Transform These Unused Items to Create Brilliant and Unique Garden Décor

Are you in need of garden upgrading but the budget is on the way? Sprinkle extra beauty around your pretty lawn doesn’t always mean that you have to purchase things. Grab your unused items and recycle them into something magical. Keep reading because below, we’ve rounded up our five favorite repurposed items for unique garden décor ready to mesmerize you.

Toy Truck Planters

Some of you may still keep your boys’ toys even when they are no longer in labor. Collect your kids’ toy trucks that are big enough to plant succulents and small plants. You can repaint them if needed.

Utilizing your child’s unused toys is a smart idea and saves money, for example by using your boy’s toy truck which has a slightly larger size. You can use it to grow mini cactus or succulents. Don’t cover the entire planting medium with your favorite plants, leave open space so that it looks like a real truck is loaded with soil. Large toy truck planter from hellowonderful.

If your children have a toy truck made of metal, then you can also make your toy truck full of suculent and soil as a planting medium. Because with a metal that is not easily porous, it will make the plants last longer or grow in the back of your toy truck. Fill it with plants that are easy to care for, for example with succulents or cacti, so you don’t need to water it every day. This plant container gives a vintage vibe to your garden decor. Vintage metal truck planter from lovethispic.

Old Bicycle

If you have an unused bicycle in your garage, it is time to make it back in the spotlight. Paint the two-wheel vehicle in white, then, use the bike porter in the front part. Add medium basket with holder in the back for other greeneries. Paint the basket in white as well.

There is nothing wrong if you have a bicycle that is no longer used to be converted as an attractive outdoor decoration for you to try. Use a used bicycle to make a planting place that is different from the others. You can fill the existing basket on the bicycle using a planting medium, such as soil, so that you can plant beautiful flowers that will decorate your home page. Bicycle basket planter from balconygardenweb.

Re-paint an old, old bicycle to make it look like new again, with white paint to make the bike look cleaner. Add a basket made of wood, as a medium for planting and decorating the yard. Baskets made of wood, you can adjust the shape and size according to your needs. Plant your recycled bicycle basket with flowers that have bright colors, so that it is hoped that it will always bring joy every time. Repaint old bicycle planter from balconygardenweb.

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Bathtub and Ducks Sculpture

Does your old bathtub is still around the house? Make use of it for a stunning large pot, a perfect addition for unique garden décor. You can plants flowers that don’t require intensive care such as lantana, pasque flowers, yarrow, and daylily. To complement the repurposed tub, place cute ducks sculptures under it.

Put your old bathtub in the yard of the house, do not change the originality of the color and shape. Enter the planting medium to start gardening in your old bathtub that you put outside the room. Fill it with flowers of various colors and types to make it look beautiful and the full contents will make your old bathtub even more like an abandoned item. Colorful bathtub planter from homebnc.

If you want something else for outdoor decoration, you can try repainting your old bathtub a bright color like light purple. A bathtub that has been painted in bright colors will be more harmonious if you fill it with various flower plants. The combination of a bath that is repainted with various types of flower plants will make your yard look more beautiful, attractive and of course more fun than before. You can try out these planter ideas with ease and don’t require any professional. Purple bathtubs as garden planter ideas from lushome.

Graded Planter

Your drawers will make a statement when placed as a unique garden décor. Open each of the caddies and fill it with collections of your flowers, succulents, herbs, or vegetables. You can keep the wood color of your old drawer or repaint it with other vivid colors like cobalt blue or yellow.

Don’t be in a hurry to throw your wooden cupboards in the trash. You can switch it to an outdoor decoration that can be the center of everyone’s attention. Fill a drawer in an old cupboard that is not used with planting media for a solution to planting flowers on a narrow space. Brightly colored flowers will fill your days for the better. There is no need to repaint this drawer when you want to get a more vintage and natural impression. Vintage planter wooden drawers from diyncrafts.

Repaint your old wardrobe with bright yellow paint to make it look like new. Place the old wardrobe in your home garden as a unique decoration that will welcome anyone who visits. Try by planting the old cupboard drawers with various kinds of flowers and other green plants, so you will get the natural freshness of the old cupboard which is used as a planting place. Vertical drawers planter from diyncrafts.

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Old Ladders

Does your ladder get too dangerous to use? Then it is time for them to offer another service for you. Place the climbing item in your garden and fill it with colorful planters and vegetation. You can also wed the repurposed ladder with decorative garden signs.

If you don’t have such a large area of land, there’s nothing wrong with trying to plant using old stairs that can’t be used anymore. Add a wooden box on each rung as a medium for farming. Staircase stairs make you not use too much planting space. Wooden ladder with garden planter boxes from balconygardenweb.

Use each rung on your old ladder that is not in use to place a few small pots. Arrange them regularly to make your old staircase look neat and attractive. You can use the remaining space in the middle of the stairs to store some gardening tools to make it easier for you when you want to use them. Wooden ladder planter with storage from balconygardenweb.

Placing repurposed furniture for unique garden décor is a wonderful way to liven up your garden. Without breaking your bank account, your unused items can be a unique focal point for your outdoor space.

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