10 Ways to Style Your Shelves for a Coastal Look

In the house, there will be many rooms with various furniture. And one of the pieces of furniture that are always in all rooms is shelves. Actually, you should choose shelves that are unique and interesting because this is also used as one of the decorations at home. And to make the shelves look more attractive, then you have to do decorations. Here we suggest you decorate shelves with a coastal look that is identical to the beach. Usually, people also decorate their homes in a coastal style that is able to give a feeling of peace. And for those of you who want to decorate shelves with a coastal look, then you can add elements such as white and blue color, casual furniture, and use beach decoration. And in fact, you can make it even more amazing by placing coastal wall decorations around the shelves. Check out some pictures from the shelves for a coastal look below that can inspire you.

Boat Shape Shelves

The boat is one of the items that is synonymous with the beach. With it, you can decorate the house by placing a boat rack in your house. Pick a brown boat, then make a few planks on the boat to put books or other items there. Decorate the sides of this boat rack with wall hangings in the form of oars, steering wheel, and fish spines. This will make a great shelf decoration and will give the impression of the beach in the house. You can also add some green plants in a pot to give the room a fresh design and have a natural impression. Boat shape shelves from completely-coastal.

Corner Shelves

Decorate the beach bedroom in your home by placing corner shelves there. Soft blue walls and white shelves provide a very calming beach look. To beautify the appearance of the corner shelf, you can decorate it with various beach decorations such as starfish, shells, beach stones, and bottles. Although only decorated with beach decorations, the combination of wall colors, shelf colors, and beach decorations can give a very beautiful beach impression. Placing it in this corner of the bedroom will provide the perfect decoration of the room and will steal people’s attention. Adding a wire basket on top of this shelf will provide the perfect additional storage so your room will avoid clutter. White corner shelv from sawnailandpaint.

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Cube Shelves

Storage shelves are furniture that must be in the house. And the cube shelf is the shelf you can have. You can decorate this cube-shaped shelf with several wicker baskets for extra storage ideas in your workspace. Apart from being a storage area, this is also a home decoration that looks very stunning. You can combine it with some other furniture and ornaments for a neat and stylish home decor idea. You can try choosing wooden furniture because it will create a natural impression and give a rustic look to the room. Cube storage shelves from trendir.

Ladder Shelves

Creative idea to use a rustic staircase as a shelf that you can place in your living room or bedroom. You can add some beach ornaments to decor the symbols already represent. Starfish, shells, and wood can be a beach decoration there. Add some decorations such as jars, plants, books, and lanterns to enhance your appearance. In addition, you can place lights on the top of the stairs to give a warm impression there. This decoration idea will give a room an attractive appearance and will grab the attention of many people. Rustic staircase shelf from prettyhandygirl.

Lighthouse Shelves

The lighthouse is synonymous with the beach theme. Then, you can decorate your home by placing the lighthouse as a unique shelf. Adding a wall hanging near this shelf is a painting of a ship’s rudder, a painting of a boat, and a large flower garland made of rope. It will be a stunning beach decoration in your home. Adding a large round mirror with a string frame will give the room a stylish decor and will grab the attention of many. Decoration ideas like this are quite representative of the marine ornament in your home. Lighthouse shelev ideas from completely-coastal.

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Suspended Rope Shelves

The ship will be synonymous with rope and wood. With it, you can make a unique shelf out of rope and wood. You can hang it wherever you want. You can add some other ornaments to create an attractive room decoration for you to try. This is a very simple decoration, but it will look amazing if you are decorating on a beach theme. This navy and white color scheme will provide the perfect contrast and create a warm room. It is decorated with framed wall decorations to give it a stylish look. Rope shelves ideas from remodelaholic.

Wood Crate Shelves

In the ship there will also be a chest to store the fish caught. With that, you can make this chest a unique shelf that you can put in your home. To give a coastal impression, you can put marine ornaments, driftwood and plants in vases. You can arrange these chests according to the empty space in your house. With a chest decorated with beach ornaments, a beautiful look will be created there. In this way you will create an attractive room decoration so that it will steal the attention of many people while in your coastal home. Wood crate shelves from completely-coastal.

Vintage Style Shelves

Choosing this vintage built in bookshelf will make the room the perfect focal point so that it will present an interesting decoration for you to try. In addition, this room will look tidier and avoid clutter. You can place this shelf in the corner of the room and next to the fireplace so that it will make the perfect decoration for the room. You can also add some marine ornaments like cranges, vintage bottles and rattan ornaments to create a beach vibe into the room. This framed painting will add a stylish decor to a room. Vintage built in bookshelf from chairish.

Don’t throw away vintage shelves in your house as you can decorate them using beach decorations. You can paint this shelf a soft blue. Then decorate with various beach decorations such as ships, painting shells, small shells, starfish, and also miniature ancient chests. Complement it with monochrome photos, flowers, and containers there to add some punch to the look. This shelf can serve as a storage area and also as a decoration in your home which looks very beautiful. You can install shelves in your living room and add an armchair to create a cozy feel in this beach living room. Equipped with large windows, this will provide a bright light and let the sun shine through to illuminate your room. Soft blue vintage rack from confessionsofaserialdiyer.

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Rustic Style Shelves

Redecorate your rustic shelves using a beautiful beach concept. You can paint this rustic shelf with an interesting pale white for you to try. Then, you can attach this shelf to the wall of your coastal home. Add beach decorations from shells and starfish to the shelves. This is a very simple decoration, but it will look amazing if you put it in your home. You can also add some hooks to neatly hang your bag or coat. White rustic shelves

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These are some shelves ideas that you can use to achieve a coastal look in your home decoration. Every shelf has each characteristic that you can expose to get a coastal vibe by using them to display some coastal decorative items.


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