Romantic Bedroom Ideas in French Country House

Even without much effort, French country decor subtly signifies a romantic feeling, making it an ideal decoration style for your bedroom. Gorgeous bedding with pile-up pillows and upholstery is just a beginning to make a romantic bedroom suitable for your comfortable night’s sleep, as there are several ways to spice up the mood. Draw inspiration from the following ideas to create a romantic bedroom in French country house decoration.

Sumptuous bedding with ornate headboard

A grand size bed is not only comfortable but also leaves room for modification. Choose an antique, rustic bed, preferably made of wood, with ornamental embellishment on its headboard’s surface. Complement the look with an all-white duvet cover and fluffy pillows.

This floral tufted headboard looks more functional because it is equipped with mirror rectangle accents and some classic ornaments on the top that will present a vintage impression without being overwhelming. Neutralize this floral headboard color by installing white bedding made of cotton which has a soft texture surface and is certainly comfortable to use all day long. These Roman blinds, which are used as window treatments, emphasize the French country decor in this bedroom. Floral tufted headboard accented with mirror from realhomes.

Choose and use a French country bed equipped with a carved wooden headboard that adds a classic impression and of course it will never fail to decorate a room, including this bedroom decor. This white bedding with a tufted layer of fabric will be warmer when used in cold weather. Wooden headboard accented with carving from realhomes.

Floral pattern

Nothing can beat floral patterns when it comes to inducing a romantic mood in your French country decor. It’s both aesthetic as well as just natural, with beautiful color palettes to cover your wall with. If you want to go bold, choose block-printed floral wallpaper, balanced with ancient furniture pieces.

Don’t leave your walls plain and boring, you can try floral patterns on the wallpaper using neutral and unobtrusive colors. Other interiors that you can use in this room are wooden beds, white nightstands and faux fur carpet with smooth and soft surfaces. You can use all the interior ideas that are suggested for a more perfect room appearance. Floral wallpaper with muted colors from homebnc.

You can install this floral wallpaper with pastel colors in a French country bedroom decor to present a classic feel that is never eaten by time. This small bedroom is equipped with two layers of carpet that will make your feet warmer and of course comfortable, reclaimed nightstand wood is the furniture choice that you can try. Pastel floral wallpaper from realhomes.

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Opt for intricate patterns

Traditional French country decor is filled with beautiful, intricate patterns, fearlessly mixed to recreate traditional French Provincial in the 1760s. Classic toile pattern is the most popular one, in which you can also incorporate other interesting patterns like Gingham, stripes, and chinoiserie.

The classic toile pattern applied to this bedroom wall paper will look more contrasting when combined with the plaid cloth on one of the fabrics above your bed. Both of these patterns will work well when applied to a French country bedroom, don’t forget to use a plain white carpet to neutralize the color scheme of this room. The combination of classic toile wallpaper with plaid fabric from thespruce.

French country bedroom decor can never be separated from the classic toile which has a more intricate and busier pattern, you can apply it to the wallpaper section, then the next thing you can do is use a pillowcase and plaid headboard which will enhance the overall appearance of this room. The flower pattern on one of the pillowcases is a beautiful and unusual focal point. The classic toile wallpaper patterns are intricate and busier from housebeautiful.

Subtle colors

A romantic bedroom in French country decor is dominated with neutral palettes. Soft pink creates a tremendous romantic effect, while the all-white color scheme offers more flexibility to decorate the room with more embellishment. Other colors like green, blue, yellow, or cream also give a spot for your accessories to shine.

The combination of beige and white in a French country bedroom decor gives a more elegant and unobtrusive appearance. Perfect your wall decor with some classic ceramic ornaments that have a classic impression. If you are going to use a nightstand then choose a matching color. The combination of beige wall color with white bedding patterned from apartmenttherapy.

There is nothing wrong with using pastel blue on the walls of your room for a fresh feeling and space and certainly not monotonous. This color works well with the white in your bedding because they are both neutral and unobtrusive in color. Carved gold frame mirrors give a classic impression and make the room more artistic. Pastel blue walls from apartmenttherapy.

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Romantic lighting

A beautiful crystal chandelier is almost essential in romantic bedroom decor. Choose an antique one to send out the French country decor vibe with elegant silver ornate. Wall sconces with subtle wattage bulbs also create a compulsory dim to illuminate the room.

The French country bedroom decoration which is equipped with three different lights will make the room look brighter and more spacious. The combination of crystal chandeliers, scone lamps and table lamps is a perfect blend that you can try. These lamps emit yellow lighting which adds to the dramatic impression in the room. Combination of crystal chandeliers, scone lamp and table lamp from shelterness.

Hang crystal chandeliers as a lighting idea that you can install in a French country bedroom, don’t forget the candle holder on a wooden table is also an additional lighting that brings a warmer and more romantic atmosphere to the room with your partner. Usually a French country style bedroom uses neutral colors like cream and wood accent colors. Crystal chandeliers and candle holders from shelterness.

Romantic bedroom ideas styled in traditional French country decor gives you plenty of room for creativity. It sends out the classic vibe with a romantic ambiance that will make your sleep more comfortable.


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