Beautiful Master Bathroom You Will Love

A bathroom can be an ultimate sanctuary for the people who needs to pamper and relaxing their body after a long tiring day. These are some beautiful master bathroom design inspirations that may help you to create this personal space at your home.

1. Master Bathroom Glass Shower Door

You can try this open and airy design with bathroom glass. Combine with a chandelier on the ceiling, wooden cabinets, and white bathtub. It will be a high-end bathroom. The shower room is divided from the tub by the glass wall. You can use white tone for this design.

Add natural stone furniture to your master bathroom for a natural, warm touch. Glass doors give a spacious and open impression to your bathroom decor. This decor will make for an upscale bathroom. Don’t forget to add sconce lights for dramatic lighting. This granite counter top will give your room an elegant decoration. Glass shower door from decoist.

Using bathroom glass doors will save your bathroom decor. Because this door doesn’t take up much space at all. In addition, this door gives a luxurious impression. Using these decorating ideas will give a spacious look to this master bathroom décor. Combined with white nuances and several other ornaments, it will create a spacious room decoration. Large glass door from decoist.

2. Master Terrace

If your bathroom is facing to your garden side, you can take a benefit of it by using the tampered glass wall on this side to show the garden and cover the bottom part of the glass to keep your privacy. It will let the sunlight comes directly into your bathroom.

Instead use a large glass wall as the main window which is awesome. This large glass will be an area to see the outside scenery freely. This decoration will create a spacious room decoration and give a fresh impression to your bathroom. This master bathroom creates a luxurious look with marble wall accents and a double shower to complete the look. Large glass wall and marble wall from storables.

Here’s a master bathroom idea for the perfect decor. Adding a large window on one wall will give the room a spacious and bright appearance. You can choose shades of gray and marble for luxury, this is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts. This large glass also makes your main bathroom look more spacious, clean and bright. Large window on the wall from storables.

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3. Contrasting Color

This master bathroom design is good for you if you want to put a little bit more of the personality into your bathroom. You can put together some combination colors to create the contrast, such as white painted wall and white tub combine with black wood cabinets, and mirror with gold-coated frame. This look is luxurious and sophisticated.

Black and white are the color choices that can create a monochromatic bathroom decoration. You can apply gold to showers and dressers for a touch of stunning contrast. The light on one of these walls will give the illusion of a bright and spacious room so that it will catch the attention of many. Pendant lamps also provide dramatic and inviting lighting. Black and white monochromatic bathroom from architecturaldigest.

Soft blue paint gives a fresh and calm impression. This color is suitable for those of you who like a quiet room, let your cabinets and chairs with real wood colors to combine different natural colors. Adding a carpet throughout this room will give a warm and inviting feel to this bathroom decor. Gold accents come to the picture frame so that it will give a glamorous impression to this classic bathroom. Soft blue paint master bedroom from architecturaldigest.

4. Wood Accent Master Bathroom

If you want to have a manly look for your bathroom, then this master bathroom design is the answer! The hardwood cabinets painted in grey or on its natural color combine with hardwood floor. If you use real wood, you can opt for wood-look tile or vinyl planks to prevent the moisture. If you still want the natural floor, you can use the bamboo floor instead.

There’s nothing wrong with incorporating wooden accents into your main bathroom decor with a modern design. The wood accents give it a natural feel and make for warm and cozy footwear. This wooden frame round mirror will also make your room decor more stylish. This rattan chandelier will also create a dramatic and impeccable room. Wooden accents maste bedroom from thespruce.

You can apply wood pallets to your main bathroom decor. Wooden walls and floors enhance the warm and natural feel of the room. You can also add gray cabinets to balance the contrast in your bedroom decor. Paired with large square mirrors and wall lamps to give the illusion of spacious space and dramatic lighting. This freestanding bathtub will complement the decor of this room. Wood pallets floor and gray cabinet from designingidea.

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5. Summer Inspired

For the love of summer, you can try this bathroom idea at your home. Leaves wallpaper combine with wood cabinets; this is going to give a fresh summer look to your bathroom.

Besides looking fresh, the main bathroom with leaf wallpaper also beautifies the appearance of this room, because it gives a different impression and a new perspective. The touch of gold on your faucet makes for an understated luxury. Adding light blue subway tiles to one of the walls will also create a fresh and cheerful decor. This will give a fresh summer look to your bathroom. Master bathroom with leaf wallpaper from elledecor.

Leaf wallpaper is the best decoration choice for your master bathroom. Use dark colors and wood materials on your dresser as minimalist furniture and look modern. Adding black wall tiles will balance the color contrast in this bathroom. Don’t forget to add a ceiling lighting to give a dramatic effect to this modern bathroom. Black wall and Leaf wallpaper from sweeten.

Those are some master bathroom design inspiration you can try to enjoy your relaxing time and relieve all your stress from your work—the place where you can have me-time after a long day.

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