Master Bedroom Designs: False Ceiling Arrangement

If you are looking for an innovative and unique way to beautify your master bedroom’s ceiling, then you should try a false ceiling arrangement. This secondary ceiling, which hung below the main ceiling, will hide your wire and provide you with fire safety as well as soundproofing among several other advantages.

Besides featuring some advantages, the suspended ceiling, which is mostly made of gypsum or wooden, can elevate the fancy, modern, and appealing vibe of your master bedroom design. Looking for ideas? Here are some great arrangements you can steal.

Shining Circulars

Make your personal space stunning with these shining circulars. Install three to five descended round shapes on the second ceiling and use backlights for each of the ring-shaped roofs. Not only they will give you perfect dimming lights, but also dazzling modern design.

The size of the small master bedroom will not be a problem for those of you who want an attractive bedroom. Namely by utilizing ceiling accents to form a two-level circle and a combination of LED lighting. With this concept, the bedroom is small but still gives a modern and attractive impression. The added sconce lamp will create a stylish decoration of the room and will steal the attention of many people. Shining circulars ceilling from architecturendesign.

Rectangular and Hanging Luxurious Lights

Display rectangular bulge roofing and few backlights in each of the sides. Then, marry it with luxurious lightings on the center of it. Besides being a great way for thermal insulation, this arrangement also adds elegance to your bedroom design.

These unique and beautiful chandeliers and ceiling lights give the bedroom a more charming look. With a white ceiling and blue LED lights, it will give you a fresh, bright look combined with beautiful hanging accents. Making this room creates a more comfortable feeling. This luxurious square-shaped pendant lamp will give your room a more dramatic look. Square-shaped pendant lamp from architecturendesign.

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Rustic False Ceiling

This false ceiling arrangement is beyond pretty, featuring a decorative tree panel. Giving you a unique noteworthiness, this roof will be the focal point of your whole bedroom space. Choose a wood color panel and combine them with neutral ambiance.

If you want something new in your room and make it even more dazzling, a ceiling remodel is a smart solution. Choosing a log ceiling will create a solid, yet rustic look. With this tiny bedroom, you will give a more pleasant feeling. Some wooden furniture will also provide an interesting room decoration for you to try. Log ceiling bedroom from onekindesign.

Warm nuances are served in the small, country-style bedroom. In addition, ceiling accents that use wooden pillars provide sturdiness. Apart from that, it creates an elegant and decorative vibe. Choosing shades of beige and white will add a warm impression to the room, especially if you add an armchair to create a comfortable and inviting space. Besides that, wooden furniture will also complement this bedroom decor. Wooden balock ceilling from onekindesign.

This is a bedroom concept using a wooden ceiling. Also combined with wooden walls and tiles. The bedroom displays a charming and beautiful feeling. Through rustic hanging lighting it gives a dramatic look. You can also add a natural stone fireplace and place it in the corner of your room for a warm and inviting decor. You can also add some armchairs to provide a comfortable decoration. Wooden ceilling, walls and floor from onekindesign.

The charm of this bedroom is warm and rustic. This wooden ceiling and wooden wall arrangement will create an interesting space. You can also add a fireplace made of natural stone to give a warm and comfortable look to this bedroom. This wooden bed frame and some wooden furniture will also give your home a rustic vibe. This large framed painting adds to the appeal of your room’s appearance. Wooden ceiling and wooden wall from onekindesign.

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Wooden Shiplap

Another great idea for your master bedroom design’s false ceiling arrangement is wood shiplap. You can paint the planks with cream shades or white shiplap. White shiplap is a versatile item since most of the home décor use this installation. Then, bright up your tiny chamber with round lightings.

This is a bedroom concept idea that is elegant even though it has a small design. But with a touch of wooden walls and wooden ceilings, it can make the bedroom look less stuffy or boring. Painted white this room will look more spacious and clean. Furnished with wooden furniture and large carpets throughout this room will give your bedroom an extra warmth. All white shiplap ceiling bedroom from housely.

Small bedroom design with an interesting ceiling touch. A white shiplap ceiling combined with gray accents on the wall creates the perfect contrast. With this, give your bedroom a modern twist. Antique pendant lights will give a dramatic look to your room. This jute carpet and classic bed set will make your bedroom decor warmer and more comfortable. Small bedroom with white shiplap ceiling from housely.

This of course will give your bedroom a more attractive appearance. Even though the bedroom is small. The touch from the shiplap wood walls to the white ceiling gives a distinct and comfortable impression. In this all-white bedroom it will provide an interesting decoration and will steal the attention of many people. You can also add a window to let sunlight into the house to illuminate the corner of the room. SHiplap ceilling attic bedroom from housely.

For those of you who want a rustic bedroom concept and don’t get bored, you can use a white shiplap ceiling and walls to create a stylish room. White shiplap is a versatile item as most home decor uses this installation. Completed with a vintage bedside table and vintage armchairs will make for a more charming decor even with a small space. White shiplap ceiling and walls from housely.

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When it comes to beautifying your master bedroom design uniquely and astonishingly, then those false ceiling arrangement ideas will do the trick. Besides its aesthetic value, suspended ceilings also give you some great benefits.


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