wooden ceiling. This mint green color will stand out even more when equipped with several wall decorations such as paintings and 3D crystal decorations. The combination of wood colors here gives a warm impression and of course it seems natural and environmentally friendly. High curtains will provide as much sunlight as possible in the room so that you don’t need lights anymore in the morning before noon. Mint green room nuance with wood accents from elledecor.

If you want to use mint green color, then just apply it to your bedroom wall. In some other interiors, you can use neutral colors such as brown, gold and black. All the colors that are applied to this room will work well and perfectly without causing a mess that makes eye view more boring. Arrange the layout of the furniture to produce a comfortable room decoration and of course it can be used as a resting area on weekends. Mint green paint walls from elledecor.

It doesn’t have to be that all the interiors in your bedroom use a mint green splash, you can include other colors such as white in bedding, canopy fabrics and reclaimed wood floors. You can apply this mint green paint to wall decorations as a color combination that is not monotonous and boring. The wood accent color on the nightstands and cup lamps also gives a warm impression and of course is environmentally friendly. Mint green walls combined with white colors from elledecor.

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3. Chartreuse

If you’re seeking the perfect spring-inspired color for eclectic and modern bedroom design, chartreuse can be your choice. This yellowish-green color looks great with warmer colors like brown. Thus, it might fit in well with wooden elements in your bedroom. Meanwhile, if you combine chartreuse with a bright color like white, it brings a fresh, cozy, and cheerful ambiance to your bedroom.    

Besides looking brighter and more colorful, the touch of chartreuse color on this bed linen is also a smart idea that you can try right now. Neutralize this color with the nuances of a white bedroom so that it doesn’t stand out too much and makes the room easier to get boring. Besides that, patterned bedding which is dominated by black gives the impression of a monochromatic room and of course it seems minimalist because it uses just enough furniture. Bed linen with chartreuse colors from architecturelab.

An easy way to present artistic nuances in a chartreuse-colored bedroom decor is to hang several old paintings with different frames and themes. Patterned blankets with different colors give the room a more colorful impression. To bring a warm impression, you can add a square fireplace that is placed right next to your bed. Artistic bedroom with chartreuse satisfaction from architecturelab.

When you want to include chartreuse colors in your spring makeover bedroom decor, just apply it to some interiors such as an ottoman footstool, decorative items on a nightstand and one of the pillowcases used. This splash of color is enough to give the room a different feel and of course it will be brighter. This white cotton bedding is always a neutral color that keeps the room scheme in good shape and certainly never looks monotonous. Some bedroom interiors are in chartreuse colors from architecturelab.

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4. Lavender

Create fun and sweet bedroom atmosphere using lavender. You can choose this color as a primary hue for a glamorous and elegant bedroom look. Otherwise, you can use it to add spring flowery and subtle accent to your room. Just like other colors in the pastel family, lavender is a soft and comforting color. It suits best for a girl’s bedroom as it brings a feminine and serene impression. 

This lavender-dominated bedding blends perfectly with dark gray shiplap walls. These two colors make the bedroom look more shady and of course, are very suitable as a spring decoration idea. The tulips that are placed on the nightstands are a freshener accent that gives a fragrant aroma. Lavender bedding with shiplap walls gray colors from homedit.

The last option you can try to decorate a spring bedroom is the use of light lavender which is applied to several room interiors such as benches, curtain and tufted headboards. This color seems calmer and not too flashy, you can combine it with thick white bedding that will warm your body when the room weather is too cold. Spring bedroom decor with light lavender nuances from homedit.

After all, spring always comes with ideas and inspiration to freshen up your bedroom with beautiful, fresh, and bright colors. What about you? Have you picked your preferred spring bedroom color?


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